Chapter 12: “Cleaning” ◆

There wasn’t that much of the… ‘◆’, but there is some… I’ll warn you for when it does happen, and when it stops. But as always… Enjoy Takemura Yuusuke and his adventures of being a janitor.

~ReanKun + ann@chan + RainChan
This part will begin to have some sexual content.

“Mizuki was pretty, and her chest wasn’t that bad too.”

Yuusuke remembered as he continued to pound Kurose from the back. She was a beautiful girl who gave off a good impression.
Kurose was moved to the kitchen table as he pushed her down. Her chest was against the table, flattened, as he removed her jeans. Her hands were tied behind her back, securing her movements as she stared at the side walls.
It was a good thing that her face wasn’t seen, as his thoughts were driven crazy, making his movements faster. Thinking about Mizuki, he pounded her from behind. Growing tired each time he pushed his dick inside of her, with each thrust he would slam his thighs against her white buttocks. Her insides were hot and slimy, driving Yuusuke to pleasure. He closed his eyes, ready to ejaculate.


He moved his waist back, not separating the tip of his penis from her vagina. Hitting his limit, he ejaculated his sperm inside of her. His sperm was released so that it wouldn’t reach the depths of her vagina, but near the entrance.


Yuusuke released his final bits of sperm as he pulled his penis out of her, separating himself from Kurose. Wiping his mess with a towel, he slid his pants back on. After clearing the mess from the outside, he opened the front of her vagina, confirming the sperm that was left in the inside.
Washing his hands, he went to the fridge and grabbed a energy drink and drank it.
Because I was often at Kurose’s place, I stuffed her fridge with various foods.
The sexual content ends here.

“It’s easy to be with a zombie.”

Any zombie that had a pretty face can be brought inside this room and be played with like a doll.
However, if it’s a human, it may not be that easy. It’s also hard to navigate them through the supermarket into here. He’ll have to hide from zombies, going through a lot of obstacles with little to no reward, and if the zombies manage to figure it out, they’ll gather. Not only will it affect them, but Yuusuke as well. And with the little brothers around, it makes the problem greater.
And even if I were to infect Mizuki with the virus, she might be fully eaten away. I thought about only getting her finger tip bit, but the thought of it became ridiculous. It’s too much trouble for just one girl, and it isn’t humane.

“But I do like the elder sister… For her age, she does have a good face, but her body is alright…”

While talking to himself, Yuusuke was preparing to go outside.
It was dim outside, but the voices of crows could still be heard.
I woke up next day and took a shower.
Last night I was planning on heading outside, but it was already dark so I cancelled plans.
Usually in the morning I would do my morning routine with Kurose, but today I have plans.
(TL: If you don’t know.. don’t ask what he means by that… I don’t think that you wanna know. :P)
My destination today was the supermarket, the distance wasn’t that far from my apartment, so I walked there because I wanted to also save gas.
On the way there, the air was polluted with the smell of rotting. I grabbed a large garbage bag, and laid it on top a cart near the supermarket.
I picked up the meat and fish that were rotting away and placed it inside of the bag. It was a painful process as the smell was horrifying and the meats were losing their color. The leaf plants seem to be withered, but the root vegetables were still okay.
I leave cleaning in the bread aisle for later, as I check the refrigerators. Removing the rotting dairy products, I cleaned the inside to make it moderately clean.

“Should I just stay inside and work, or should I explore around the store? Oh… wait is that a freezer?”

When I opened the door, I was blasted with cold air. The interior had pork hanging on the ceiling. I was shaking because it was quite cold inside.

“Has the freezer been on for awhile? Because if it hasn’t, the precious frozen meats inside would’ve already spoiled.”

Almost finished with cleaning, I finished filling up my fifth bag.


With all of the stack garbage bags laying on top of each other, I was worried. These bags were useless to me.

“It’s a shame.. I would’ve eaten all this spoiled food..”

There should be a lot of corpses laying around in the streets, but I am thankful for the zombies. I wonder, do they become zombies when bitten? Or do they just fully get devoured before they turn…
Then an idea hit me.

“Well if I were to throw these around in a place with humans… The food is about to rot, but at least they can eat something.. This can be a pleasing solution..”

I say as I flex up.
I could treat humans like trash, like they are garbage processing machines.
What I just said wasn’t humane at all.

“No… no, its no good… it is not.. I need to think.. I’ll throw it away on a mountain.”

An animal would come for fish if I left it at a mountain. Maggots were doing the role of the animal in my case.
If there was a dump site downtown, it would probably go unnoticed, but it would stink. It didn’t need to be in town though.
On the outer east side of the town, there’s a small mountain range, so I can throw it there.

“Is there a pickup truck?”

When I searched the outsides of the supermarket, there was a strange sight.
There was a crowd on a train station platform.
They were swinging around like a zombie, but they were staying there with a reason.
When I looked at my watch, it was 8AM. This time was the rush hour.

“Are they possibly waiting for a train?”

Most of them seems to just give up and walk away. Their behavior might be the similar to their old life, but that’s quite vague.

“But there’s so few of them.”

It’s not an emergency, but it would be a good idea to check the behavior pattern of a zombie soon. I’ll do it soon after I fix the environment.
I cleaned the supermarket and piled up the garbage. I didn’t find a pickup truck, so I used a white van with the key already in it.
The sun had already set. Because the zombies were in the way, the driving took a while. I threw the garbage on the mountain and went back to my apartment.
I took off the rope that bounded Kurose on the table and went to the bathroom together.

“A restraining device… but not something in the downtown area.”

I suddenly then thought of something.
This part will begin to have some sexual content.

“Handcuffs could work. A toy store… No, is there a police station near here? If I caught a person, then it would be useful. I don’t know if it’s still in fashion though.”

I striped Kurose’s clothes and tied her hands behind her. I took off my clothes and entered the bathroom with her.
I let Kurose sit on the floor while keeping an eye on the bath and spread her legs. Kurose remained obediently.
I put my finger into her crotch and pushed it inside where it was wet, and pulled it back out. I stared at my finger.

“It’s all absorbed?”

I looked inside. Those I did not let it out outside, the sperm inside was all gone.
I thought that it was bad when I ejaculated inside her because I would have to wash it out. Generally it seemed like it was absorbed in half a day.
It was like the incident at the train station. There are still many things that I don’t know about zombies.

“…Is that good?”

It seemed convenient.
I let Kurose sit in the bathtub and filled it with hot water and sat in the tub with her. Because both of her hands were tied, her chest is emphasized and reflects the bathroom light. My thing was hard down there and it slipped inside. Kurose bends her head back and stares at the ceiling light. I move my waist in the hot water and bit down on her neck. I hit a pleasant feeling that accumulated in Kurose and she didn’t resist. I was warmed by the hot water and embraced her.


Yuusuke let out a sigh of relief as he hugged Kurose. Yuusuke didn’t notice Kurose’s thigh relax as he embraced her.

–Chapter 12 End–


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    • Have you read RE:Hamster? I lost it when the MC randomly ejaculated on a plant and the plant gained sentience with the OP power of his sperm lol.


    • Probably correct me if I’m wrong, hot due to the friction with the… ‘ahem’, and slimy from his…. ‘ahem’.

      if you didn’t catch that, then hot from his dick rubbing her vagina, and slimy from his sperm.

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  1. hrmmm so mysterious. Can’t rule that action as a past reflex since she was a virgin. The mc adapted so quickly its quite startling. Guess thats what being safe would do to u in a zombie-filled world.


    • I don’t think he adapted particularly fast. If I was in his situation, the first thing I would have done is fuck a hot girl too. You need to think about it rationally : The internet, the TV, and maybe even the electricity are all out. What would you do? Even if you are into hermit like hobbies like training or reading books you would probably go outside to see what the fuck this shit was all about.

      Then once you’re realized there ain’t no more police and shit you would start by satisfying your needs : Food, shelter, sex. I’m willing to bet right now if all of us males had access to top tier pussy (without paying hookers) we would stop playing so many games and start doing more fucking.


  2. ‘Yuusuke let out a sigh of relief as he hugged Kurose. Yuusuke didn’t notice Kurose’s thigh relax as he embraced her.’
    did this mean there’s a particular change on kurose since he kept her ?


  3. My interpretation is that this thick headed character doesnt notice shit. So he doesnt think deeply about why her inside is warm compared to the cold feeling of the first day touching her neck. Or notice the change with her body’s reflex.


  4. I Guess the MC’s d*ck is a “HOLY SWORD” that cures all impurities XD
    nah… maybe the MC “IS” the cure… so many possibilites… but, welp… our MC is an dense asshole, so he didn’t notice shit.

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  5. What would be really … interesting / chauvinistic is if Kurose somehow regains herself, even possibly becomes the same state as the MC, due to him … well, fucking her.

    Unless of course she’s a quisling / feral sort . Then… yeah, it’s probably “just rape”, instead of necrophiliac rape. No offence intended.


    • That people still think about rape in an apocalyptic world makes me laugh. When there is no police or law there are two things that will become “legal”, the first one being murder anyone you don’t like and the second one will be rape anyone who looks sexy enough.


  6. hmmm the absorbing sperm was like zombie master, but its just mc lack ability to ordering around!but its still cool!cz i refer different story.. if its same ability it will boring!

    nice novel hope its will not have tragedy scene!!

    good work
    thx for chapter


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