VOLUME 2: Chapter 9: “S.O.S.”

Hey! We are back with yet another chapter of this web novel! Most of this chapter was actually translated by our new proof-reader/translator! Thanks Raïnn-chan! Please enjoy this new chapter AND new volume of the translated web novel!

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VOLUME 2: Chapter 9: “S.O.S.”

As he arrived at the gate of Nanba Elementary School; the one that he had found on the map. Yuusuke got off his motorcycle.

I looked up at the school building and sighed.

“There’s no use…”

Zombies were already roaming along the school grounds.

I searched inside the building, but there seemed to be no traces of any survivors.

The desks and chairs were pushed to one side of the classroom with cardboard and paper scattered across the floor. Bags were everywhere.

There were signs that many people were here, but most of them have probably turned by now. Boys and girls of all ages, some may have just been refugees.

The classroom was stained dark red from here and there, but the condition of the shattered windows caused some confusion.

“If only there was a beautiful girl around here…”

In the hallway, half of the zombies that passed were either injured or missing a limb. Then again, other than patient zero who spread this mysterious disease, any other zombie should have some sort of injury or wound to contract the infection.

Upon turning into a zombie, most would try to resist, so I imagine there aren’t many able-bodied zombies.
(TL: By that he means zombies who haven’t lost a limb.
Zombie with 2 arms > zombie with 1 arm)

While sauntering around by myself, I became accustomed to the grotesque figures of the undead. The ones here don’t seem to be that dangerous, in this way I was comfortable.

I found a girl who appeared to be a university student, walking with a swaying broken neck. I slipped my hands into her shirt and rubbed her chest.

Her hair was cut in a bob and dyed. Her breasts were nice, but the face was alright. She wasn’t as beautiful as Kurose. Although, I just might have taken her home if she was.

I examined the girl closely and noticed a thin film on the section that was gnawed off her right hand.
They act like an animal despite being dead, so, there may be some sort of imitative life activity. Yuusuke thought, continuing to rub her breasts.

He resumed looking for more survivors. When he confirmed there to be none, Yuusuke returned to the third floor.

He searched for any baggage left from refugees in each classroom.

“A bank book and a stamp… I get why you would have this, but this is just useless to me…”

I threw items that were useless into pile. There weren’t a lot of food or tools. Thankfully I found a battery and a pen. There was also a portable radio, however it couldn’t connect anywhere.

I could get plenty of tools at a nearby home improvement store. It could be a long walk from here, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

As I straightened myself out and stretched, something strange near the window caught my eye.

On the wall of a distant building was a white cloth, softly fluttering.

“What is that?”

I leaned out the window and focused my vision.

Although it was blurred, you could make out “SOS”.


I arrived at building, which was a 3-story supermarket with a large parking lot. From the rooftop, there hangs the SOS cloth requesting rescue.


Yuusuke stayed seated on his motorcycle on the parking lot, hesitatant.

The reason why I went to the Nanba elementary school refuge was for information. Although you’re free to eat whatever you like, how can you get information on what’s going around in the neighborhood when you’re staying indoors?

It would be useful if a large group of people contacted the other smaller groups.
When there are a small group of people, they might have been attacked. A pandemic happened within a period of two weeks, and the food was becoming scarce.
Because I was slowly approaching them with my motorcycle, I don’t think they have noticed me yet.

“Wait and see first.  Zombies are currently my only allies.”

If all goes wrong, then I’ll run into a crowd of zombies.
Yuusuke got off his motorcycle. I put the helmet on my motorcycle and took the bag from the back of my vehicle and went to the entrance of the supermarket.
On the first floor, there was food. On the second floor, a sign said there were daily necessities.
I passed through zombies walking unsteadily between the aisles and looked at the situation.
At the corner of the fresh food, there was a bit of a stench. The vegetables were withered and discolored. Maggots would begin to eat the meat and fish if it were left alone.

“Hope nobody touches the food while I go explore the other shops nearby.”

Ready to eat foods and canned foods of this small supermarket would be able to provide enough for Yuusuke for a year. If I walked a bit further in, then I’m almost sure that there would be infinite amounts of food. Because I have been taking good care of myself, I want to avoid causing a disruption to the environment.

“Have the meat and fish been out for a while? The vegetables may be nourishing, but they don’t provide enough nutrients.”

Some groups may have established a safe shelter. Would they be practicing agriculture and hunting? If they do, then I may be able to negotiate with them using the supplies that I take with me.
Yuusuke was left with infinite supplies from the collapsed human society.

“Wandering merchant, Yuusuke Takemura”

I had a very happy look on my face.

“Or, can you recover from your situation? ….Human race.”

It may be sometime before they can find a way to deal with the virus, and to exterminate all of the zombies. In five years or ten years, it might not even go back to it’s normal civilization level as it was before.
Yuusuke’s dream was to have the zombies take over the entire world and wipe out the entire human race because he was unaffected by the virus.
Originally, Yuusuke hated his lifestyle. He didn’t want to return to how it was before.

“Tokiko-chan too.”

The zombies did not seem to decay or anything and could last for a long time if I didn’t act rashly.

“A fishing rod would be good for later. Fish is good.”

I went up the second floor while humming.
When he reached the second floor, he met eyes with a middle-aged female zombie sitting on a sofa.


–Chapter 9 End–


21 thoughts on “VOLUME 2: Chapter 9: “S.O.S.”

    • It’s my own guess, but this zombie apocalypse looks like a mythical type instead of biological type. People got changed into zombie due to curse or some such magical means.

      Think about it: Kurose is dead, but her cells are not damaged/show stinking scents. She still can move and do some basic action like trying to open the door knob. The zombies can attack rather fast, which are hard to understand since their cells shouldnt work–> brain cells shouldnt work to control their limbs.

      It would be interesting, since I hadnt read many series used mythical zombie apocalypse.


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