Chapter 33: Tokiko’s Change

I know it sounded like he was leaving City Hall for good last chapter, but he was just saying that he didn’t have to wait for the helicopter at City Hall, not that he didn’t have to wait for it at all.



When the sun set, Yusuke slipped out of City Hall.

Riding a bicycle he picked up along the way, it was late at night when he arrived at the apartment complex.

“It feels somewhat nostalgic…”

Entering his own room, he looks around.  The power was out, so he had to rely on the dim moonlight.

The inside of the room smelled dusty… anyway, he began looking through the place for items to bring with him.

“First, what should I do with this….”

Inside his closet was the other firearm he got from the police station.  There were also boxes of bullets.

He could secretly bring them, but if he were found out, then it would be troublesome.

“I could hide them somewhere close by City Hall…… and use them when I’m in trouble.  The best place would be in the car huh.”

It would be fine if he left one in a gun case with a padlock behind the drivers seat.  If rescue came as scheduled, then it would become useless, but it was good to be prepared in case something went wrong.

He places the firearm in his field bag, and moved onto other things.

When the pandemic started, he collected items that could be useful from retail stores.  Within those items, he finds a hand-crank radio and throws it in his bag.  If there was a USB terminal, it could charge mp3 players.  Picking up other items that looked like they could be used, he closes his bag.

Among his personal belongings, there was nothing he especially wanted to bring.  He had enough clothes.

He didn’t have any mementos either, and at the time of his employment, he had stored away things from his past.  It was a room with no individuality.  It was fine if he just had his keys and ID.

After searching the place, Yusuke lets out a breath and opens the fridge.  He takes a beer from inside and popping the tab, he takes a drink.  Because the power was out, it was lukewarm.

The nostalgic alcohol wet his dry throat.

Letting the can back down, he once again searches the fridge.  There was one can left.

“There’s liquor in Tokiko-chan’s room….. oh that’s right, Tokiko-chan.”

He remembers his original objective.  With his half finished beer in his hand, he heads toward Tokiko’s room.

Opening the door and taking off his shoes, he enters the dining room.

There he saw the collapsed figure of Tokiko on the floor.

(TL: ……………)


In the faint light, her loosely braided black hair was spread across the floor.  Her lower body was clothed in nothing but white panties, peeking out from beneath her thin pink pajamas.  She was laying on her side with a stone-cold appearance, her legs spread out.

The handcuffs that bound her hands behind her were Yusuke’s.  More than that, she had been tied to a chair with a towel and should have been detained.

However, those restraints were now undone.

“Did you remove them yourself….?”

As he slowly approaches her, there is no reaction.

“Ooooi….. Tokiko-san…….?”

Grabbing her shoulder and shaking her, there was no reaction.  Her eyes were closed as if she returned to being a corpse.

“Is it hibernation?  …….. there’s no way..”

Yusuke tilts his head.

Zombies that were cold to the touch, that moved inside, the wandered underground; he had seen them before, but this was his first time seeing a zombie stop moving completely.

Sipping his beer, he rocks Tokiko.  He strokes her smooth thighs, and entering the hem of her thin pajamas, his hand reaches up to massage her breasts.  She wasn’t wearing a bra, and a soft texture could be felt in the palm of his hand.

“As always, she has nice breasts.”

He plays with her breasts in search of a reaction, but as expected, there was none.

“Well, it’s fine.”

Anyways, by leaving the door open, Yusuke had allowed Tokiko to roam on her own.  If she started moving again, she could leave on her own.

Opening the fridge, he removes a large amount of beer cans.  Removing the jerky from inside the cupboard, he heads to the back of the apartment.

Opening the curtains in the bedroom, moonlight lights the room.

Taking off his jacket and sitting on top of the bed, Yusuke begins drinking.

Since the rescue helicopter would be arriving the day after tomorrow, he planned on returning to City Hall tomorrow night.  Because he wouldn’t be there to answer role call, they would notice him missing if he were gone for more than a day.  Tomorrow he planned to explore the city.

For that reason, he wanted to get some rest, but because of recent stressful events, he couldn’t calm his nerves.  He was forcefully calming himself with alcohol.

With the added alcohol, he would be able to numb his brain and his chaotic thoughts would fade.

(You were drinking here too huh….)

Certainly, it was after his second time meeting Mizuki.

He had asked for her body in return for providing food.

After he said that, she looked at him as if she wanted to kill him.

With the start of that horrible relationship, through many twists and turns, they came to live together.

However, that eventually collapsed,

(And so we come back to the beginning huh….)


He opens another beer.  Beer after beer, his thoughts are swept away as he drinks.



As he slept, wrapped in the futon, the night went on.

With a creek in the floor, Yusuke’s consciousness slowly faded back into reality.

It took him a while to focus his vision.

What entered his vision was Tokiko standing right next to the bed.

Her expressionless face was watching him, dimly lit by the moonlight.  With her braided hair dripping over her shoulder, and her hands bound behind her, it emphasized her breasts under her pajamas.

(What the…..?)

Unable to distinguish dream from reality in his current state, Yusuke blankly stares at her.

Suddenly she moves.

Leaning over from beside him, she bites his neck.

(…..!?  She’s!)

He instantly becomes fully awake.

He let his guard down.

To fall asleep next to a zombie…

Throwing off the futon, he pushes Tokiko away.  Losing her footing, she falls onto the bed.

Glancing sideways at her, he reaches up to where he was bitten in search of a wound.

There he noticed something discomforting.

The place he was bitten didn’t hurt, but instead felt wet.  Lit by the moonlight, the only thing on his hand was saliva.  (TL: bit frisky are we)

(……it wasn’t a bite?)

With her hands bound behind her back, Tokiko was struggling to get on top of him.  In a hurry, Yusuke grabs her shoulders, suppressing her.

Tokiko looked at him with clear eyes, as if looking at prey.

(TL: Even in death, a woman’s lust for D can not be slated.)

However, unlike when a zombie attacked humans, there was no hostility or malicious intent that could be felt.  There was no strength or momentum, to the point where he could suppress her with one hand.

“D, don’t get violent!”

Because it looked like his right hand would be bitten, he drew it back in a hurry.

Her intention wasn’t clear.  Pushing her down on the bed, he straddles her stomach, sealing her movement.  With both of her hands bound behind her back, she could no longer do anything.

While Tokiko blankly stares up at him, he looks at her, confirming the situation.  Her small tongue was peeking out of her loosely opened lips.

(What happened….)

With Tokiko restrained, the sat there for several minutes.

Finally, he realized what she was trying to do.

It was certain that she was after him as her prey, but what she was after wasn’t blood and flesh.

Yusuke tries holding out his hand, and she comes to bite it.  Her teeth were gently nibbling on him as her small tongue wet his fingers.

Her tongue wraps around his fingers, licking them as if they were ice.  Once one finger becomes clean, she moves to the next.

It was a fondling gesture, but more than that, it felt matter-of-fact.

(She’s eating the dirt…..)

Without breaking the skin, she just licks the dirt from the surface.

It was like a dog licking a bone.

(So I’m the bone huh……)

With the alcohol in his system, he begins to fall back into his hazy state.

The standing hypothesis was that there had been some kind of change in Tokiko, and Yusuke was included as her prey.

However, Yusuke has a body that zombies will not attack.

He was her prey, but she couldn’t attack him.  As a compromise, she eats the waste off of him.

Most likely she would prefer flesh and blood, but she couldn’t act in a way that would hurt him.

(I over reacted…..)

Being attacked by Tokiko was startling.  Yusuke lets out a relieved breath.

Tokiko was still continuing her meal.

Looking at it, a beauty was sucking his fingertips.

Watching that scene, Yusuke began heating up.

There was the urge to push her down and have his way with her, but since it had been so long since he’d seen her, he let her do as she pleased.

Lying his head down on a pillow beside the bed, he pulls Tokiko on top of himself.  Her soft breasts are pressed into him through her pajamas.

Her tongue moves from his fingertips to his elbows.  Her lips stuck to his skin.  It tickled as her tongue spread saliva over his arm.  With a sound similar to a kitten lapping up milk, her tongue licks and traces across his skin.

Finally reaching his armpit, Tokiko begins awkwardly moving her body.

Tokiko’s smooth bare feet comes into contact with his feet.  With her chest that was pressed into him shifting lower, it became right over his waist, burying his hardening bulge.

Because he had stripped off his pants when he had gotten into the futon, he could feel her soft breasts through the thin fabric of his boxers.  With her firmly pressing her breasts into him, the soft feeling of pleasure made him want to thrust forward and he had to stifle the urge.

He shirt had been pulled up from her movements, and he could now feel the wetness of her tongue on the exposed skin.

(……the mood has become strange…..)

Clinging onto his waist, her lips moved across his skin.

From his ribs to his abs.  She left a trail of saliva while tracing the lines of his muscles.  But her lips never went as far as to pleasure him, only leaving a frustrating and tantalizing feeling.

As her tongue neared his belly button, his body tensed.  Her lips had covered his entire stomach in sticky saliva.


Feeling the warm liquid on him, Yusuke lie there spacing out.

Finally, Tokiko’s lips went down to his waist.

Slowly, blow his belly button, to his lower abdomen, until he could feel the hot and muffled air at that place.

After a few seconds, her soft lips brushed against the taut band of his boxers.  At the pleasant feeling that ran through him, Yusuke lets out a small breath.

Her lips go further, and her small tongue licks him through his boxers.

It was difficult to keep his voice in, but it didn’t last.  She soon moved to his inner thigh.

“……Haaa, haaaaa……..”

She wasn’t really caressing him.  She was just having a meal, and Yusuke was selfishly deriving pleasure from it. It was an immoral feeling.

Tokiko’s tongue slowly crept up his inner thigh, working its way under the hem of his underwear, nearing his shaft.

(Tha… no…… I haven’t bathed lately s……)

Recently it’s been rough.  Because it is winter, it didn’t stink, but it could not be called clean.  In contrast, it became for food for Tokiko.

As her tongue reached his balls, his body trembled.  As if finding what she was after, she began licking and sucking more fiercely.

Her tongue licked his sack top and bottom.  Her slimy lips suck the wrinkles in, thoroughly cleaning it before sucking in a different spot.

Each time her tongue moves, pleasure swirls in his waist, leading up to ejaculation.  It builds to the limit and his hardness presses against his underwear, poking out of the top of the hem.  Precum leaks onto his abdomen, and a single touch could send him over the edge.

Once she has licked his sack clean, she trails up the bulge in the underwear, nearing the part that is exposed.  It requires all of his concentration not to release the built up stuff as pleasure assaults him.

As her lips reach the top, she traces up the exposed shaft, taking the soft head in her mouth.

He could feel her soft lips wrapping around his shaft.

The itchiness that he had felt as she trailed up his bulge had turned to pleasure.  She traces the shape of his member with the tip of her tongue, and rubs it with her lips.  Sliding back and forth to scrape off the grime, her tongue hits a sensitive part of the scrotum.

Not being able to suppress the urge to ejaculate any longer, Yusuke grabs her head and thrusts into her mouth as far as he can.

With her hands bound behind her back with handcuffs, her braided hair surrounding her expressionless face and dropping down on the bed, her white breasts peaking through her pajamas, and her thighs spread out across the bed, in the moonlight, her appearance exuded an inhuman lewdness.  (TL: the run on is strong)

Thrusting his manhood all the way into the back of her throat would normally have made the person throw up, but that didn’t happen as his partner was dead.

As he stretches to the back of her throat, he embraces her head.

Yusuke feels a sucking sensation as Tokiko’s throat begins moving in an attempt to swallow what had been lodged there.


At that moment, with her throat sucking and rubbing him, the pleasure explodes and he releases his load.

While Yusuke’s body was shaking at the pleasure and the release, Tokiko was completely opposite.  Her throat just continued to swallow the semen without effort as his member pulsed in her mouth, as if squeezing out the remaining juice, licking the base of his shaft with her tongue.

Yusuke keeps his waist pressed against her until the last of it has been released.

When his is finished, he finally releases Tokiko’s head,


Breathing roughly, he falls back onto the bed.

He is enveloped by a pleasant fatigue.

Although he had released that much, he was still energetic.

As if she was obsessed with it, Tokiko quickly licks up the remnants of semen left on his abdomen.

At the sight of that,

(Ah……. this huh……)  (TL: “ah…. kore ka……”)

In his clouded consciousness, a thought dawns on him.

Previously when he had shot semen inside her, it had disappeared after about half a day.  He didn’t think anything about it at that time other than it was convenient.

What would be the result of her absorbing it?

When they eat human flesh, the become smarter.  It wouldn’t be strange if there was a similar effect with semen.

When he thinks about it, when he came to embrace Tokiko, though it was only small, but she would react.

The signs were there.

(…… I guess I had been the prey since the beginning…..)

He recalls the zombies at the university campus.

However, the atmosphere with her was different from them.

The zombies at the campus would observe you from afar, like predators, but such a feeling could not be felt from Tokiko.

Though it was surprising when he was suddenly attacked, it was more of a playful behavior.

Thinking about it, Yusuke was the only human Tokiko could feed off of.  If the stuff the zombie is ingesting is different, then the zombie will be different.  There was the possibility of there being additional effects that will occur in the campus zombies as well.

(With that…… there isn’t really any meaning in experimenting with Tokiko-chan…)

He thought of using her to find out the strong points and weak points of intellectual zombies as well as behaviors, but as of now, the difference was only this much.  At best she could serve as a reference.

(It’s about time to say goodbye…)

Thinking that, he finds it regrettable.

Pulling back his waist, he pulls himself from Tokiko’s mouth.  He was covered in saliva and long strings were stretched between her lips and his shaft.

Resisting the urge to thrust into her once again, he lays her on the bed.  Her pajamas had been pulled up, her white belly was exposed.  Her lower body was dressed in only white laced panties, and spreading her soft ass, Yusuke enters with his waist.

(TL: This sounds a little strange, basically he is spreading her legs around his waist, not sure why the author says ass….)

Tokiko, both hands bound behind her, looks up at him with empty eyes.

Lifting her thigh with his right hand, the panties are shifted, revealing her opening beneath a thin bush.  He slowly enters with his tip.

Covered in saliva, he slowly wet her dry interior as he pushes inside.  Every time he pulls back to start again at the entrance, his head hangs up on her walls.  Pushing on to the back, the friction creates a tingling sense of pleasure.  The flesh of her vagina clings to him as he thrusts into her.

Pushing in to the root, there was a strong tension grabbing him.

He rolls her pajamas up to her neck, exposing her breasts.  He buries his fingers in the beautiful mounds that don’t even sag from gravity.  He lays on top of her, pressing against her soft body while slowly moving his waist.

Soon he feels her licking his ear.  Her wet tongue starts at his earlobe, and moves up, tracing the contours of his ear.

It was a strange feeling, and before long, the pleasure builds until he can’t bear it.  Holding her slim body, he thrusts into her pushing up against the entrance of her uterus,


He releases inside her.

As he ejaculates, his waist convulses two, three times; spurting his accumulated liquid.

After letting everything out, he falls asleep with the sensation of Tokiko licking his ear.



“It’s no longer evening…..”

Yusuke looks up at the red sky in dismay.

The sun had already fallen.  The transition from evening to night had cast a red light over the city.

The plan was to get up in the morning and search/explore the city.  However, in the end, he had spent the entire time with Tokiko.

Maybe his stress had built up without him noticing.  Due to the backlash, he mated like a monkey.  (TL: not 100% on this.  “saru no youni moritte shimata”)

Having expelled all of the poison within himself, he now felt much better; like he did when he first started freely exploring the city.

The rescue helicopter would be coming tomorrow.  He had to return to City Hall tonight.

Tokiko stood behind him as he left the entrance of the apartments.

She wore a knit sweater over thin outerwear, a long black skirt with some flare, black leggings, and lace up boots.  They were articles he found in her closet.

Because her outfit looked weak to rain, he also took a moss green camouflage raincoat with a hood and put it on her.  As this was a men’s item, it was a little big.  Her over all appearance, with her black hair, solidified her grown-up beauty and made her look pretty cool.

With this, she wouldn’t be wandering the city with a disgraceful appearance.

It’s not like he didn’t have any worries about releasing the semi-intelligent Tokiko to roam the city, but there wasn’t anyone in this area.

Everyone in this part of the city was gathered at City Hall, and rescue would be coming for them tomorrow.  He had various attachments to her, and couldn’t just leave her confined.

“Thank you Tokiko-chan.  Take care.”

He waved to her, but of course there was no reaction.  Remaining silent, her gaze drops to his feet.

Without minding it, Yusuke grips his field bag and walks while pushing his bike.

“Now then…”

Walking along side his bike for a bit, he murmurs.

“How long is she going to follow me….”

Tokiko was quietly following behind him.  Not hurrying to catch up and not falling behind, she casually walks behind him.

It’s been this way ever since he left her room at the apartments.

After releasing inside her so many times, it was like she was asking for food, but didn’t look like she would attack him; it was more like a baby duck following its mother.

Past the station and into downtown, she never parted with him.  As expected, he couldn’t just let her follow him to City Hall.  Speeding up and taking distance, Tokiko seemed to finally give up when he got far away and came to a stop.

Watching her, she turned and went down the stairs of a nearby subway.

“……stay well.”  (TL: not sure how to translate this, just parting words.)

Waving his hand loosely, Yusuke turns and leaves.


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