Chapter 10: “Survivor”



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Chapter 10 “Survivor”

The daily necessities section on the second floor seemed to be untouched. There was only a zombie wandering about.

The problem must be on the third floor.

I saw something fall down the staircase of the emergency exit.

I pressed my ear against the door and listened, but all that was heard was silence.

I stepped back.

“Hey! Is somebody there?” I exclaimed.


I waited several minutes for an answer, but to no avail.

I called out some more while knocking on the door, but there appeared to be no sign of anyone there.

The emergency exit door was locked.

“Did the people inside starve to death?”

I didn’t want to waste my time searching for a key, so I decided to take the elevator I found a while ago. The door opened immediately; I guess the power supply is still on.

Getting on the elevator to go up to the third floor, I notice that the “3F” button was closed off with a seal. I tried to push it, but nothing happened.

“So, that’s why…”

The third floor didn’t sell anything, which is why it was restricted from customers.

At the other end of the second floor was a door that led to a back room.

The placed looked to be an entirely different department that I had no interest in whatsoever. It was just furniture.

As I went deeper down the aisle, I found two other elevators. Entering, I noticed this one had a B1F button. This time when I pressed the 3F, the elevator rose.

The door opens as I reach the third floor. In front of the doorway was a barricade of steel desks and chairs.

It wasn’t anything that I couldn’t climb over. Piece of cake, you know?

After I got through, I surveyed the area. This place couldn’t be any more than three meters wide as well as no signs of life.

On the wall was an A4 sized piece of paper held up by tape. It seemed to be a floor plan made by one of the employees. It may be an office, locker room, or warehouse.

I scanned through the plan and I could confirm it’s the last floor. It was locked, so there’s probably no one in it.

I continued roaming around and found a monitor room. One of the cameras was focused on some part of the store, with nothing but a zombie prowling around.

“Does the basement have a delivery room? I mean there is a machinery room for the trucks here..”

There seemed to be a freezer and a warehouse from the monitor, and I confirmed it with a map nearby.
There was an underground parking area that was shown in a monitor and a truck was seen near a delivery entrance. There were no zombies to be seen and looking carefully at the monitor, there was no signs of people in here. I continued on with the next room.

There was an office next door that had desks lined up like a normal office. Some computers were on and were displaying the weather forecast for the week. There was a meeting room inside that had frosted glass, but nobody was there.
However, the problem is… There were signs that someone lived here.

The inside had a semi-transparent garbage bag which had multiple teacups, a kettle and instant noodle containers.

There was a room in the depths of the office that looked like the boss office. A carpet could be seen inside of the room from the opened doorway which had a one way screen blocking the view of the room.
Suddenly, Yuusuke stopped his movements.

My eyes met with a boy who looked to be in elementary school.



I stared at him silently

He was dirty and roughed up, but looked docile. His hair was raven black.

The boy left me in silence, running to the back.

“Ah… Hey!”

I called out before chasing after him. He ran over to a couch with someone who slept upon it, waking them up, panicked.

It was girl who was probably in high school, being shaken awake. She stirred. She wore a beige cardigan with a white shirt underneath, legs hugged by black jeans. She could have been an honor student. Her long hair matched the younger boy’s, frayed and loss of luster.

Next to her lay a small boy of the same age as the other, sleeping peacefully and covered with a thin sheet, barely enough to be called a blanket.

The girl’s eyes fluttered open, looking at the latter. She slowly turned towards me before widening her eyes.


The room was suddenly filled with screams and I raised my arms. I tried to speak as friendly as possible, not to show hostility.

“H-hi! Sorry for intruding. I swear, I’m not dangerous!”


She looked at me, bewildered.

I dropped my bag on the floor.

“Did you eat yet?”



— Chapter 10 End —


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    thanks for the translation :3 it’s getting better everytime ^

    still wondering why you people thinks that Yuusuke is not cool and/or a bad person 😐


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