Chapter 31: Retaliate And Purify

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Arriving at the 3rd floor, Yusuke could already hear signs of an engagement. Pulling the hammer back and placing his finger on the trigger, he quickly walks towards the office.

In the office, faintly lit by a lantern, Yusuke can see a man looming over Mizuki’s body.  He points the pistol in the air and fires.

Hearing the gunshot, everyone stops moving.

The sound of the gunshot echos through the room, slowly fading.

While crying hysterically, Mizuki is stretching out to her collapsed brothers.  The man had been straddling her back, trying to remove her clothes.  With a surprised expression, the man looked at him.

Quickly approaching the man, Yusuke pulls back the hammer on the pistol.  The cylinder spun, loading the next bullet.

Yusuke points his pistol between the man’s eyes and the man’s body becomes rigid.  Yusuke then kicks him in the face.  As he was wearing steel toed combat boots, the man’s nose was crushed and he let out a scream like a pig, falling to the floor.


While the man is holding his bleeding face, cringing in pain; Yusuke points the barrel of the gun at the back of his head.

Holding his nose, the man begins crawling away as if to escape.  Watching him crawl until he nears the wall, Yusuke then opens his mouth.


At that cold voice, the man stops.

“Put these on your legs.”

While saying this, Yusuke takes out a pair of handcuffs from a leather pouch on his waist.

“Secure one end to your leg, and the other to the leg of the desk.”

The man looks firmly at the pair of handcuffs thrown in front of him.

The gun is once again fired.

With the bullet flying into the cabinet next to him, the man screams.

“Do it quickly…..”

Hearing that voice which sounded like he was tired of waiting, the man hurriedly picks up the handcuffs and, fumbling through the darkness, secures his right leg to the desk.

With this, he is unable to move.  There was nothing within his reach that could be used as a weapon.  Yusuke finally lowers the gun.

“Oi, you okay?”

He calls out to Mizuki, but there is no response.

When he turns around, he sees Mizuki holding Yuu’s body in her lap and not moving.


Something that was neither a cry or a sigh was coming from her.


“Yuu is……”

Walking over to her, he looks down at Yuu from above.

His neck had been broken.

His eyes were hollow and lifeless.


Yusuke closes his eyes and suppresses something welling up within him.

Forcing himself to swallow his anger, he opens his eyes and looks around.  The collapsed Takashi enters his vision.  His body is rolled up and trembling.

“You okay?”

Yusuke walks over to him and crouches down.  His leg is swollen below his pant legs, and was smeared with blood.  His leg was most likely broken.  And with him holding his stomach in pain, it would appear he took damage to his intestines.  Yusuke wasn’t sure if the boy’s life was in danger, but it was clear he received serious injuries.


Even if it was a small wound, it would turn serious if left untreated.  That is the limit of the strength of a child’s body.

(I should take him to the hospital….. no, the it’s littered with zombies.  Can I somehow make due with a improvised treatment?  If only there was a doctor…. but where would we find one…)

While Yusuke was lost in thought, his right hand was grabbed by something.  Looking up, Mizuki was trying to take the handgun from him.

“I told you it’s dangerous!”

Afraid of accidentally firing it, Yusuke tried to shake her off, but she wouldn’t let go.  Her hands were firmly gripped around it, unwilling to let go.  Reluctantly, Yusuke releases the gun.

As soon as she got the revolver in her hands, Mizuki stands in front of the man in handcuffs; and holds the gun in front of her with both hands, preparing to fire.


The man screams and tries to fall back, but is unable to with his leg handcuffed to the desk.  He holds both of his arms in front of himself, blocking his face in fear.

Looking at him, it was a pathetic appearance.  His cheeks were sunken and his nose was broken with blood running down his face.  His clothes were stained with the blood from a cut on his arm.  He looked like a homeless person that was a victim of vagrant hunting.

(TL: I guess some Japanese like to hunt homeless people and beat them up.)

“How dare..!”

Mizuki calls out in a shaking voice.  Ever since she grabbed the handgun, her hands that held it were trembling.  With just a squeeze of the trigger, the bullet would be shot.

“H, help me……” (TL: “Ta, tasukete kure….”)

At the man’s words, Mizuki’s anger grew.

“How dare you, something like that..!”

“I was wrong!  I’m sorry!  Forgive me!”

“How can you say that!  Yuu was, Yuu was..!  To do something so terrible..!”

(TL: Her words are really broken and unfinished.  Sorry if it sounds incoherent.)

“I had no intention of killing him!  It somehow happened!  I was trapped by myself for so long, I became messed up!”

“I, I don’t care!  What does that matter!  You coward!  Are you scared of being killed!?”

(TL: She says this like “Are you yourself scared of being killed”.  Relating to the death of Yuu.)

“Forgive me!  Please, don’t do it……”

He cowers on the ground while covering his face.


Looking at the man, Mizuki tightens her finger on the trigger.

“I won’t forgive you…..”

“I’m sorry…. please, I don’t want to die…..”

At that begging.  (TL: This was an incomplete sentence in the raw)

No matter how much she wanted to, Mizuki couldn’t pull the trigger.

She put strength in her finger, trying to pull the trigger many times, but the gun did not fire.



Mizuki lets out a hopeless voice.

Her arms were trembling.

If it were in the midst of a fight, she may have been able to do it, but she was unable to ruthlessly take the life of a cowering human.

“Why are you begging for your life….?  Why can’t you just shut up and let me kill you……”

Listening to her talk as if she was broken, the man became frightened.

Seeing Mizuki like that, Yusuke walks over and stretches out his hand from beside her.  He pulls back the hammer on the pistol in her hands.  The gun was still clasped tightly in her hands.


Surprised by Yusuke’s voice, she looks up at him.

Come to think of it, this was the first time he had called her by her name.

The strength leaves her body, she loosens her grip, and releases the gun to Yusuke.

With her face cast down bearing a ghostly expression, she looks at him.

“My brothers…..”

Mizuki spoke.

“They thought of Takemura-san as a hero…. they spoke about you so many times after you first came to help us….. they said they wanted to be like you when they grew up, so I thought it was dangerous and tried to escape with them.”

Hatred was floating within her eyes.

“Why….. why didn’t you protect us?”

Yusuke looks at the pistol in the palm of his hand and remains silent.

Eventually, he speaks.

“Sorry.”  (TL: He uses “Suman.”  which is more like “My bad.” xD)

At Yusuke’s words, Mizuki acts as if she had just woken up,

“Ah, ahh….. what am I saying.  I’m sorry, my head suddenly stopped working….. did I perhaps say something rude?  I’m sorry, even though it was my fault…. ahh, what should I do….. are you mad…..?”

“It’s fine.  Look over Takashi’s injuries.”


With uneasy steps, Mizuki wanders towards Takashi.  (TL: Takashi, RUN!!)


Yusuke turns towards the desk and lets out a sigh.

With his elbows rested on his knees, and his hands folded to support his chin, he glares at the man while thinking of what to do next.

The sounds of fighting had disappeared, and there was a painful silence spread over the room.

Mizuki was by Takashi’s side, staring with a blank expression.  The man was trembling in the corner of the room.

Time flowed slowly.

Everything had been ruined.

The cause of it lie with himself.

Yusuke understood that fact.

(It’s my fault huh…..)

He didn’t think he would be able to do everything perfectly, and he knew various setbacks would come up.

But…. the problems just keep getting worse and worse.

If he had left Mizuki with the hand gun, this situation wouldn’t have happened.  (TL: Butt hurt gun law fags rant in 3…2…)

He had a spare gun.

Even without fighting the opponent, she could have threatened and restrained them.  There aren’t many people who would approach despite a gun pointed at them.

Then, if he were to say why he never left a gun with Mizuki…

It’s that.

(……I couldn’t trust her.)

If he handed over such a powerful weapon, there would be fear of rebellion.

He never thought this place would be attacked, and so never thought to arm Mizuki.

(TL: I guess he means the zombie guards were supposed stop the intruders.)

However, now that it had become like this, there were no excuses.

With regards to this incident, Yusuke’s suspicions of Mizuki are what caused it.


Yusuke looked up at the ceiling.

“What to do…..”  (TL: Takashi is just dying in the background)

An uncomfortable silence dominated the room.

(We have no choice but to go the the mountains…. but what do we do if Takashi’s condition worsens.  Can we treat him good enough ourselves?  Does he need a blood transfusion?  What kind of medicine does he need?  Would it be fine with just antibiotics?  Damn it, if only we had a doctor….)

At that moment, a siren sounded from far away.

Yusuke stopped moving and listened closely.

It was a discomforting sound he hadn’t heard until now.

The wall separating him from the outside made it difficult to hear, but it was definitely the disaster prevention sirens.

He stood up and started to head into the corridor, but stopped, worrying about leaving Mizuki in the room with the intruder.

Had she not acknowledged the siren yet?  She sat there with glazed over eyes, staring at the space in front of her.

If an announcement were to be made over the broadcast, he wouldn’t be able to hear it from inside the room.  It would be best for him to head to the roof, but he didn’t want to take his eyes off the man.

(Tha…. no, with the radio…..)

Picking up the lantern, he approaches the desk with the radio.  Flipping the switch, there was no reaction.  It was obvious it wouldn’t work due to the power outage.

Clicking his tongue, Yusuke goes under the desk and switches the radio’s plug from the outlet, to the battery box next to it.  There was power.  Coming out from under the desk, he starts up the radio.

The disaster prevention radio frequency had to be among the default set of channels.  He operates the key pad, searching through the channels.  The siren suddenly stops, and is replaced by a muffled sound.

A voice began to flow through the speakers.

It was the stammering voice of a young woman.

“…..gawa.  …..if possible choose wide roads and move silently.  I repeat.  …..this is Oono City Hall.  We are currently providing shelter for over 100 survivors.  Three days from now, a rescue helicopter will arrive.  For those able to move, please head towards Oono City Hall.  Located at the intersection of route 33 and Hidakagawa.  …..if possible choose wide roads and move silently.  This message will broadcast every hour on the hour for five minutes, 24 hours a day until the battery dies.  To all survivors that can hear this voice, head towards Oono City Hall.  Whatever you do don’t give up!  I repeat.  This is Oono City Hall…..”

It was a hard voice, not accustomed to broadcasting.

With a puzzled look, Mizuki stares at Yusuke.

(There were still that many survivors huh…..)

Yusuke covers his face with his hand.  What he had just heard jumbled his thoughts.

(….100, 100 people huh?  They seem to have the place under control enough to broadcast…. maybe they have medical personnel there, but even if they don’t, when the helicopter comes, we can get medical treatment for Takashi then.  I was worried about those dangerous guys at the university but…… city hall is pretty far away.  Can we make it in three days…..?)

Thinking it over, Yusuke opens his mouth.

“Mizuki, Takashi will be in your care.  Use a blanket or something to wrap him up.  I’ll…… I’ll take Yuu.  We will be leaving soon.”

“Y, yes.”

Mizuki hurries to the back to get a blanket.

While Yusuke was also preparing to depart,

“Ah!  H….hey…..”

With a voice calling to him, Yusuke turns.

The intruder’s line of sight was directed at him.


Yusuke and the man’s gazes meet.

“…..P, please…..”

At the man’s pleading voice, Yusuke slowly drops his gaze.  What entered his vision was the hand gun, tightly held in his hand.

An impatient look was spread across the man’s face.

Yusuke lets out a sigh,

“You want to go too?”

“!  Ah, ahh!  Please!”

Yusuke flings the key from his hip,

“Bind both of your hands with the handcuffs.  When you are finished, throw the key back to me.  If you make any strange movements, I’ll shoot you in the head.”

“I, I understand!”

The man desperately unlocks the handcuffs around his ankle, and uses it to bind his arms; showing a flattering smile.  He was probably thinking that compared to Mizuki’s earlier actions, Yusuke showed no intent to kill.


Mizuki, who had returned, let out a surprised voice.

“Why would let that kind of person..!”

“It’s fine so be quiet.”


“Shut up.”

Furrowing her brows, Mizuki wraps Takashi in a blanket while glaring at the man with eyes full of hatred.

With the handgun, Yusuke urges the man forward.

“We’ll go outside first.”

With a willingness to follow their orders, the man walks along the wall, heading toward the exit.  Yusuke follows behind him.

Entering the hallway, the man heads in a direction when Yusuke calls out to him.

“Wrong.  Go right.  Before we escape, I want to see what the condition is outside.”

At those words, the man stops and turns right, heading towards the end of the hallway.  It appeared to be morning, and sunlight was shining through the windows along the corridor.  The green leaves of the plants along the windows were soaking in the morning sun.  Beyond them was the parking lot.

Yusuke speaks up.

“How is it outside, are there any zombies?”

“N, no…..”

“Is that right.”

Surprised at the voice so close to him, the man turns around.

Less than a meter away, the hand gun was pointed at him at waist height.


The sound of a gunshot is heard.


The man falls back and slams against the glass.  Cracks spread across the surface.  Leaning against the glass, the man stares blankly at the hole in his stomach.

“Did you think would quietly let you come with us?”

The hammer is pulled back.  A bullet is shot through the man’s right leg, and his body jolt with the impact.  The cracks in the window at his back get larger.

Once again the hammer is pulled back.

A bullet is shot at the man’s left leg.

With the 3rd shot, the glass shattered.  The man’s body falls through the window among the tiny fragments of glass.


His body slams into the concrete, and his arms are bent at absurd angles like some kind of toy.  Blood gushes from his wounds, and a puddle begins to slowly spread beneath him.

Yusuke looks down at him with hard eyes.

He was still alive.  He turns over and tries to crawl with his distorted arms and legs.


He felt the presence of someone standing next to him.

It was Mizuki.  (TL: Takashi is seriously going to die in their hands.)

She watched the man in silence.  While the two were staring down at him, zombies started to appear.  There were attracted by the stench of blood.  There was about a dozen of them.  They slowly approach the man.

The man tries to flee, but it is impossible with the condition of his arms and legs.

One of them bites into the man’s arm.  The man screams as his flesh is torn.  With that, the zombies begin forming a group around him one by one.  With blood splattering everywhere, the mans screams echo in the air.

It was a feast of blood and flesh.


Unexpectedly, he has a flashback of the video he found on that campus.

“…..While he is distracting the surrounding zombies, we’ll escape from underground.”

He turns away from the man.

There, Yusuke comes to a stop.

Mizuki was staring intently at him.  At her intense stare, Yusuke shuts his mouth.

It felt like she was looking deep within the depths of his heart.

As if she could see everything within him like he was transparent.


“……Let’s go.”


Mizuki answers quietly.

With the screams from below echoing behind them, the two slowly departed.



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