Zonbi no afureta sekai de ore dake ga osowarenai: Volume 3

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Volume 1

Volume 2

Chapter 32 「Goodbye」

Chapter 33 「Tokiko’s change ◆」

Chapter 34「Makiura」

Chapter 35「Alone」

Chapter 36「Food provision」

Chapter 37「Distribution center」

Chapter 38「Dinner party」

  • Chapter 38 Summary of the story so far

Chapter 39「Garrison」

Chapter 40「Revelation」

Chapter 41「Trauma」

Chapter 42「Operation」

Chapter 43「Daily life」

Chapter 44「Whereabouts」◆

Chapter 45「Suicide」

Chapter 46「Parting gift」

Chapter 47「Outdoors center」

Chapter 48「Collapse」

Chapter 49「Inversion」

Chapter 50「Courage」

Chapter 51「Injury」

Chapter 52「Fury」

Chapter 53「Black Nightmare」

Chapter 54「Exposure」

Chapter 55「Bottom of one’s heart」◆


12 thoughts on “Zonbi no afureta sekai de ore dake ga osowarenai: Volume 3

  1. The big gaps between the Black diamonds in the chapters !! I love how the sexy isn’t over done uvu quality 3D sexy over 1D hoe harems any day XD hurray for plot.


      • Aight, New account. I see its still at 25%. Respect to you for trying to fix all the past chapters, but seriously though… People have already translated chapter 34-36, no need to translate, just go on their site and improve on it. I might just drop this tbh.
        Again, thanks for the chapters so far but… since you came back May 4th, but its been 7 months now and the chapter is still on 25%. So I’m dropping. If you are active and are reading this then sorry.


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