About us

Translations released by Rean/Anna are based off Machine Translation Programs (MTL), thus meaning that our translations are obviously not accurate. If there are major or minor mistakes shown, please feel free to correct us as the only knowledge we have are half-assed high school Japanese courses. The text has been heavily modified in an attempt to make it readable, but we’ll at least try to stick as close to the original as possible.

We may pick up dropped projects, or projects that update very slowly. MTL’s are solely for quantity releases over quality, thus don’t rely on MTL’s for accuracy. We do however have pride in our editing skills changing indecipherable text into bare minimum english.

Remember that this is voluntary work, so do appreciate that when necessary, we can, and will halt activity in this blog for our own sake.

Since I’ve seen a few of you asking how we do this, I guess I’ll write a short explanation.

MTLing is done by using a program called – Translation Aggregator. We skim over the results we get from some of the ‘useful’ windows, then check over online sources to see comparisons. Once we find a satisfying result, we type out what we interpret of what the line means. Pretty much guessing then typing out how we read the lines.

When we’re done ‘MTLing’ a line, we edit the lines to make it sound englishly.. if that’s a word.

We repeat that process for each and every individual line and word, skimming over everything piece by piece. Thus the reason why it takes quite the amount of time to release a chapter.

When we’re done, we call in a few of our friends to read it (lucky bastards, they get first dibs). We take their feedback, and sometimes make changes if need be. When that’s done, we finally release it.

The best way to contact us is through our off-site accounts. Commenting/emailing is the least way to grab our attention.
Offsite contact info:u0-cus-d4-46a075b2d6464066950e7f4e204d8dc6^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr
Rean’s Twitter


Enjoy the artwork created by Raïnn-sama.

Hey, it's me!
Hey, it’s me!





Super secret editor-kun



The only ‘active’ members left are:

ℝean-Kun: torinikusama@gmail.com
Ruckkus Senpai: uncleruckkus1411@gmail.com – last time he was active, it was early jan





5 thoughts on “About us

  1. hi may ask for one series name is Rakuin no Monshou the first 2 volume is done from baka-tsuki and is 10 more volume is great series the reason the series is drop theay say is hard to translations just try the series if you cant the is ok thx for your time 🙂


  2. Hi. Am currently a machine translator with Raising the Dead. When you guys are back, if you’re interested, I’d like to help out with this particular project. Didn’t want to do it without contacting you, and if you don’t want me to, that’s cool. 🙂


    • Try to contact us with our emails, as we will discuss further about this privately. It’s nice to see someone willing to help us out, but I believe that we’ll be fine for now.


  3. Hi! I’m interested on how you do a more readable machine translation. I’m trying to translate by following “White’s guide to translation” but my accuracy is really terrible(maybe around 40%).

    Anyway, I’m about to start reading the zombie-story you’re currently translating. I’m a fan of post-apocalyptic stories, specially zombocalypse. My favorites are: World War Z, Benny Imura series, Ex-Heroes series, I am a hero(manga), and Day by Day Armageddon. Might be able to contribute later if it is fine with you.


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