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Zonbi no afureta sekai de ore dake ga osowarenai: Volume 3

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Volume 1

Volume 2

Chapter 32 「Goodbye」

Chapter 33 「Tokiko’s change ◆」

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Chapter 55「Bottom of one’s heart」◆

Chapter 17: “Mizuki’s madness” ◆

Greetings, been a long time since there’s been a post right? Well sorry about that. Even after my ‘revival’ post, looks like I didn’t fulfill my responsibilities. My only excuse would be that; my time schedule wasn’t what I planned it to be. During these 6 months, I’ve been in constant stress. I was over burden with several things, had to do plenty of sacrifices and one of which was time spent for this blog. With the stress and constant loss of motivation from the departing members, I couldn’t translate. Even with this update of a chapter, I’m not so sure with myself of when the next one will be up. But hey, at least you got a chapter right?

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It’s been a week after obtaining supplies from the police station.

Yusuke marked a note on his map that was laid onto the table. On the map it displayed the name of each building, house and address.

Circled in red, the supermarkets, grocery stores, electronic shops, tool shops and home centers were marked.

「 It’s uninhabited around from here to there…… 」

With a blue marker, he drew a slanted line in front of the shopping district.

There weren’t many places surrounding his apartment that were marked such as the refugee and the supermarket which were seen at a distance.

The residential area that he previously checked had a large road nearby, the areas beyond it have yet to be worked on.

The roads that his car couldn’t pass through were marked with an ‘X’. Though there weren’t too many impassable roads, it would be used as reference to provide information for detours.

「 However, this town is considerably wide.… 」

If he ever begins working on the city, he could never do it alone. It could take several years to finish with a single person.

Again, the PC starts up and loads in. Plugging a GPS logger collected from a zombie to a USB port, inside data of the geographical features could be viewed with a map software.

Consecutive positions of data were plotted onto the map.

The route that was shown was mostly straight from his house and on the way, there was apparently a train station platform that he could stop by to.

「 Is this really on the way back from home? This couldn’t be a coincidence. 」

Checking the logger for the tag number, he records the date of the day taken from the data.

The GPS supplied information of the route inside the building, although it wasn’t too descriptive since the route was similar to the outdoor one.

The train station platform was the home for the zombies. Because of it, he was interested in the subject and every morning he began collecting data related to it.

Comparing data, Yusuke confirmed that the routes were all connected.

All of the routes were similar in comparison. Though the routes were all different, their stopping point was the same. At the morning they leave the station, by evening they wander off to their business, and by night they all return home to their station.

(TL: I think that he’s collecting data from zombies and monitoring their movement patterns. )

「 Commuting to work even after death. Such passion …… 」

It seems to be that there are zombies that are acting like their everyday human previous lives. However, there are not many of these kind of unique zombies. All of the zombies do not have a similar pattern.

It’s hard to understand how they are so different.

Ages and sex seem to vary with their patterns, even the original infected have patterns. Therefore linking them like this doesn’t seem to be possible.

「 Hm…… 」

He leans back against his chair stretching his body in the process.

Switching windows the view of the network camera takes the screen. The appearance of the apartment building was shown in three screens. In several areas, well camouflaged and positioned wireless cameras were placed.

The power goes straight through an extension cord to the power supply. For security, he thought of surrounding an area with police cordon and installing an alarm, however, if a zombie triggers it, all of his efforts would be put in vain.

He confirmed that there were no survivors in the building, though, the cameras were installed just to be sure.

Flipping through cameras, there wasn’t anything strange from any of them. Only zombies wandering around in the building.

Confirming through the cameras, he closes the window.

Looking at the date, it’s been 3 days since he went to Mizuki place.

「 I don’t think I should use the others…… 」

Yusuke thought that he should use Mizuki and the others as manpower.

Although women and children shouldn’t be used for heavy labor, it is said that there is little chance of resistance. If you think about it, free resources isn’t bad. Even if they’re a child, they could just do watering.

It’s possible to build a garden on the rooftop. If correct tools were brought in. Smoked food could be done, wireless interception too.

Yusuke was busy with his time, so he could use others to look after his equipment and devices.  For the cost of food, anything could be done. Until their given a job and could stay on track of doing work, he could have them pay with their bodies.

After his long thinking, Yusuke left and headed off for Mizuki’s.


Beyond this point is 18+ 

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You have been warned.


Although the second time was awkward, by the time it was the third time, Mizuki accepted the fact of what she was doing by hand.

In the same men’s room, Mizuki lowers her eyes as she lets her hand adjust to Yusuke’s penis. Viscous liquid leaks out, dirtying her white finger.

She teases him by tickling the tip while her palm is holding his erect hard rod. She stimulates him by wrapping her left hand around his pole, doing so allowed him to feel the muscles of her fingers.

Yusuke mutters in pleasure as he breathes out.

「 You’re very obedient…… 」

Mizuki moves her hand absent mindlessly but after acknowledging Yusuke’s words, she looks up.

「 ……Because I have a younger brother, I have to change his diapers. 」

Puzzled by what she said, Yusuke drifted into thought, suspicious of her words as Mizuki turned her glance back down.

「 If you think about that separately, I believe that would be some sort of nursing…… 」

If that was the case, you could say that it would be some sort of indirect assistance in the pleasure she’s bringing him.

“Is it really…… nursing?”

Because he’d already experienced replacing diapers filled with shit, he wanted to say that it wasn’t anything of the sort. However, putting himself into her shoes he thought that this was her only way of rebuilding her already distorted pride.

(What a high pride……)
(TL: Okay, I’m pretty sure that I’ve misinterpreted this whole paragraph. How the hell did we get from handjobs into nursing? ._____. halp)

Mizuki refocuses as she entwines her fingers around Yusukes stickily liquids.

「 …………Please cum soon 」

Yusuke silently embraced Mizuki. Suppressing her to a wall, her body stuck to it like glue. He slowly unbuttoned her jeans, bringing it down to her knees. Exposed, her white thighs and polka dot panties were seen.

Mizuki started trembling, but she didn’t run away. Yusuke grasps the front of her thighs with both of his hands, moving them to the back of her ass. He then presses his penis inside her panties.

「 ………… 」

Mizuki closed her eyes as she resumed stroking with her hands. She used her ten fingers to stimulate Yusuke to the point where it began to feel slimy at the root of the tip,  she wanted him to cum on her thighs.

He continued rubbing onto her thighs while embracing Mizuki. He was reaching his limit.

Pushing it to the most soft part of the thigh, his penis began to spit out a muddy liquid.

*Splurt Splurt*

Mizuki’s white skin was contaminated.

Finished, Yusuke slowly raised his body, pulling his erect penis that was slowly becoming restful.

「 ………… 」

Mizuki muttered something, but he couldn’t catch what she said. She used toilet paper and wiped the dirt on her thighs while not giving a single glance at Yusuke.


You have reached the ‘End’ of the ero ero scenes.


After he was done, he left Mizuki alone to get dressed. Then he lazily returned to a room where he nearly bumped into one of her brothers. There was small toy car with sweets lined against each other, it seemed like the little brother was playing with them.

When the boy saw Yusuke, he panicked and tried to put away the toy car.

「 It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s good to have fun. 」

Trying to walk over his play things, the sound of the little boys stomach grumbling could be heard.

Hearing this, Yusuke was puzzled.

「Could it be… That you’re Takashi?」

He gave a small nod.

「 I thought I brought in a lot of food? What happened to it? 」

Shaking his head in rejection, Takashi was trembling.

「 Since food is valuable, I tried to save it. 」

「 Huh……. Did your older sister tell you to do that? 」

Takashi nodded in agreement.

「 Well……Saving is a good thing. 」

To gather food, one must risk their life for it. So its reasonable that he would listen to his sisters words. Or probably he’s just considering trying to lower the amount that Yusuke charges them. Well if you think about it, that would be normal.

Yusuke sat on the sofa as he watched Takashi playing with his toy car.

While he was looking at the child who was playing with his toy alone with an empty stomach, Yusuke was struck with deja vu.

He was reminded of an image of a small child. The child was eagerly awaiting for his grandfather to return from the Silver Center as he played with his cheap toys amongst the sunset.

Yusuke indistinctly moved his eyes to the child in front of him.

Takashi, who has been playing with the toy car suddenly looked at him.

Mizuki entered the room, her eyes filled with strange emptiness.

After taking a glance at the sudden appearance, he quickly shifted his gaze back to Takashi.

「 Ma-kun? 」

「 Err… He’s over there. 」

He pointed towards the conference room.

「 Now then, shall we rest? 」

The two of them held their hands together peacefully as they both left the room.

Left behind, Yusuke laid the back of his head onto the sofa as he gave out a small sigh.

Without any reason to remain, Yusuke left the place immediately.

He withdrew to the first floor, on his way out of the entrance he stopped.

「 Ah I forgot my bag……. 」

He returned to the backyard, and went towards the elevator. Near the passageway, the scene took his eyes.

The elevator door was opening slowly.

「 …… Huh? 」

Instinctively, he stopped moving.

Inside of the elevator, Mizuki appeared. She held her own bag, and on her shoulder she was carrying Yusuke’s bag aswell.

Behind her, the two younger brothers were there too. Both of them had a rucksack on their backs. Neither of them had any sort of weapon on them, their appearance looked like they were heading off for a picnic.

「 Hey, What’re you doing? 」

Hearing the voice from Yusuke, Mizuki turned around.

Beginning to recognize the source of the voice, she hastily ran towards the opposite direction. Her brothers dumbfounded by the situation were dragged along by Mizuki.

「 Where are you going! It’s dangerous!」

In reply to what he said, with a harsh tone she replied;

「 I’m going back home! 」

— Chapter 17 End —

Zonbi no afureta sekai de ore dake ga osowarenai: Volume 2

Volume 1

Chapter 9「S.O.S」

Chapter 10「Survivor」

Chapter 11「Fujino Mizuki」

Chapter 12「Cleaning」

Chapter 13「Request」

Chapter 14「Give and take

Chapter 15「Police station」

Chapter 16「Obtaining a handgun」

Chapter 17「Mizuki’s Madness

Chapter 18「Day Zero」

Chapter 19「Confined Group」

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Chapter 21「The Dim Cityscape」

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Chapter 24「A cold」

Chapter 25「Dream」

Chapter 26「Mating

Chapter 27「Blackout ◆」

Chapter 28「Skull man」

Chapter 29「An Oversight」

Chapter 30「Assassin」

Chapter 31「Retaliate and Purify」

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Mitsuki Fujino

A random post

There seems to be a visual novel being released for Zonbi no afureta sekai de oredake ga osoware nai (Only I’m not attacked in a world overrun by zombies)

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A small update – Feb 11,2015
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Chapter 15: “Police station”


~ann@chan + rainchan


By the time Yuusuke reached the apartment, dusk had already fallen.
I carried the bag of alcohol and snacks that I picked up at a shop on the way. Taking the elevator, I made my way over to Kurose’s room.

“I’m back.”

I was stricken by light as I entered. As I took off my shoes, I looked up, linking gazes with Kurose.


My eyes were directly fixed onto her, stiffening up.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… after several long seconds, our eyes broke contact. I glanced over at the table, not moving an inch. There she sat obediently, both hands bound to the chair.

Yuusuke swiftly moved to the kitchen before letting out the breath he had been holding. His muscles relaxed.

“I’m freaked out…”

This was the first time Kurose had looked at him. At a close range, it was as if her eyes chased his. Other zombies hadn’t’ even looked at him directly. She clearly recognized him.

“…What the… If I call out to her, maybe I’d be able to bring her out of her vegetative state… Tokiko-chan… Tokiko-chan… Kurose-san…”

Kurose doesn’t react, piercing her gaze onto the table.

“…Ridiculous. Tokiko-chan, take the chair.”

Of course, there was no answer. I dragged a chair over to the porch and sat the bag of alcohol and snacks there. I took out a can of beer and pulled the tab, leaning against the handrail.

It was chilly outside, but it would only more and more colder from here on.

The darkness seemed to have covered any traces of the mayhem. It didn’t look much different from before the previous life. The streetlights softly lit the dark streets. No zombies could be seen.

Needless to say, it was still definitely different.

Only about 20% of houses provided light. The rest of the city was buried in darkness.

Said houses that gave off illumination could merely just be houses with their light switches left on. It’s difficult tell whether or not there would actually be survivors there. Although if I didn’t find any, then what? Do I once again become the food supplier? Nope. Not having it.

Just as he takes a sip from his beer, screeches of a car tires broke the night silence.

A car sped through the main street right before crashing into another. The collision and glass shattering could be clearly heard.

Zombies began to gather around the accident, springing out of the darkness. Despite the family’s effort to struggle out of their seat belts, they had already been completely surrounded. A man and a woman, who I assume are the parents, were dragged out from the door. The daughter, who looked to be the same age as Mizuki, had her arm bitten off as she was thrown and dragged on the ground. More zombies crowded the area.

I heard distant screams before it was back to silence.


Yuusuke silently felt for the bag. He pulled out some jerky and took a bite.

The next morning, I prepared some equipment like usual before heading to a police station that I found on a map. I needed some handcuffs for Kurose, as well as some weapons. It was nearby Nanba Elementary school, which I had visited earlier on.

The police station was a plain grey building, standing at 3 stories high. Several police cars were parked in the lot. The entrance had a barricade, but it was half broken.

There might be the person who escaped from the school here. Although, judging by the entrance, who knows if he’s still here.

“The police station should be a pretty common place…”

The place was quite similar to a city hall. There were signs for a local section and the police affairs section. In addition, there were also counters and a lobby for waiting with chairs formed in a straight line. No zombies were in sight as well.

I had a more exaggerated image of the police station, so I was kind of let down.

The citizens correspondence was on the first floor. I tried to look for a back office, but I couldn’t find one. Upon giving up, I made my way to the second floor.

On the second floor, the first thing I’m met with is a detective section. There was a cell in a secluded area. The annex was a room for interviews.

“Man, I imagined the cell to be in the basement.”

The door wasn’t locked. Out of curiosity, I peeked inside. There were 4 tatami mats formed in a line on one side of the room. Folded bedding was placed in the corner. Although most of the room was unoccupied, there was one person.


There was a corpse of a man with a pierced head lying again 3 iron-bars that had fall down. Splattered blood and fluid from his brain stained one of the tatami mats. It had already dried and turned black.

It’s… not a man… Did you become a zombie on the inside?

There were 2 of 3 people who had taken a bite from the arm and foot. One person probably developed the symptoms and the others got infected.

Idiot should have had a weapon…

Even if a police officer shot it to death, there’s no being sure that it would actually be dead.

But I can’t have these zombies dead. Zombies were my human detector and a tool of defense. Although zombies wont harm be, there’s still a possibility of a human being attacking me.
I was ready to negotiate with food if I ever saw a person. If they were a pervert, then I would do it more leisurely.

Is there someone else…?

After hearing a noise from the stairway, I hesitated. I hid myself behind a door and observed.

From the top of the stairs, someone could be heard. The footsteps were irregular. A policewoman appeared with a uniform drenched in blood, swinging side to side.

“Is that a zombie…?”

Yuusuke sighed in relief. From a far distance, it was tough distinguishing a someone as human or zombie.

Yuusuke cautiously headed to the third floor.

–Chapter 15 End–