Guess whose back

I’m back to say that I am now closing this site because I hate you all…. I’m joking, late April fools joke?

Lets get into the real stuff now.

Okay, so in case you’ve probably forgotten about me, I am one of the members and owner of who picked up this project. The other members, sad to say, have left due to lack of motivation of this project and due to their stressful lives. As irresponsible as I was, when I found an active and new member, I pretty much abandoned ship and bailed on him right after he translated a few chapters. Now that I’ve gotten a hold of a lot of free time, I’ve decided to get back into it on this project. Noticing Ruckkus’s lack of activity, I think it’s pretty obvious that he too left due to reality businesses. Don’t blame him as he’s done A LOT for this project, I mean a hella lot. Quality chapters + consistent releases, what else could you ask for?

This post is pretty much going to be about me ranting some random things on the top of my head, but oh well. Originally I planned on making my ‘debut’ early April, but found out that I couldn’t do any work if I don’t have the right tools. Thankfully, a few days ago, I’ve managed to nick myself a charger and grabbed the necessities to get myself going. I’m pretty motivated on continuing this project, I think it’s safe to say that I have the same motivation that I had when we first started this blog. I don’t know if any of you guys have been lurking much, but I’ve remodeled some things on the site, and even added some changes to posts.

I’d recommend you to check over the status page as I’ll be regularly updating that everytime I make a new change, or translate a couple lines. Also, I’ve noticed that there are a whole bunch of new guys following this blog, and I can’t really keep up with the comments as I’ve yet to go through the 30+ pages worth of unread comments and don’t get me going for my google inbox. Once again, thankfully, we have the chat box right over —-> which I personally fiddle with whenever I get the time to. So if you want to contact me, best way to do so is to either hope that I see your message in the chat box, or straight away contact me through my twitter  as everytime I log in, I’m obliged to log into twitter too.

But anyways, let’s hope that this motivation stays for long because you know already what happens if…


tl;dr: site is once again active


21 thoughts on “Guess whose back

  1. Yay…. the stories go on…… really thankful with the continuation of the project….
    I really thought that the project already drop …

    I cant thank enough….. it is a pain and confusing for me to read the story through machine translation..


    • I’m planning on posting a FAQ later on in the near future answering various questions that were asked in the timespan of the site. This question is going to be explained in that post, so be sure to look out for it.

      Also my gmail is still active, I actively check it by the week.


  2. Ah man, I missed the anniversary of this post by three days. Guess I’ll be back in a year to try again.


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