Chapter 8: “Necrophilia” ◆

This chapter has a lot of sexual scenes. You have been warned.

(Enjoying all your positive feedback in the comments, we decided that we’re going to spoil you and release this chapter a bit early. Enjoy 😀 )

Hey everyone! We are back with more chapters, and more people on our team! We are happy to announce our newest member on the team, Rainn-chan! (She has only helped with the logic in a few sentences of this chapter though, but in the later chapters, she helps out a lot!) Anyways, as you can probably tell, all this chapter has necrophilia in it. If you do not wish to read it, then please skip ahead to the next part! Please enjoy this chapter of the novel everyone! I think this whole chapter is just.. you know..weird. :S

~ReanKun & ann@chan + RainnChan


“For the time being…”

I sat down on the bed while looking at Kurose. Even though I’ve already inspected her body, a double check should be done.
Suddenly, Kurose began to look at me. Her mouth still restrained with a belt.
While waving my hands in front of her eyes, she showed a reaction. She seems to become aware of something.

“Even though I already took off half of her clothes, should I undress the rest?”

While saying my thoughts a loud, I undress her jeans. Taking off her socks, a white thigh bare to the ankle could be seen.
I bring her socks to my nose, deeply inhaling her scent.

“I’m such a pervert…”

With Kurose being dead, there wasn’t any smell. This was as expected. When you die, your body stops producing odor. Even if Kurose had little body odor, her body should’ve stopped producing odor from when she died.
I raise each leg, carefully expecting her thigh, but there was no bite wound to be found.


Sitting on top her, I remove her sweater exposing her upper body. Her sides, collarbone and white breasts were all visible. Under her shoulders were newly grown hair. Everywhere was perfectly fit, it was beautiful.

I examine her arms, pulling her sweater off in the process. There were still no wounds.
Returning her sweater, I make way towards her panties. Compared to her sweater, the panties were much lighter. While pulling it down, her pubic hair could be seen.

“Mind if I stick my finger in? …. Oh, it’s okay? Well thank you.”

I move her pubic hair aside and stick the tip of my finger inside her vagina; however, it was dry inside. Even if I push my finger in deeper, Kurose would just stare at me with no reaction. Bringing my finger to my nose, there was no scent at all. She may have taken a shower before she died.

“Could she be patient zero of the pandemic? Because there seems to be no bite marks on her body.”

On the internet, the cause of the epidemic was said to be uncertain.
At the time when Kurose became infected, Yuusuke was happily playing his game.
Kurose was infected, but I wasn’t. Even when we were both living on the same floor.
The cause of her infection may come from her workplace, or maybe somewhere else. It’s quite hard to understand how quick the zombie virus would spread.

“The source of the disease is a mystery… It may have come from a bomb, or space radiation.”

This reminds me. About a month ago, news got out that an asteroid had crashed into the earth, but as X days passed, no incidents of infection broke out. (TL: These few lines confused us a lot! There was also another line that we didn’t add because it was too hard to translate. Please forgive us! It wasn’t really related to the chapter anyways.)

“Maybe I should put a condom on…”

I took out some condoms and lubricant from the convenient store bag.
The only confirmed information about the infection is that if you were bitten by a zombie, you would be infected; however, there is nothing about violating the undead. I started to undress until I was naked.

“Tokiko, I’m going to open your crotch.”

I spread her thighs forcibly and tried to enter her; however, it didn’t fully go in, with only the tip of my erect dick inside of her. It went to the point where I had previously tried to stick my finger in.

“I think she needs some lube~”

I squeezed out the lubricant from the bottle, and coated her insides with my finger. The lubricant got caught on her pubic hairs in the process.
I then slipped the condom on my erected dick before squeezing the remaining amount of lube onto the condom.

“Hey… this is basically sexual harassment…”

I lifted up her sweater and kneaded both her breasts, altering its shape with my palms. My breathing became more tense along with my penis. It looks like Mr. Yamamoto had lots of fun with her breasts. The records show she was later going to provide evidence.

“Do you mind if I were to sexually harass you for moment? I’m just going to stick my penis inside of you.”

Kurose stared at Yuusuke’s stomach, giving him no response.
Yuusuke pressed forward as his penis entered her vagina. He was able to do this from the lubricant that he had spread on Kurose. He felt something break open inside of her.

“Was Kurose a virgin?”

I began to move slowly, in and out. Slowly, her insides began to loosen, the more I entered her, the more easy it was to move back and forth.

Feeling a women after a long time, Yuusuke felt happy. Her breasts would move each time he pounded inside of her. His movement roughen, ignoring the thoughts about the opposite party.

“This is like a Onahole..”
(TL: If you don’t know what that is.. feel free to look it up or click on the word.)

The more I moved my waist, the more pleasurable it felt. Each time I moved inwards, the tip of my penis would harden. It was on the verge of squeezing out the sperm that has been built up inside of me.

“I always wanted to have sexual intercourse with a younger woman. What a beauty… You wouldn’t understand my feelings of why I am doing this… It’s a good thing I’m wearing a condom right now just in case I catch the virus.”

The thought of dying scared me. In a society that had already collapsed, there would be no use if I lived on. It was an extremely pessimistic thought. I couldn’t embrace the corpse of a woman and hold my sanity.
I took off the condom soon after. My penis was wrapped in the pleasant feeling when I thrust it back into her.

“It was an unfortunate life for you… Sorry, Kurose-chan. I’ll write about it later. It would be sexual harassment even if I did the pull-out method.”

I moved back and forth with the wild idea of penetrating a younger female office worker. I held both of her legs and continued. I felt like I was raping her. Kurose’s vagina pleasurably sandwiched his genitalia covered by a thin layer of skin. I hit a limit as she squeezed my tender limb.

“I’m coming!”

I ejaculate inside her, releasing the cloudy fluid into her uterus.
The timid female office worker’s womb was violated by my ejaculation. The sensation was very satisfying.
The white liquid slowly ran down her thigh and onto the bed.
Kurose gazed at me as I tilted her face up, her hands still bound.


He panted heavily and fell next to Kurose. Yuusuke stopped thinking as he buried his face into her chest before drifting off to sleep.

–Chapter 8 End–
—Volume 1 End—


33 thoughts on “Chapter 8: “Necrophilia” ◆

  1. i think its good having a warning such as
    “warning this chapter contain sex scene and necrophilia”
    so people who dont like such genre could avoid it…
    thanks for the translation guys. otsukare~


    • Well, I think the logic is that you can’t rape a zombie. It’s pretty much an automation at this point. Kind of like a robot.


  2. I know she’s already a zombie and all, but it still keep occuring to my mind that the mc (who isnt affected in all of this and immune to the virus) might be the cure himself and when he give off a part of himself , like sperm and etc, might be cure…. and maybe one day he might cure kurose .( just a hunch)

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  3. Techically that’s not a necrophilia. She’s not a corpse yet, but a zombie. It’s okay as long as it’s moves. (Get it? Like moving… in sex… o-okay..)
    Fun chapter tho, looking forward to the next one.


    • Well that’s normal, she’s not technically dead as she still had reactions and her body was completely normal, no gory/bloody/ disgusting part. The only difference was that she didn’t get wet and didn’t smell anything. So yeah technically it’s just having sex with a onahole.


  4. Thanks for chapter 8…
    Ok, I know there might not be much to live for in a zombie filled world but there has to be limits…


  5. Not something I would do on the first day… I may eventually do something like this but it would take a week at least. Well at least I would like to think so? Not sure how quickly my sanity would disappear in such a situation lol.

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  6. Hot and kinky just a little bit since there is lack of emphasis of her being dead aside from just mentioning she that she is dead it’s easy to gloss over.
    So is there any more to this or just…. sex end?


  7. If she was rotting I would totally agree that this is disgusting, but reading the MC’s description about her, I got the disgusted feeling off my chest by thinking that she is one of those realistic looking love dolls that would costs you thousands of dollars.


  8. didn’t try to think this was a necrophilia act tbh, taking in mind the “body” is still working hehe, as long as our man is feeling happy it’s cool, although i’m really wondering, is it possible that she would return alive bc of the life he gave her “in her womb” ? :^)

    anyway this chapter was really cool, unlike some people saying it’s gross or disgusting, i found it a good way to test possibilities and make possible solutions or maybe circumstances ^



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