Chapter 16: “Obtaining a handgun”

I’d like to clarify once again, that these are machine translated chapters. The translations are not fully accurate, the lines were heavily edited to make it readable for you guys. There will be some mistakes and improvised lines, but at least it’s following the context of the lines.

Side talk time! I’m happy to be machine translating some chapters for you guys again, sorry for the sudden break. I was busy with some school work and ann@chan + rainnchan were lazy to finish the chapters. I was originally planning to release some chapters earlier, but found a few novels and anime that kept me preoccupied. #Hajime is OP #Outbreak company
(Spent 2 days catching up on Arifureta shokugyou de sekai saikyou, and re watching Outbreak company + Hyouka)
You can expect some activity happening in our blog from now on, next time we decide to take a break, we’ll warn you ahead of time. As a side note, you can maybe expect another series being translated in this blog.
(The series is TBA)
Anyways enjoy the chapter and thanks for waiting.
(We were monitoring the massive refreshes you guys were doing and feeling guilty about it)



There were about 10 zombies crowding around the entrance to the third floor. All of them were covered in blood and lacerations. Among them, were those who had bullet holes. Some of them had their chins blown off, exposing only their upper jaw. The crowd mostly consisted citizens, but there was some police officers mixed in too. The zombies were crowding around the door which displayed “main conference room”. They were somehow attracted to that area. There was also a foul stench drifting around the air.

“I have a bad feeling that something is going to happen…”

The zombies were quiet. If there was a survivor inside, they might be the reason why they’re sticking to the door.
From the waist of one of the nearby zombie police officers, something was seen hanging. It was a pouch with a black wire connecting to a revolver. Shaking on the ground as the officer moved.Having trouble due to the moving zombie, I carefully removed the cord that was attached to the belt and tried to pick it up.
The revolver had a rotary, and was light like a toy gun. It was easy to hold the black grip, and maintaining it seemed to be easy. As for ammunition, inside of the cylinder contained two bullets remaining. The police officer seemed to be new from the Southern area, but Yusuke didn’t know whether the gun was too. For the time being, it was likely that this handgun was a restraint to the current officer, so for the meantime, I’ll look after it.
(TL: Original line said something else, but I expanded it and improvised it)
(ED: Once again the Machine goes from 3rd person to 1st person…)

I clutched the grip, not putting my finger onto the trigger, but having my index finger extended and ready to pull the trigger while approaching the room.
There was some uncertainties in front of me, and I wanted to crush what was in there.
I lean on the side of the wall, not standing in front of the door.
Yusuke made up his mind, and called out to ‘it’.

“Is someone there–?”

There was no response.


I didn’t hear any sounds at all.

The doorknob turned with no resistance. It probably wasn’t locked at all.
When I pushed it open, the door hit the table and the barricade, immediately falling over. With some force, I pushed the door even more, expanding the opening.

Barely opening the door, a strong putrid smell leaks out. I look inside, enduring the nausea that is slowly building up inside me.
A pool of blood was seen on the floor within the room, with a policeman lying down as if he shot himself to the head. His pupils, white, staring in the air.
In addition, his body was loosely extended. There seems to be no one alive in the room.


His feelings were mixed, half of which was feeling relieved, and the other was feeling depressed. When he was about to close the door, the surrounding zombies used this chance to rush themselves into the room. In panic, Yusuke runs away from the door.
Zombies were throwing themselves onto the door, pushing and expanding the opening to the room. The humid smell seems to attract the zombies like a trap.
The weight of the zombies finally succeeded, and the sounds of the barricade collapsing could be heard.
The smell became unbearable, and at the same time, Yusuke left the scene. It was regrettable the he couldn’t retrieve the officers handcuffs and clubs, but he couldn’t stand the smell and it wasn’t his hobby to watch zombies eating their meal.

“If I were to shut myself in… food will gradually disappear; eventually I’ll rot and smell like that. ”
(TL: This was a little weird for us.. we kind of.. improvised it.)

In the town, the man was besieged in that room. He slowly ran out of food, and had no way to access any, leading to his death.
Yusuke with mixed feelings, started to search around the third floor.

After awhile, his goals were set.
There was an open door with an electronic lock. Peering inside, it had a stopper, and what looked like to be a storage. Lockers were lined up, side by side, on both sides, and in the middle there was a shelf. Some lockers were opened, and others looked like they were damaged.

“Was the person in a hurry while taking stuff out?”

After a thorough inspection, there was a bunch of clothing, and handcuffs that were inside of a case.

“Oh, how lucky-”

Inside of the package, there were keys too. Because there were just six of them, I put them in my bag. In addition, a helmet, spare uniform, bullet proof vest, holster, a whistle, and various items were taken too. Anything useful was added into my bag. I put the holster on my belt, and put the handgun which I was holding, inside of it. It gave off a pleasant feeling.

“Well then……. Huh, I look kind of cool. Sort of like a military soldier.”

Because there were unused combat shoes, I took a pair that fit my size. Afterwards I continued on scavenging. I found a small locker in the division 2, detective and security room, but it was locked. Walking along, there was a locker that kept confiscated goods and had a electronic lock that required a code. I look at my gun with an idea, but realized it might be impossible to use it that way. Besides, there was only two bullets.

“It is a handgun after all…. Wait, the storage for weapons and ammunition should be somewhere around here.”

I re-examine the floor, and do a quick search around the second floor, but it doesn’t seem like there is such a place. Returning onto the first floor, Yusuke sees the map sign, but stands in folded arms. Only half of the building was drawn onto the sign. If there was a storage room, it would be hidden. My expectations were right, as there were stairs to the basement in the police section. Advancing underground, there was the gun rental receptionist at front, and the storage at the back. The iron door blocking the guns was opened and several firearms inside were taken.

“Huh….. Oh, is that so….”
(TL: This line really confused me..)

While feeling disappointed, I check the shelf with the licensed firearms, fortunately it wasn’t empty. There was two revolvers, similar to the type that I had, but were different in shape and grip. Also there was the automatic pistol that was seen in t.v shows, and several other pistols were there. Adding them to my belt, in total there was 5.

“There’s a little too much here.”

I already felt safe with just a handgun and an automatic weapon, but I took spares just in case the firearms were to break down, I had no idea on how to repair them anyways. I found bullets too, every box I saw was added into my bag. It became heavy after adding everything necessary into the bag and because I took out the bullets in the spare guns that I have added in the bag, I don’t have to worry about a accidental discharge.

“Alright! I think I’m done.”

I return back to the first floor, catching my breath at the waiting seats.

Yusuke takes out a gun out of the holster,the barrel was short and it looked suitable, but he couldn’t really say if it was. However, it looked good when he would cover it, the size wasn’t that big as it could almost fit inside of his pocket.

“There is a manual for using the weapons…..  But I’d rather learn from the police academy.”

I return it into the holster.
Taking out a revolver with no bullets from the bag, I play a round with it. As expected, I don’t have the courage to mess around with it, if it were to have any bullets inside. The safety cap was removed, and remembering a movie I saw, I imitate the gun movements.

“Does the cylinder come off if I were to push over here?”

I push the cylinder off to the left, and saw the barrel. I  took out any left out bullets from the barrel and push it back in. When it returned, it made a sschick sound, like it was locked.

“Do I need to push the cocking device up?”

When I began to pull the trigger down slowly, the cocking device raised up and the barrel begins to turn. Pulling the trigger downwards, the cocking device fell with a click sounding like it was ready to fire. The magazine turned as I pulled the trigger, preparing the bullet to fire out. As I pull the trigger lightly, the cocking device falls down and the gun was fired immediately. When I want to shoot the gun instantly, the gun will be ready, as there did not seem to be the safety attached.
(TL: I’m not very good at explaining guns, sorry if it sounded weird.)


It was a simple gun, and there seems to be no problems when I shot it. Yusuke wanted to test his aim. I take the gun, already loaded out of the holster. I looked for something that looked reasonably good to shoot from my distance. My target is the police woman who I saw before. The distance was around 10 meters. I didn’t recognized her at first, but using this chance, I line my sight.


The tip is aimed precisely, and the gun was ready to fire. I take a stance with my right hand supporting my left hand which was holding the trigger and grip. The target was perfectly a lined with the top part of the gun. The police woman wore a absent minded face.
I aim at my target while gathering my last breath.

For a few seconds his sight was following his target, eventually he exhaled his breath as the pressure was building in his lungs.


I adjust my aim, targeting in the middle of her forehead. Then at once, the trigger is pulled.
An explosive sound could be heard echoing the room.
His hand moved back reacting to the recoil, and the tip was moved upwards.
The smell of smoke drifted through the air.

“This could be difficult…..”

He mutters while staring at the handgun.
There wasn’t that much recoil, but the muzzle moves upwards when firing. Additional practice was needed to suppress and control the gun.

I quickly realized that there was an object of destruction against the palms of my hands.

–Chapter 16 End–


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      • Hey Reankun, this web novel has interested me and I would like to help translating it. I have a relatively good understanding of Japanese, but I haven’t translated anything before. I tried doing some of chapter 17, if you would, read it, let me know what you think, and maybe I can do some chapters. My email is

        It’s been one week since I’ve collected supplies at the police station.
        Yuusuke spreads open a map on the table in his room, which had been written on with a marker. It was a map that showed various locations around the city in great detail, naming each and every building.
        The supermarket was circled by a red mark; and the electronics store, hardware store, and the home center within were also marked.

        “From here to here is uninhabited….”

        He draws a blue line to the shopping district in front of the train station. The filled in area along the road from the area around the apartments to the supermarket and the shelter, wasn’t much. The checked houses are only the ones beside the main road, the others he hadn’t really touched.
        He also drew an ‘X’ on the roads he couldn’t drive a car down. (Due to traffic of unmanned vehicles) There weren’t very many, but when he had to take detours, it became a good reference.

        “But the city is rather big huh…..”


  1. I wonder why you are switching between first and third person all the ti…
    “…that these are machine translated chapters.”

    THAT explains it. Listen up and listen well. The original, as far as I’ve read, never switches between 1st and 3rd. That’s the machine’s fault. It substitutes the lack of a subject/topic with ‘I’ when normally anyone who knows the language knows what’s being implied(In this case, ‘I’, but in other cases, it may be ‘you’ or ‘them’, depends on context.)


    • If possible, we’ll try to release a chapter every day or two. I would’ve finished translating the next chapter by now, but was busy. As we progress, we’ll slowly return back to the ‘one chapter a day’ since this novels chapters are relatively short. Right now it’s just myself translating, as ann@chan is busy for this whole week and rainnchan is just.. mia.


  2. “I quickly realized that there was a piece of destruction against the palms of my hands.”
    I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean.

    Thanks for the chapter.


  3. I can’t wait for Mizuki’s madness. I love this novel, please don’t stop tl’ing(for I’m addickted to it)… I need more! more necrophilia!, more restrains!, more humiliation! more madness!.. yeah, I’m sick and I love it. for anyone out there who’s also sick.. try the manga ‘shamo’.


    • Sorry for the late reply, but we’re not planning on abandoning this novel. In fact translations has been delayed due to internal problems with our members. Good news though, the next chapter will be released… soon.


    • je connais Mr Gaillot Dorsainvil ca fait tres longtemps, depuis que je suis scout au College Notre Dame, je crois qu’il est dote d’une bonne competence pour brider ce poste,dans notre pays tous ceux qui aimeraient arriver sans s&ce;uoqsfforrer ne font que discriminer celui qui dirige en toute legalite et equite.Mr Gaillot bon succes et prudence


    • Gah~ The early chapters has MC as a pervert, with 1st and 2nd action after knowing that he’s not infected is to command zombie girls to service him. Later he expand to secondaryschool girls… offcially pedophile.

      So yeah, it’s a porn story about a perv in magical zombie apocalypse.


      • Have you read slavemancer? Not a fan of these stories. I definitely would be thought if the Mcs were badasses BEFORE they got their powers. It feels like it’s just wish fulfillment stories with weakass MCs who literally only have their powers to help them bang women. I want something more realistic where yes they bang some of them with their powers but yes they can bang women without using powers and shit,


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