Chapter 2: “The room of a female office worker”

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    Yuusuke pressed the doorbell to the suite besides his own and looked around the area.
    If there were other people, he would have known. He intended to look for other residents for information. There was the web, but the information there wasn’t reliable . Most doors to the neighboring suites were locked too.
    (TL: This line was a bit weird ._.)
    Most people seem to have left the building.
    The room that was three suites over was opened.
    “Excuse me”
    There was no answer.
    It seemed to be empty.
    The inside of the room was pitch black and a pair of woman’s shoes were put at the front door.
    I recall the appearance of the person who lived here.
    If I was wasn’t mistaken, it was a female office worker called Kurose.
    She was a woman with a gloomy face with her black hair loosely braided, she also wore glasses.
    We hardly spoke with each other. We would only greet each other when we pass by.
    After hesitating a bit, I closed the door and took off my shoes and went through the doorway.
    I turn on the lights and the room illuminates. As expected, there is nobody here.
    Yuusuke felt like he was trespassing, but he went in anyways.
    The layout of the room was exactly the same as Yuusuke’s room. One bedroom with a dining room and kitchen.
    The top of the dining table was clean, and seasonings and appliances are carefully displayed in the kitchen.
    There was a sliding door leading to another room in the kitchen and inside was a bed.
    I inspected the room.
    There were dim pink curtains inside the room.
    The interior of the room had a laptop on a side table, a closet, and a dresser.
    A stuffed cat was on the bed making the room feel more girly.
    Yuusuke felt guilty for stepping into a girl’s bedroom.
    At that moment, I heard a slight noise.
    I turned around quickly, and a woman with raven-black hair was standing at the doorway of the bedroom.
    I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so I couldn’t tell what was happening.
    It was the female office worker Kurose from this suite. She was wearing a black sweater and jeans.
    “I-I-I’m sorry! There was no answer to the doorbell, so-”
    I then noticed that Kurose was acting strange.
    The room was dim, so I couldn’t see a lot, but she was shaking.
    Kurose turned around slowly and made her way to the front door.
    Yuusuke stood still for a while, but then started to go after her.
    The next thing that happened was Kurose was staring at the ground in front of the entrance.
    Scratch, scratch. The scratching noise fills the room.
    Kurose scratched near the doorknob with her fingernails.
    “What are you doing?”
    Kurose didn’t even react to me when I asked her.
    Perhaps she was too concentrated on thinking about something.
    Some of her hair was loosened, but she was a beautiful lady. People say that putting on glasses transformed the way you looked, but I didn’t believe it until now. It was a little bit dark in the room, but the atmosphere became more serious.
    Her face was not a natural color, but Yuusuke couldn’t say that her face was gray either.
    Kurose’s eyes were bloodshot as she stared at the doorknob.
    She began to scratch the door more roughly which caused tiny layers of paint from the door to come off.
    I’ve scratched things with my fingernail many times before; however, this was a bit different than those times when I did it.
    I cautiously tapped her shoulder as I called her name out.
    The texture of her sweater was soft.
    It felt soft like a girl.
    She was wearing clothing, but her body temperature was really abnormal.
    I put my hand up to her forehead to feel her temperature, but it was cold and there was no reaction.
    Her body had extremely poor blood circulation and she was as cold as a mannequin.
    I checked Kurose’s carotid artery to look for a pulse as she continued to scratch the door.
    There was no pulse.
    “Are you serious….?”
    Yuusuke couldn’t believe that Kurose was dead because she looked alive and was still scratching.
    I confirmed that she was not breathing. I put my hand against her chest with a bit of hesitation, but there was also no heartbeat.
    She was dead.
    I realized that she was like a grotesque figure in a zombie movie.
    However, Kurose only looked like a normal human being with a few problems regarding her mental state.
    As a matter of fact, Yuusuke didn’t even notice, for a while, that she was only a moving corpse.

    — Chapter 2 End —


21 thoughts on “Chapter 2: “The room of a female office worker”

  1. Crazy japanese, you got a zombie apocalypse around, and they still take off shoes when investigating abandoned houses…


    • Maybe he read Lord of the Flies as a kid and knows what happens when you stop being civilized
      Trust me when $#{t starts to hit the fan for real when people stop caring for the small stuff

      But on a less serious note you are half right he’s an idiot for not taking a weapon in a world with zombies


  2. I think he’s actually of an idiot for not running away when he saw what was clearly a zombie, even going as far as to check its actual pulse!

    If he didn’t have immunity, he would’ve died 10 times over by now.


  3. Yuusuke pressed the doorbell to the suite besides his own and looked around the area.
    If there were other people, he would have known. He intended to look for other residents for information. There was the web, but the information there wasn’t reliable . Most doors to the neighboring suites were locked too.
    (TL: This line was a bit weird ._.)
    Here, I hope this helps.

    For the time being, Yuusuke went and pressed door bells of mansions that are on the same floor as his.
    If there is other residents, he thought he can get some more information. He feel anxious with just online information.
    心もとない where 心も means heart and this whole saying literally means uneasy, unreliable, and unsure, so it’s basically saying his heart won’t take it, as in he is not sure whether the online information is true or not and need confirmation. In other word, he is somewhat anxious.
    However, there was no reaction at all. The door is also locked. It seems like most of them have been evacuated.


  4.  そんな中で、三軒隣の部屋は、鍵が開いていた。
    In the midst of that, there’s an unlocked door wide opened, and it’s three mansion apart from his.

    In Japan, mansion means large apartment complex or condos, which are higher quality and for richer people. I wouldn’t say suite. Either sticking to Mansion or using condo would be better I believe.


  5. It’s not a corpse if it isn’t rotting and moves. It’s a zombie. Likewise it’s not necrophilia if a zombie is not rotting and body is fully intact and even regenerates.


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