Chapter 3: “Zombie”

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Our translations are Machine based, meaning that it is not 100% accurate. The text has been modified to make it readable, but we will try to keep it as close as the original story as possible.

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TL & ED: There are parts here where you might become confused, we apologize for this as we too are confused. So we’re trying our best to stick to the line and make it readable at the same time. There are also parts of which we have extended. If we left them short, this chapter would be very quick with very short dialogue.

Chapter 3: “Zombie”

Yuusuke returned to his room to gather information from the internet.
“Technically, are they still the same person that was living……?”
Even when they were infected with the zombie virus, their appearance doesn’t seem to change.
No different between ordinary humans; beautiful zombies don’t seem unusual.
That said, it is believed that this overall expands the amount of damage that happens to victims.
(TL: I believe the above 3 lines are implying that the beauty of the zombie can fool victims, or the appearance of the infected doesn’t seem to differentiate from humans meaning you could be easily fooled by the look of the infected.)
“However their atmosphere doesn’t seem like that of a corpse.”
At a funeral, looking at a corpse was motionless and lifeless but in this case, it felt like something alive.
Questioning himself, he had his doubts.
“If they were zombies, why wasn’t I attacked?”
It was written in the news site that zombies would attack people willingly.
There were no distinctions between the young and the old, it would just attack any human nearby regardless of their sex or appearance.
With the exception of animals, there were no cases where a man hadn’t been attacked by zombies.
“Well… this is the internet.” He told himself as he recalled the events with Kurose.
He has yet to be attacked by Kurose.
Thinking about that situation he then believed that there were zombies who wouldn’t attack humans.
“Ahh… All this thinking is making me hungry…”
Because he spent most of his time inside, he was running low on food.
With the convenience store being nearby, Yuusuke hasn’t gained the courage to step outside of his apartment.
He then headed to Kurose’s room to grab something.
As soon as Yuusuke opened her door, he quickly turned around. He ‘sensed’ someone behind him.
“KEK– !?”
Right behind him was a middle aged man with clothes that were torn apart and a bloody wound could be seen on his neck.
Yuusuke was unable to stand up because of the sudden surprise and quickly sank down to the floor.
However the man gave no response to Yuusuke as he continued to look down on him waiting patiently.
After a thorough inspection from the man, he then seperated himself from Yuusuke.
The sound of his heart could be heard beating as he slowly recovered from the sudden surprise. He then glanced to the direction of where the man left.
“Was he a zombie too?”
Yuusuke then stood up and proceeded to chase after the man.
The pace of which the man was moving at was quite slow, so Yuusuke was able to catch up to the man.
“Excuse me!”
The words of Yuusuke didn’t seem to give a reaction to the man.
Glancing at the mans wound, it looked as if a piece of his neck was bit off.
If you were to examine closely, you could see several injuries apart from his neck.
He looked seriously wounded..
Still, Yuusuke extended his hand and touched the man by the scruff of his neck.
It was ice cold.
Yuusuke then walked away silently, abandoning the man.
After returning to the front of Kurose’s room, he sighed heavily.
It was doubtful to think about it at first, but this world was overrun by zombies.
His feelings were mixed, and then he moved towards Kurose’s room.
He took off his shoes and searched the refrigerator for food.
After he had scavenged the refrigerator, he brought out some yogurt, mineral water, and an egg. He then boiled the egg with a nearby pot.
Finding some bread, he toasted it as well as scraped a layer of butter on it. Eating this quick meal, he enjoyed it happily.
Though he was clearly stealing from Kurose, it would be clear to say that she was already dead.
It was also wasteful to leave food to rot..
He thought to himself, If I remember correctly, Kurose was locked inside of the washroom.
(TL: Somehow she was in the bathroom… Don’t question it.)
I was surprised that she managed to get out of there while I was busy.
(TL: Okay from here on out, I am officially confused. If anyone knows the true translation of this, feel free to comment it below as I have no idea what the hell is happening right now)
I then walked inside of the bathroom.
“It’s quite unpleasant that the electric gas doesn’t work, but luckily the internet does.”
It seemed that Japan’s infrastructure hasn’t been completely destroyed; as electricity was working as well as the internet.
Yuusuke felt replenished as he fully fed himself full to the stomach.
Where Kurose went was a mystery to Yuusuke, fortunately there was no signs of danger towards her health; as obviously, she was already dead.
Although one question remained in Yuusuke’s mind.
Why hadn’t the zombies attack him?
It was hard to understand; however, there was one thing he knew.
“For the time being.. No exploration for today.”


17 thoughts on “Chapter 3: “Zombie”

  1. This is my pure guess

    But possible he was the one locked Kurose in her bathroom. Think about it. You got an enigmatic “zombie” on your hand. On the one hand you dont want it to escape loose if it’s actually a zombie,even if it not attack you. On the other hand, if it’s not a zombie, then surely you dont want a sick person wandering around, right? Locking the question mark body in the bathroom is a logical thing to do (access to water and waste disposal).

    Obviously, it’s my pure guess, so if the 100% TL of that sentence saying otherwise i would be wrong~

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  2. 当の黒瀬は、浴室に閉じこめておいた。最初に不意をつかれたときは、そこから出てきたらしい。扉をきっちり閉めると、中でまごつくだけになった。

    In romaji : Tōno Kurose wa, yokushitsu ni tojikomete oita. Saisho ni fui o tsukareta toki wa, soko kara detekitarashī. Tobira o kitchiri shimeru to,-chū de magotsuku dake ni natta.

    Well if I understand correctly it’s like : At first Kurose was closed in the bathroom. When I was caught off guard the first time , Kurose came from here it seems. After firmky closed the door, I was puzzled ( embarassed) by the kiss.


    In romaji : `Sōiya, mada denki gasu wa tsukaeru no. Netto ga tsunagattetashi’

    Soiya ( I prefer this still in japanese but well it’s like Oh yes if I remember ) , I can still use the electric gas. The network is still connected after all.

    And the last : 「とりあえず、探検だな」

    In romaji : Toriaizu Tanken da na

    It’s something lieke : Well anyway ( or Well for start ) exploration ( He wants to say something like Well for start let’s explore )

    I helped a bit for the part you asked for help and for last 2 sentences , What you said changed a bit the meaning of the sentence. The last one is not really important ( He will not really explore this day ) but the part with the gas is still something because if he can or can’t use electric gas , it’s something quite different.

    Anyway still good job for your work , I didn’t really want to read this one at first but well I read it now ” because ” of you. I finished Oukoku no tsuzuki michi ( ranked FIRST ) and Maou no Hajimekata before ( Well I’m at the last chapter released ). I’m not really a zombie lover so the title didn’t really caught my eye even if it was still ranked 5 in overall so I didn’t give it a try but maybe I’ll read it ( I DON’ T FUCKING HAVE TIME even if I spent most of my days reading , there is still not enough time , I need to read more than 200 chapter of konjiki , need to read A LOT OF CHAPTER OF Re zero Hajime kara hajimaru isekai seikatsu and there is no end of the list and you add to that all those vn/eroge I still didn’t finished / or even saw the title screen)

    Anyway my life is shit , going to graduate from High school and still hate every subjects , but well I want money so I need to study…. life is shit…I need to sleep even though for me It’s 3 am , I’m still here reading some web novel somewhere.


  3. Keep in mind that these are amature writers and have no editing done to them at all by anyone with even a hint of writing knowledge. It’s basically the same thing as RoyalRoadL, but we the readers are counting on you to cherry pick the enjoyable ones to translate.

    Don’t hesitate to change the wording of a sentence or just make something up to make it understandable. From what you’ve told us, it’s not an author that’s trying very hard. Probably just madly typing away at the keyboard every day. So you don’t have to worry about losing some hidden meaning in translation. The bad sounding sentence is actually a badly written sentence…

    Figure out if you wanna say things from
    *present or past tense
    *first person or third person
    then try and consistently rewrite what you see as such. From what I’ve read so far, your best bet would be to go for consistent past tense, first person because that’s the type of story the author is writing.


  4. Okay… there is a serious flaw in logic here. He played zombie games, he knew what they are, what they can do. Yet when he saw zombies, he called out to them, chased them and actually touched them? Even if he’s immune it doesn’t make any sense. A human being’s survival instinct would’ve kicked in by now. He’s too calm and subjective.

    I’ll keep on reading for a few more chapters, but if the author still continued to make a serious flaw in logic without giving any explanation, I’m gonna bail. No offense to the translator, you’ve done a great job, it’s the author’s fault.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. About the translation confusion…
    if you replace the washroom/bathroom with ‘kitchen’, and electric gas with ‘natural gas’ or ‘gas burner’; it makes a whole lot sense. (just my analysis of the situation)


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