Chapter 5: “A surprise attack”

Relatively short chapter for today. Really appreciating the positive feedback from the community! We’re happy that you’re enjoying the translations, as we’re enjoying translating them as well.
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Chapter 05, “A surprise attack”

While walking down the stairs of the apartment building…

“Do you hear that?”

The woman’s face paled as she heard the moans of the zombies.
Other than the woman, Yuusuke was calm during the whole situation.

“I don’t intend to to start a fight , but I do want to stick around the zombies.”

The woman had a skeptical look on her face.
Yuusuke replied to her from his spot.

“I was okay even when I approached it. There were several guys at the door, but I don’t know what they were doing. Have you seen the zombies attacking the place?”

The woman shook her head disapprovingly .
I remembered that I had never saw an infected person on the news in TV. They just didn’t look real…
I’ve shut myself inside for too long.

“Just come along with me for the time being.

While I walked down the stairs, I arrived on the first floor. There was the door for entry and a table.
The mother and the child were holding each other’s hand. They looked frightened.
Yuusuke walked to the street and thought that he couldn’t use his motorcycle because there were three of them.
All three of them froze when five or six zombies glared at them.


The woman let out a scream.
Yuusuke felt goose bumps all over him.
(We’ll be eaten!)


I hurry back to them and push them away as the zombies approached them from their backside.


The three of them went back to the stairs and started to climb up. Yuusuke looked back to the mother and child and hurried them up.
Yuusuke screamed at them as a figure approached their behind.

“Why aren’t the zombies slow!?”

The running speed was no different from a normal human’s. The lower body leans forward with every step, but their hands don’t wave around. It’s even more scarier because it’s the undead.

“Go up! Go back to the room!”

I leapt up the stairs, skipping two steps every time.
On the third floor, something broke open on the side of the room. Yuusuke was hit by it and hurdled into a wall.
Yuusuke tried to stand up when he realized what had just happened.
Each time I looked up, there was a light pain on my shoulder.


There was a strange noise from the hallway.
Yuusuke saw a group of crows gathering around the garbage that he threw out earlier that day.
Or was it a group of paramedics gathered around a person who fell down?


Splat! Crunch!, I saw a swarm of zombies crowding something and jumping up and down.


The dull cries were the last noises of the mother and child.
There were nearly ten zombies, but they never even glanced at Yuusuke. They were all surrounding the mother and child.
How long has it been?
Zombies filled up the area. A bunch of them were there, and one of them near Yuusuke was sitting down. They ignored Yuusuke as they continued crowding around the woman and her child.
The sun was going down.
One by one, they started to leave.
When Yuusuke pulled himself together, the area was already cleared. The concrete was wet with red liquid and scraps of clothing. There were brown chunks on the spot where the mother and child used to be.


Yuusuke stared at the scene gravely without knowing what had just happened…

— Chapter 5 end —


20 thoughts on “Chapter 5: “A surprise attack”

    • Slow is being nice. He’s really stupid. I can’t understand how anyone can be that stupid when he’s been playing zombie games all the time.

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  1. ugh… why didn’t mother become the zombie instead? at least they would be intact..
    baka yuusuke:’ !

    and thanks for the chapter…


  2. oh man dead mom and kid this sure is sad or something, especially in an apocalyspe world. But man they could have had the decency of not dirtying the streets with their remains, who’s gonna clean up all this shit?


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