Chapter 14: “Give and Take” ◆

Probably the longest chapter currently, sorry for the long wait. There is probably a lot of mistakes, I apologize for that, we’ll do a proper proof read when we get the time to. This chapter was a little bit rushed due to some schedule conflicts.



“Umm… I’ll think about it.”

Yuusuke turned around.

Originally, there was no reason to help these people. At first, it was for information. But after I regularly gave them supplies, they started to talk about different topics.
Because I brought food to them once, I can’t break the promise that I’ve made. It was becoming troublesome for Yuusuke.
Yuusuke didn’t benefit from helping them. He didn’t want to do it.

“Um, …hey!”

Mizuki ran after Yuusuke and the atmosphere changed.

“I’m sorry, excuse me, I’m sorry that you’ve helped me so much.”

“It’s okay. . you are probably hungry.”

Contrary to his words, Yuusuke backed away from her.

“There’s a blanket here. You can use it because it will be cold soon. It should help when winter comes.”

I arrived in front of the elevator and a hand yanked my shirt from behind.
I turned around, and Mizuki was clinging on me.

“Please help Mr. Takemura! Please…”

Her face is so beautiful. So fragile. It aroused Yuusuke. She makes you want to wear the best clothing when you are around her.
No man could refuse a face like that. Yuusuke wanted to help her, even though he didn’t.

“Have you seen anyone that has been attacked by a zombie?”


Mizuki lightly nodded.

“I risk my life to get food. Do you know that?”


The fact that he had come into a girl with such fragile emotions, he couldn’t help but think of tormenting the beautiful girl feelings.

“What good is it to share food between you? What do I gain? The amount of food I give you each week is enough to feed me for a month, I was doing better off before.  You’ll need to give me something in return now,  the next food run may only be my share. Do you not understand?”

Mizuki bows down and stares at the floor. With the present situation, it was understandable that food was awfully expensive. With no comeback, Mizuki was lost. Yuusuke dropped his voice and stopped.

“Well, I can do it because I have to. On the other hand, you have to do something too. In this situation, it doesn’t matter if it’s a child or an adult. It’s give and take.

“Mizuki raised her head slowly.

Her expression was stuck,


“I want you to arouse ‘it’.”
(TL: By that he means his penis.)


Mizuki stepped back while holding her chest.
Her eyes changed into a contempt look.

“Men are always so.. Do you always think of us like that?”

“What can you do? Trying to persuade me”

“But I can’t allow this!”

Yuusuke stared at the enraged Mizuki and watched as she cooled down.

(Oh dear, it might not be possible for her to do it.)

Until now, Mizuki had been demanding to go with me. I know her values well. Pride doesn’t take no as an answer. It’s life or death. But to see Mizuki still standing there, Yuusuke,

“…Please hold on.”

As I was about to turn around,

“Wait…. I can do something else”

“Say so, so I can hear it.”

“I can provide Mr. Takemura with a safe place here. I will watch it when you are absent.”

“I don’t need it. Where do you think I sleep? I could kick you out and take over it.”

“Then, then what do you need? Should we not help each other in a time like this!? There’s even a child here too!?”

“I don’t know. I usually don’t help anyone. Do you see my selfishness coming out? Do I finish with a thank you?  Because you are a woman, and you have a minority with you, do you think that I have to help you?”

“Such a thing..”

“In this matter, try to reconsider the word ‘help’. I am no rescue team or volunteer. I have to go through zombies in order to get food.”


Mizuki bit her lips and looked down.

Mizuki didn’t know that Yuusuke wasn’t targeted by zombies. In other words, it made sense that he gets food for them. Yuusuke was annoyed that Mizuki needed food and what he got in return was a simple thanks.

Mizuki said without power in her voice,

“Money… if I can go home, all my savings…”

“Don’t talk”

Mizuki remained silent after the conclusion.

“Is it really useless.. can you really not help me?”

“It is useless. When you have to survive, you must sacrifice something”


Mizuki muttered in a small voice.

“…With my hand…”


“I’ll do it by hand… I can do it”

I moved to a stall in the men’s room and closed the door.
It’s a shoulder’s length away when two people enter it.

Yuusuke sat down on the toilet seat and looked at Mizuki while she stood. Mizuki’s voice was quiet.

“Umm.. how…”
“… you kneel and I pull it out”
This part will begin to have some sexual content.

Mizuki kneels down onto the tiles, putting her hand between Yuusuke legs and onto his groin. Her hands were trembling, trying to remove his belt. She was unsuccessful even after several attempts.
Finally the button was removed, all that was left was the zipper. Mizuki was reluctant; looking up, she showed him her facial expression, but Yuusuke answered her silently.
Mizuki giving up her last bits of pride, gave up. She proceeded by unzipping his zipper, revealing his undergarments. A tear could be seen dropping down from her pupils. I wiped it away with my sleeve, but she didn’t stop crying.
For food, forcing prostitution on the outskirts of town was considered humiliating; however, Yuusuke didn’t say anything.
Mizuki kept turning away as she slowly removed his underwear.


“You hold it and stroke it up and down.”

She fearfully picked it up by her fingertip. Able to hold a grip, she lightly stroked his penis.

“Like this”

Yuusuke then forcibly grabbed Mizuki’s hand, making her grip his hard penis. Thin white fingers were entangling his dick. Then he moved her hand, roughly stroking his dick. Mizuki at mercy, stiffened her body.

“Do you understand?”


Mizuki nodded as she moved her hand slowly. His dick was being rubbed by Mizuki. Being stroked by her, Yuusuke was being stimulated by the pleasure. Still, his penis grew bigger while she was holding onto it. His penis was tightening as it grew, it was hard for Mizuki to continue stroking his penis, as it was not smooth and needed lubricant.

“Put some saliva on it.”


“Spit on it.”

Mizuki’s face blued, as she understood what I have just said.

“It’s impossible..”

“…… Maybe put it in your mouth?”

Mizuki shakes her head to the words.

When she turned to look at Yuusuke, he was seen staring silently. As if given a command, she took her left hand and brought it to her lips. After opening her mouth, saliva was dropped. Dropping onto his penis, she continued to stroke it.

“….. Is this good?”

“Stroke it with both hands, I’m almost done”


Mizuki was unfamiliar that Yuusuke was a sensitive man. She moved her hand timidly as I told her. Creating a circle with both hands, she continued to stroke him. Her thumb was rubbing onto his penis, and her palms were felt coated with saliva, giving a pleasant feeling.
However good it felt, it was still unskilled.

“…… Do you feel good?”

“Eh…… It’s not bad, give me a minute”

Yuusuke thinks a little,

“Please wait a moment, continue moving your hand”

(TL: Imagine her expression like ._.)

Mizuki was kneeling in front of him. Long black hair was flowing onto his eyes. I extended my hand, brushing her hair aside to cope a feel from her breasts.


I don’t pay attention to her reaction, as I unbuttoned her shirt.

“……..What, what”

“It’s because you’re giving me poor service, that I am doing this.”


“Don’t separate your hands from me”

When I finished unbuttoning her, I remove her shirt, and her chest was seen bare. Her bra with a black dot handle was covering her breasts. Against her will, I slide my hands underneath her bra, where I touched her breasts, their size was like a C-cup. Groping them, I rubbed her pink nipples.


“If you want this to end quickly, do your best and endure it for now.”

Hearing his words, Mizuki resumes stroking with her hand. Her tainted hand increases it’s movement, where her soft palm, wet with saliva surrounds the stem of his penis, and her fingers entangle themselves around his tip where pre cum was spewing out.
The appearance of Mizuki got Yuusuke excited, she was wearing a cardigan with a white shirt underneath and black jeans. Underneath her white shirt was the soft breasts that he was coping a feel from. Mizuki then tastes the service that shes giving me, while I continue to knead her breasts.


Fiddling with her nipples, Mizuki leaks out a small voice. Still, he didn’t stop, Yuusuke felt muddy things gathering in the depths of his waists. His breath became rough, as he wanted to move his waist. Yuusuke endured it as Mizuki continue to provide him with service that dragged a pleasant feeling to him.
Being teased by Mizuki, the tip of his penis begins to build up with pressure. His fingertips that were fiddling with her soft nipple became hard the more he played with her. When I rubbed her hard nipples, her hands surrounding my penis squeezed me. At the moment, the sperm building in the depths of his waists couldn’t endure for any longer, as it exploded and landed onto the hands of Mizuki.


The sperm was shot with such force that it struck Mizuki’s mouth and belly.
It was never ending, the sperm continued gushing out of the tip. Meanwhile, Mizuki was left startled at the sudden suprise, that her body stiffened.


Yuusuke breathes heavily,
Mizuki then removes her hands from his penis, and stared at the sperm with utter amazement.

After, they wiped their body from the mess that has been created and left the private room.
Yuusuke who was about to leave, glanced back into the room where Mizuki was in. She was seen looking down in dishonor, washing thoroughly.

–Chapter 14 End–


21 thoughts on “Chapter 14: “Give and Take” ◆

    • Hypocrite. So when you go to work you do it for free?
      I could understand risking your life to protect your family or people you cared about.
      However in this situation MC is complete stranger with this girl and her two brothers.
      The only thing making it so he didn’t let these threee people die is because he thought the girl was hot so she had her body to offer him in exchange.
      You must be young to think that things are free in life. They aren’t.


  1. well if i was mc… i will do that too!if they force me to give them food again and again!cz situation on that world not like the past anymore!!

    why should he waste his energy just for other people!!its natural for mc like that…

    its cruel??nope bcz he didnt force her,.. he just give condition to her if they still want get food from him,.. and that girl demand was for more food!
    ofc its hard for him to make live untill he get old with just supply in around city maybe just for 1-2 year it can but if he has to share it it will make his supply get decreased more than it should!

    so its just natural if it happened,.. cz i’m more hating the MC that naive and hypocrite with kind heart but get betrayed in the end!!

    good work
    thx for chapter

    Liked by 1 person

  2. a lot of people thinks that this is a really cruel way and a bad method to introduce this even from the writer side, tbh it’d the best possible way to show how hard is their situation (the three kids), and to make sure you readers know what’s going to happen next time, let’s say he do take them with him to the apartment…that way he will have to deal with zombies coming to his place, not only that but his beloved and so-used kurose-chan would get motivated to check out the newcomers next door and that’s a problem, eventually he can’t deal with them this easy, plus think about it…he didn’t rape her nor told her i want to have sex with you directly but he let her to speak and say what she can do, he’s doing a what a normal human being would do. i’m not saying he’s not harsh at all but it’s just he’s in a different situation bc of his weird condition, if he were a normal human who gets attacked like others it’d be a different story that way (just remember what happened to the mother and her child). THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN ^



  3. In the visual novel. the main character is described as a misfit and useless who blames society for his own failures. It is obvious then that he feels resentful and in the situation in which he finds himself, he thinks he has no obligation to help someone. In a way, we couldn’t blame him for his actions. But of course, it enrage us, looking how a loser takes advantage of a collapsed society.

    Putting that aside, I really thank you guys for the translation of this novel and the other you have available.


    • It’s funny because “winners” and the top of society would do the exact thing as this guy does.
      It’s weird that only the two extreme of society, the big bad bosses and power hungry people at the top of society AND The pure NEET garbage at the very bottom of society are so similar in the way they act.

      The asshole at the top would clearly be interacting with this girl on his terms with threats, whereas the NEET doesn’t threaten her but he still manipulates her into sucking his dick.

      The average guy would probably not be thinking like that but I HIGHLY DOUBT he would just randomly help the girl and her two brothers for no reasons. That sounds like something that would be too good to be true.


    • Well that’s the reason why you are still a virgin. If you never do anything with women because you are scared of hurting their feelings or something you won’t get anywhere.


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