Chapter 4: “The mother and the child”


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Chapter 4: The mother and the child

Today, I’m about to do another neighborhood search, but this time outside.
Extra layers of clothes were worn. I had a leather jacket on the outside of my outfit to ensure that if I were to be bitten outside, the extra clothes would somewhat protect my skin.
I also wore some gloves and held a motorcycle helmet around my arms.
On my belt, I had a kitchen knife. It may be inefficient, but having a knife nearby brings comfort to myself.
In the middle of heading down the stairs of the apartment building, I also grabbed my motorcycle keys.
In the third floor, A sudden noise came from the end of the hallway.
When I went to check to see what had happened, three men could be seen clustered together in front of a door.
Just like with Kurose, door scratching sounds could be heard from them.

“What are they doing…?”

The clothes of the men were tattered and dirtied, they also gave off a strange atmosphere.
Still, Yuusuke turned towards them and spoke to them from afar.

“Excuse me, is everything alright?”

They gave no response to Yuusukes question.
Wondering if they were zombies, he questioned why they were surrounding such a door.
Suddenly, the movement of the men hastened. As one of them began to loudly smack the door.
Then, the faint scream of a woman could be heard in the inside of the room.

“Hello? Is there anyone in there?” Yuusuke cried out towards the direction of scream from the girl.
“Hey is anyone there? Are you guys alright? I’m speaking to you from the other side of the door.”
A reply could be heard from the other end.
“Help!! We can’t get out of here, please don’t leave us!”
“Yes! Just hang on, I’ll try something” Yuusuke said in excitement as this was the first human he had come into contact with.

Yuusuke then readily guarded himself, as he proceeded to rescue the woman.
He readily put his helmet on, equipping his knife for safety.
Yuusuke cautioned himself as these zombies may be the type to attacks humans. They didn’t react to Yuusuke’s voice, but he had to ensure safety.

“Is that what I think it is?”

What caught Yuusuke’s attention was a fire extinguisher on the wall.
He opened the container that was concealing the fire extinguisher. As he pulled it out, he realized that it was heavier than what he expected.
He put his finger on the trigger of the extinguisher, and wondered, Would they eat the foam too? If they were humans, they wouldn’t be able to consume it.
Ignoring his idiotic thoughts, he then decided that he would throw it as a distraction. It was also used as a test dummy to see if the zombies would counter attack.
He then proceeded with his plan. He also made sure he was near the stairs, in case he needed to retreat.
The extinguisher was heavy to throw, but it successfully hit the zombies. The zombies tumbled from the attack and began a domino effect.
Yuusuke watched patiently at the reaction, the zombies slowly recovered their footing and continued to bash the door.
After judging their responses, he decided that the zombies wouldn’t attack him at all.

“I wonder if it’s really safe..”

He questioned himself as he walked towards the zombies.
Ignoring Yuusuke, the zombies continued to pound onto the door.
He then came to his previous conclusion of whether they would attack humans. He finalized his thoughts and believe that these zombies were neutral.
His mind was filled with questions.
“Do they want to enter the room?”

“To whoever is inside, I am doing alright, just wait patiently as I remove the problem.”

I called out loud as I continued on.
I sheathed my blade and then grabbed onto one of the zombie’s backs.
It was quite difficult to forcefully move a full grown man. Thus I gave up, I then leaned against the railings on the stairs.
Using what I learned online, if the head of a zombie were crushed, their movement would be neutralized.
However, I can’t confirm this theory. Even I wouldn’t try it on a fish. Despite the difference, a human head can be tough to cut through with a knife.
Fortunately, being near the stairs, the handrail’s height seems to be only as tall as my waist.
The zombies busy with their door, doesn’t seem to mind Yuusuke at all. Using this as a advantage, he then begun to pull the zombies to the handrail, then proceeded to push them off, having them fall to their doom.
BAM! The sound of something hard hitting against the ground could be heard.
Looking at the results, a body crushed by the impact of gravity could be seen distorted with a pool of blood underneath; however, the body parts seem to move just fine even after falling from such a distance.
I felt guilty, but I proceeded with the next two.
After disposing the other two, I quickly called out to the woman’s door.
“Hey! You can now relax! I quickly disposed of the three zombies.”

There was no reaction from the other end. I was curious and I began to open the door slowly.
Pushing the door, it was chain locked from the other side. Unable to open it any further, the face of a 30 year old woman could be seen looking in my direction. The moment she saw me, she screamed.


Yuusuke then remembered that he had his helmet on, and quickly removed it. If It were me on the other end, I probably would’ve reacted the same way as she did.

“It’s alright… you don’t have to be scared. I already took care of the zombies.”

After showing her my face, she began to be more relaxed and moved towards the door.
Her sanity seems to be recovering after seeing the face of another human. She then unlocked the chains.

“I’m sorry for suddenly screaming… and thank you for rescuing me. I wasn’t able to escape when this epidemic began.”
“It was no big deal for me.”

He said happily and carelessly.
I understood her circumstances, if there was someone on the opposite side right now, there would have been no way to escape.
Though it was mysterious how the zombies surrounded only this room, it may have just been bad luck.
As she opened the door, she looked uneasy as she surveyed the hallway.

“Is it safe around the hallway now?”
“For now it should be safe, but there were times when cruel events had happened.”

Yuusuke answered her questions by remembering the information from the internet. Because of how the zombies ignored him , he did not have a lot of fear for them.
The woman felt relieved from the words of Yuusuke. She bowed many times out of appreciation.

“Really, thank you so much for your help! Miki-Chan! Come, let’s go meet daddy.”

A faint sound of footsteps were heard from behind the woman. A little girl who looked like a grade schooler was seen wearing an elementary school backpack while looking up at Yuusuke.
The woman then went inside of the room and came back with a bag and some luggage.

While putting her shoes on, the woman asked,

“I failed to escape with the evacuation group, would you mind joining us in finding the refuge?”
“Refuge? Such a place exists!?”
“Mhm, it’s located in the school where my child was enrolled in, Nanba Elementary.”
“Well, I don’t really know the direction of this place… mind guiding me there?”
“Well of course, shall we get going then?”

The woman had a happy expression on her face to know that there was someone else to accompany her and her daughter.





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  1. Thanks for chapter 4!
    He weariness against the zombies is at an all time low just cuz they won’t attack him but they will attack others. I can just feel that this mother and daughter is going to die soon…

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  2. thanks for the chapter!^^
    reading chapter1 on drive was a bit hard, but the rest are so easy to reach.. hehe, thanks anyway!

    about him being immune to zombie attacking… i had a suspicion.
    he is the demon lord!.. or rather..zombie lord.
    oh, how baddass that sound. haha


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