Chapter 06: “Only I’m not attacked.”

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Chapter 06,  “Only I’m not attacked.”

First thing Yuusuke did as he woke up was take a shower.
While wiping his body up, he thought about the recent events.
Zombies attack people…
It was a known fact.
However, Yuusuke was an exception.
In other words, he’s special.
He glanced at the wound on his arm.
He peeled the scab that covered his newly regenerated skin. It showed the mark of a bite from the man.
The virus had a 100% fatality rate. I can prove this due to the events that happened. I was infected with the virus, but I didn’t die.
There’s also the possibility that I may be dead already.
The thought of it makes me uneasy, but I could feel my heart beating. I could also feel the warmth of my heart.
Why didn’t I die?
Did I take a vaccine that weakened the infection?
Perhaps the vaccine created antibodies to fight off the disease.
“I just don’t understand…”

It’s hard to reflect on what’s happening since the news did not have anything regarding an immunity to the virus.
This must be an extremely rare case.
If I were to report myself to a hospital, I may be the key to the cure for the virus.
“But I can’t do that…”

I would be considered as a test subject.
With the society in chaos, human principles might not even be considered.
He was not fond of the idea of sacrificing himself for others. Humanity’s fate could be on the palms of Yuusuke’s hands.

“I must be lucky…”

I should have been dead alongside with the mother and her child.

“I apologize sincerely for giving you up to them… Please, forgive me.”

He put his hands together and mourned for their death.
It was unfortunate that they had to go through such events, resulting in their death.
They trapped themselves in their room and they would’ve starved to death. The outcome was inevitable. If I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t have been able to run away either.
Honestly, death by starvation would’ve been better than being eaten alive.
He stopped thinking about what was already over.
“I have confirmed it.”

Zombies do not attack me.

‘The next day’
With the same equipment, Yuusuke made his way outside of his apartment building.
I took a walk outside of the apartment building.
I walked past a zombie and remembered yesterday’s scene. I immediately went on guard, but as expected, no reactions came out of any of the zombies I passed by.
I saw the zombie from the attack of yesterday, but no reaction came from it either.
I rode my motorcycle to a parking lot, parked my motorcycle, and went into the underground parking. There was only a black videotape recorder.

The road was blocked by abandoned cars. There was barely any space to advance. The intersection was blocked too. If I were in a car, I would be having extreme difficulty maneuvering around.

Yuusuke moved slowly, careful not to bump into any cars. There were times where he would drive onto the sidewalk.

“There seems to be no zombies being attracted to the sound of my motorcycle either… Maybe they’re just attracted to the smell of humans?”

Or maybe it’s the smell of fresh blood.
As I was thinking, I recalled the scene with the mother and her child from yesterday. It was when the zombies gathered in the neighborhood.

“Is that a child?”

There was a young boy who looked around 5 years old. He was crouching beside a car.
When I went closer to him, he was biting skin off of something that looked like an arm. You could also see parts of white, probably showing the bone. It looked as if he was bitten by something.


I immediately left in a hurry.
Although it may not have attacked me here, it still could be a possibility. My heart began to beat faster as I thought about it.
I arrived at another convenience store.
There were two zombies wandering around the interior of the store, but the shelves were not damaged. I quickly grabbed myself a plastic water bottle, some canned food and a ready-to-eat meal.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t stop by the supermarket. The food there is most likely rotten by now.”

In the meantime, I chose my food carefully. Choosing foods that would be efficient for my situation.
Yuusuke enjoyed the feeling of choosing freely of whatever he wanted without the need to pay. He may be a thief, but society had already collapsed.


I ate an ice pop and returned to my motorcycle with a bag filled with items picked from the store. I attached the bag behind my seat and I readied myself to return home.
On the way home, he felt very happy.
He then arrived safely. He refrigerated his food, leaving the ones he wanted to eat while he surfed the net.
Though the internet provided information about what is currently happening to the society, it did not supply the information about the refuge that the woman had told him about. I searched for the town website, but whenever I would try to view it, the website would fail to load.
Though the city hall website was accessible, anything inside wouldn’t load. Inside of the website, there would be no information about the zombie virus.

“Seems like it’s unavailable…”

He lost hope in the website and closed the tab.

“The radio seems to be working fine, but it looks like it won’t connect to any radio stations…”

Broadcasts from the channels of the disaster control network were not heard, but they should be working. This was my only hope.

“Maybe I should check the city hall later…”

The server was working. Perhaps the equipment there would work too.
I headed to my bookmarks folder and clicked on the pornographic site.
However, the page wouldn’t load. It seems that this disaster might have destroyed the servers that connected me to them. Yuusuke stooped his head down in disappointment.

I felt a shock hit my mind.
“I think I just realized something…”

I sighed, turning off the PC.

“Maybe I should play a game…”

I stood up from my chair and glanced at the ceiling. I remember I had a neighbor. I thought about the room, 3 rooms over from mines.
I thought about the room of Kurose.

–Chapter 6 End–


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  1. Aw shit, I give up. Darn it. First light novel where I give up at chapter 6. Thanks for translating, but this author is seriously making me rage.


  2. Wow.. how could you not be emotionally distressed after witnessing a mother n girl eaten alive.. atleast show some regret…. shameless mc..

    Well.. story is interesting though.. looking forward to more.. hope I dont regret it.


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