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Chapter 19: Confined Group

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She awoke from the cold. At both her sides, her brothers were sleeping while clinging to her. Feeling that body temperature, Mizuki looks at her surroundings; and with a puzzled expression, discovers that she is in an unfamiliar room. In the corner of this room lined with desks, three people sat crowded in a corner. Underneath them lay numerous cushions.

(Ah, that’s right….)

Fragmented images surfaced in her mind. The dark streets, her grabbing the hands of her brothers, running a great distance to get away… She just ran after the backs of the people in front of her, not thinking about where she was going. They escaped to a place that seemed to be a huge parking lot. As if evicted, people came from the surroundings, seeking shelter inside the Supermarket.

A number of employees were on the first floor. Outside were many dallying shoppers, looking as if they wanted to seek refuge inside. Strange looks were coming from the people who flocked there. Angrily, a security guard approached them,

“Hold it! What are you guys doing?!”

In the middle of his words, he directed his attention to somewhere else. He seemed to have noticed the shaking appearances that were gathered outside of the automatic garage door. Once the door had opened, the figures which were pushing and shoving up against the glass, plunge forward, knocking and shoving each other as they poured inside. In a hurried voice, the security guard spoke,

“Oi! Close the shutters! Close—!”

(TL: For those who are confused—The humans are in the supermarket, standing around. A security guard approaches them, telling them to get out. At that time, the figures (zombies) which were running into the glass, finally opened the automatic doors and rushed in. Panicked, the guard tells the employees to close the shutters in order to stop them from getting in.)

Hearing that voice at her back, Mizuki left the group of people, and ran upstairs. She had to find somewhere else that was safe. She heard screams resound from behind her at a distance. They climbed to the 3rd floor, which had a sign next to it reading ‘Employees Only’. In the back, there appeared to be a lone old man monitoring the state of the store through the security cameras. The old man, with a green face, welcomed them into the room, shutting the fire door behind them.

With the people following behind, seven people entered the room. Mizuki and her brothers, a young couple, a lean man who appeared to be in his 30’s, and a middle aged old lady. With the old man (employee) they met, there were eight people in total.

(I wonder if dad and the rest are alright….)

She took out her cell phone, redialing her parents; and just like yesterday, it rang and rang without answer. While quietly musing over this, she vaguely hears a far away sound. There was also the sound of someone’s voice.

In a way so that she wouldn’t wake her brothers, she gently separated from them. Walking down the corridor, she headed towards the noise. Something was banging on the fire door from outside, and the old man employee raises his voice from in front of the door.

“Please calm down! What happened? Calm down! If you would like to enter, then please say so!”

There was no reply to his words, only a dull banging sound could be heard from the other side.

“U, umm…..” (TL: “A, ano….”)

Noticing Mizuki, the old man turns around.

“Ahh….this, this has been going on since last night.   Because there is no reply, I didn’t let them in but….”

“P, please don’t let them in! They are not normal, definitely.”

“Alright…..” (TL: “umu….”)

He lets out a breath with his arms folded.

“Have the children woken up? We have a stockpile of food, so if you don’t have anything to eat, please tell me. We have enough to feed 10 people for three days.”

“Thank you very much. I will take care so that the preserved food doesn’t run out.”

Mizuki bows her head.

“Right, this will all be settled shortly. Let’s be patient until the police get here.”

But, in three days, rescue never came.

The banging on the fire door subsided a bit but, there were still signs of something wriggling behind it. The old man employee tried to contact various places but, there were either interruptions or complications, and he wasn’t ever able to get a decent connection.

The portable T.V., which was set in the corner, reported news of a new type of rabies. Because the people infected become violent, the infection was thought to be the cause of the riots. An aerial shot from a helicopter projected a scene of violent mobs spread throughout the city. On the screen, the word ‘zombie’ was dancing.

During commercial breaks, the screen just became fuzzy. It wasn’t normal.

(TL: Fuzzy = Black and white sandstorm.)

In the office, a cooped-up feeling was in the air. Everyone was silent, staring at the T.V. The couple was snuggled in a corner, the middle aged woman was clasping her cell phone in her hand, the lean man took some distance and kept quiet.

Over those three days, the people shut in together never spoke to each other; and had spent the time separated from one another. Even the old man employee deliberately refused to take leadership, only passing out food when asked. When the news said that provisional government’s quick response self-defense force had taken action, the old man stood and spoke.

“I think we should go outside and call the rescue team.”

There was no reaction to his words. In silence, everyone searched each other’s faces.

“I’ve left an S.O.S. cloth hanging from the rooftop, so rest assured that the police will come if they pass by.”

To the old man who said that while leaving, no one seemed to be calling out to him.

“Ano..” (TL: Calling out to him)

He turned around to Mizuki’s voice.

“Will it be alright….? It’s dangerous….”

The old man replied with a troubled expression,

“…..my family, I haven’t been able to contact them….. I’m worried.”

To those words, Mizuki couldn’t say anything.

The old man never returned. With no hint of rescue coming, on the 5th day, the T.V. no longer received a signal. Without reason to watch the T.V., everyone stopped gathering in the office. Continuing to redial her parents, Mizuki’s cell phone ran out of battery, and she didn’t have a charger.

She cut the food they brought from their house in half, and determined that eating any more than that would be dangerous. She peeked into the locker in the corner, which held the stockpiled food. The cup noodles which were stored there had been reduced to 1/3 the original amount. She took two servings worth, and split it equally between her and her brothers.

When entering the hot water supply room to get some drinks, there was someone already there. It was the girl of the couple.

“Ah…… can I borrow some, for the cup noodles?”


The girl never answered. She just drank hot water from the pot in silence.


“You can get some without permission you know? It’s not mine.”

Saying that, the girl turned and left. Mizuki stood there in silence for a bit, but with a breath, she bent down and took out the cup noodles.

The feeling of time disappeared. The only sense of time was how much longer they could survive on the vanishing food.

Her brother Masaru woke up at midnight, needing to go to the bathroom; and Mizuki accompanied him to the restroom. So that they don’t get turned around, she turned on the light, lighting up the corridor. Waiting on her brother at the entrance to the bathroom, she heard a faint voice. She tilted her head, trying to hear it more clearly.

The voice was coming from inside the locker room in the back. Stepping closer, a girls gasps could be heard. The sound of something hitting against something echoed.

( ! )

Mizuki held in her voice and stepped back.

The couple from before was inside. As it was a locker room, she locked the door. With her face turning red, Mizuki returned to the men’s restroom.  It sounded as if someone was just leaving so she lets out her voice,

“Maaku, n….?”

(TL: Thinking it is her brother –Maa-kun– , she calls out to him, but breaks ‘kun’ into ‘ku’ and ‘n’.)

The person that came out wasn’t her brother, but the lean older male. He looked at her with sunken eyes.

“Ah… I’m sorry….”


The man rudely stared at Mizuki’s body. At those eyes which seemed to crawl up and down her body, Mizuki was covered in goosebumps.


The man left in silence. While holding her chest, she felt a sense of impending crisis.

Eventually, Mizuki began to realize rescue was not coming. The office’s food had run out. The small amount of food they had brought could no longer feed three people. Thanks to the hot water, they were still feeding themselves off of powdered milk and sugar, but sooner or later, they would reach their limit.

The danger of them running out of food had happened.

At midnight, while they were sleeping, Mizuki feels something strange and wakes up. Drowsily, she sits up and hears footsteps nearby. She directs her attention towards them and sees the back of a man leaving the room. Like that, he goes outside.

Mizuki understood the meaning of the scene that happened before her, and thinking about it made her back crawl. The man had been beside her, and when he saw her wake up, left.

(TL: Night molestation :D)

(What was going to happen to me? What was going to happen if I didn’t wake up? It’s dangerous to remain here.)

She would have to take her brothers along, she doesn’t have the courage to go outside alone. When approaching the fire door, even now you could hear something hitting against it from the other side. Mizuki didn’t want to think about what was behind it.

Just like the T.V. in the office, the phone had no connection. Even optimistically, she couldn’t think it was safe outside. She decides to tag along when the old lady or the couple decide to leave.

She makes that decision and sleeps the rest of the day until the next morning.

When she woke up, it felt like there were less people on the floor. In fact, the only person left was the lean looking male. Everyone else was gone. Although her mind had not yet understood what was going on, Mizuki asked,

“Ano… where is everyone….?”

“…..Ah. They left.”


“This morning. The three of them. Using the elevator.”

Mizuki was silent.

(Perhaps they thought two children were a nuisance…)

But, more than the shock of being left behind,

(Why did this person stay behind….?)

A chill hit Mizuki. The man was leaning back in a chair with his feet on a desk, staring at her with hazy eyes. He had a strange presence. Until then, the atmosphere of him sitting by himself in the corner wasn’t strange. As if he was the husband of this place, he sat there in the chair with a relaxed look.

(TL: Japanese say husband or wife of a household, basically she is saying as if it was his house.)

That day, I felt the gaze of the man stick to me many times. When I turn to look, he adverts his gaze, but it’s obvious he was looking at me. An alarm sounded in the back of my mind.

(Scary, scary, scary)

(I want to go outside. I want to go home. But, I don’t have the courage. Those who left hadn’t come back.)

That day, Mizuki never left her brothers. At night, they moved to the locker room; and locking the door, they slept on the hard floor. At the sound of something rattling, she woke up.

Emerging from her dim consciousness, the sight of the door knob turning back and forth countless times entered her vision.


Mizuki became stiff with fear. Squeezing out a voice, she called out.

“W, what is it…..?”


After some silence, the man’s voice could be heard from the other side,

“I found some food, so I thought I’d share it with you.”

(At this time of night?)

Thinking that, Mizuki speaks out,

“T, thank you, very much. Tomorrow, we’ll have some tomorrow.”


With a rattling noise, the doorknob is once again turned back and forth.

Mizuki swallows a scream, and hugs her body. Having woken up, her brothers saw her appearance. Without raising their voice, they clung to her. After a few minutes, the doorknob finally stopped rattling.

With a bang, the door was kicked. The man’s footsteps slowly became further away.

“……………..haaa, haaa, haaa”

Letting out her held breath, Mizuki wipes a stray tear from her eyes. Her brothers look up at her with worried eyes.

“S, sorry. Onee-chan’s okay……” (TL: Onee-chan is big sister.)

Concealing her fear, she wraps her brothers in her arms. Taking in that warmth, she mutters,

“Dad….. A-kun….. help…..” (TL: tasukete)

Tomorrow came and they spent half the day without leaving the locker room. However, the need to use the bathroom, and their thirst, became unbearable. Gingerly, they check outside.

There was no sound, nor was there any evidence that anyone was there. Steeling themselves, they check each room, finding nobody. Only Mizuki and her brothers were left on the floor.

Chapter 18: Day Zero

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It was after 7:00 p.m. Her brothers had already had their bath and Mizuki was drying their hair.

“Wait, it’s still not dry yet, hora hora”

With loud cheers, her brothers were scuffling. They appeared to be having fun. With a wry smile, Mizuki wipes away the moisture.  They put on their pajamas and she takes them to the living room.

She gets milk from the kitchen and fills three glasses. At that time, her father’s voice could be heard from the living room.



“No, on the news….”

Her father said with a dubious voice as he watched the news. She peeked at the T.V. from the back, and a banner was flowing across the screen reading “Urgent News”. A news caster read the report in a monotone voice. At a station near the Tokyo metropolitan area, there was a large scale riot taking place. There were even reports of a few casualties.

“Mom, come here. Looks like there’s a riot. It’s urgent news.”

“…..ara? Really?”

Her mother poked her head out of the kitchen. As the three of them were watching, reports came one after another. It wasn’t just limited to the Tokyo metropolitan area, riots were happening all over the city. The cause was unknown. The number of casualties was also unknown.

“For there to be riots in Japan….”

Her mother muttered in a worried voice. As the news continued, the name of a familiar place came up. That place was just five stations from their neighborhood. Her father spoke with a dumbfounded expression,

“Isn’t it getting close……”

At that time, discomforting sirens could be heard outside their house. It was from the speakers which came on every night at 5 o’clock to play children’s songs. As the city speakers normally only came on to play these muffled and difficult to hear songs, they were something you tuned out; but now, the three of them listened intently. They turned off the T.V., stood still, and kept quiet. A broadcast started, and with intermittent speech, it told them to evacuate to a certain area immediately.

(TL: The way the author wrote this paragraph was confusing, redundant, and unorganized. I took the liberty of reconstructing it so that it makes more sense.)


The living room was wrapped in silence.

Mizuki’s father stood up,

“Kaa-san, prepare rucksacks for everyone. Mizuki, take care of your brothers.”

(TL: The father refers to the mother as mother. IDK if I should write wife, honey, mother, or what… so I just left it as kaa-san.)

“Y, yes.”

In a hurry, her mother stood and left the room. Mizuki, with an anxious feeling thought,

‘Isn’t evacuation a bit over-kill?’

It wasn’t disaster-level news, and even if there were riots, they were still far away. She didn’t think they would come out this far. Mizuki took her brothers to their room and they changed from pajamas to outdoor clothes. The brothers looked up at Mizuki and spoke.

“What is ‘Riot’?”

“Eh? U—um….. when a bunch of people go on a rampage. It’s a big fight, I guess?”

“They’re fighting?”

“That’s right. And fighting is bad, okay? Now then, you two get your bags ready, we are leaving now.”


They packed a change of clothes and a towel in their backpacks, Mizuki also packed her own things. With their bags over their shoulders, they went downstairs. There, their father was preparing the car in the garage. Plugging in the car engine, the headlights lit up the dark driveway.

(TL: I think it is an electric car. I have no idea how they work, so I did my best.)

Seeing that, Mizuki was surprised. The shelter was nearby the elementary school, it wasn’t so far away that you would need a car. Even if you walked, it would only take about 10 minutes.

“We’re taking the car? I think walking would be…..”

“I have a bad feeling. It is better to get there quickly.”

Suddenly, down the driveway in the light, a man with an anxious look on his face could be seen. It was Takasaki-san, the husband of the house next door. Mizuki’s father stepped away from the car and talked about something with Takasaki-san.


Turning towards the voice, a tall boy with black hair could be seen standing there. He was the only son of the Takasaki house and Mizuki’s childhood friend.


“You’re evacuating too? I wonder what’s going on, with the riots.”

“Yeah…. I’m not sure but, my dad says we should evacuate just in case.”

At that time, her mother finished closing up the house, and came to the garage. She was carrying biscuits, canned food, and other emergency food, along with bottled water.

“Ara, Atsushi-kun, good evening. Something troubling has happened huh. Mizuki, please pack these in your bag.”

Just as she’s told, she packs the goods in hers and her brother’s bags. Her brothers were designated to carry the bottled water.

“Well then, I’m going back. See you later.”


Mizuki smiled and waved her hand. ‘Because we live next to each other, we should see each other at the shelter right?’ She feels her anxiety fade a bit.

Suddenly she remembers that she left the hair dryer behind. Mizuki wondered if she should go back and get it. It would be troublesome if people saw her bedhead – she thought. As she thought this, her father finished his conversation, and returned to the car.

“It looks like we’ll be evacuating with Takasaki-san. We’re leaving now.”

Mizuki gave up on the dryer, and together with her brothers, climbed into the back seat of the car. Continuing after them, her mother sat in the passenger seat. After her father checked his seatbelt, he started the car.

About half way to the elementary school, we could no longer travel by car. There was insane traffic. There were cars lined up down the street as far as the eye could see. Honking and yelling could be heard everywhere. You couldn’t move forward at all.

There were strange lines mixed into the noise. Apparently there were fires just out of sight.

“……..It’s impossible huh. Let’s get out here.”

Mizuki’s father cut over to the side of the road and parked in front of a shop. From there, the five of them got out of the car. Noticing the keys were seemingly left in the car, Mizuki spoke up,

“Dad, the key?”

“It’s fine to leave them! People would be troubled if they couldn’t move it.”

“O, okay…..”

Though she was worried whether the car would be stolen or not, Mizuki stayed quiet and nodded. That it took until now to realize that they should abandon the car to evacuate to the nearby elementary school, she didn’t understand.

There, someone’s figure was running up to them. It was Atsushi.

“Mizuki! Is your car okay?”

“Yeah, it’s because we are in a hurry.”

Her father noticed Atsushi,

“Atsushi-kun, you’re by yourself? Where are your parents?”

“They are taking the car to the house and coming back as it seems we won’t be able to get there with it. It was decided that I would go on ahead by myself. Can I accompany you guys?”

“Is that so…. Alright, we’ll go together.”

When the Takasaki family’s car U-turned into the opposite lane, several people jumped out in front of them. A dull thud resounded as their car crashed into them. One after another they fell as the car ran over their collapsed bodies, until it came to a stop.

“They’ve done it….”

Mizuki’s father mutters, dumbfounded. A puddle of blood spreads from under the car.


His mind coming to understand the situation, Atsushi’s voice leaks. In front of his eyes, his parents ran over people.

“Let’s go! We have to help them!”

To her father’s voice, Mizuki comes to her senses. Even if she is told to hurry, the earlier spectacle left her frozen. The car door opens, and as the flustered Takasaki couple is standing in front of the bodies, men running from the side road jump out at them. The husband and wife are dragged to the ground and scream. With crazed motions, the men slam the couple’s arms to the ground, press into them, and bite their face.


Without thinking, Mizuki’s father stops in his tracks.

“Wa, what the……?”

Dumbfounded, his voice leaks out. Within his line of sight, several more shaking figures appear. Some are drenched in blood, other’s limbs are broken. The atmosphere was completely abnormal. Right then, beside him, a girl’s scream was heard.

He looks back, and not even five meters away, from the shadow of the side road, a mass of people were pouring out. They all had similar hollow eyes, staggering as if they were sick. In the next moment, as if their earlier slowness was a lie, the mass of people began to move. They haphazardly attacked the people in the line of traffic.

Mizuki rigidly stared at the middle age woman approaching her. It was a normal old lady, one you would pass by on the sidewalk without even noticing. With her hands hanging loosely at her sides as if on a brisk walk, she came closer. Both her hands and her mouth were dyed red, and her eyes were hollow. Right when her hands were about to reach Mizuki,

“Run away!”

Her father crashed into the woman’s body. The woman is slammed into a car, and while staggering, gets back up. Screams arise from their surroundings, as if they were a herd attacked by a predator, and people scattered.

Mizuki instinctively searched through the surrounding crowd of people, and found her brothers standing between two cars. She grabbed their hands, squeezing them tightly; and while pressing through the crowd, ran away.

Chapter 17: “Mizuki’s madness” ◆

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It’s been a week after obtaining supplies from the police station.

Yusuke marked a note on his map that was laid onto the table. On the map it displayed the name of each building, house and address.

Circled in red, the supermarkets, grocery stores, electronic shops, tool shops and home centers were marked.

「 It’s uninhabited around from here to there…… 」

With a blue marker, he drew a slanted line in front of the shopping district.

There weren’t many places surrounding his apartment that were marked such as the refugee and the supermarket which were seen at a distance.

The residential area that he previously checked had a large road nearby, the areas beyond it have yet to be worked on.

The roads that his car couldn’t pass through were marked with an ‘X’. Though there weren’t too many impassable roads, it would be used as reference to provide information for detours.

「 However, this town is considerably wide.… 」

If he ever begins working on the city, he could never do it alone. It could take several years to finish with a single person.

Again, the PC starts up and loads in. Plugging a GPS logger collected from a zombie to a USB port, inside data of the geographical features could be viewed with a map software.

Consecutive positions of data were plotted onto the map.

The route that was shown was mostly straight from his house and on the way, there was apparently a train station platform that he could stop by to.

「 Is this really on the way back from home? This couldn’t be a coincidence. 」

Checking the logger for the tag number, he records the date of the day taken from the data.

The GPS supplied information of the route inside the building, although it wasn’t too descriptive since the route was similar to the outdoor one.

The train station platform was the home for the zombies. Because of it, he was interested in the subject and every morning he began collecting data related to it.

Comparing data, Yusuke confirmed that the routes were all connected.

All of the routes were similar in comparison. Though the routes were all different, their stopping point was the same. At the morning they leave the station, by evening they wander off to their business, and by night they all return home to their station.

(TL: I think that he’s collecting data from zombies and monitoring their movement patterns. )

「 Commuting to work even after death. Such passion …… 」

It seems to be that there are zombies that are acting like their everyday human previous lives. However, there are not many of these kind of unique zombies. All of the zombies do not have a similar pattern.

It’s hard to understand how they are so different.

Ages and sex seem to vary with their patterns, even the original infected have patterns. Therefore linking them like this doesn’t seem to be possible.

「 Hm…… 」

He leans back against his chair stretching his body in the process.

Switching windows the view of the network camera takes the screen. The appearance of the apartment building was shown in three screens. In several areas, well camouflaged and positioned wireless cameras were placed.

The power goes straight through an extension cord to the power supply. For security, he thought of surrounding an area with police cordon and installing an alarm, however, if a zombie triggers it, all of his efforts would be put in vain.

He confirmed that there were no survivors in the building, though, the cameras were installed just to be sure.

Flipping through cameras, there wasn’t anything strange from any of them. Only zombies wandering around in the building.

Confirming through the cameras, he closes the window.

Looking at the date, it’s been 3 days since he went to Mizuki place.

「 I don’t think I should use the others…… 」

Yusuke thought that he should use Mizuki and the others as manpower.

Although women and children shouldn’t be used for heavy labor, it is said that there is little chance of resistance. If you think about it, free resources isn’t bad. Even if they’re a child, they could just do watering.

It’s possible to build a garden on the rooftop. If correct tools were brought in. Smoked food could be done, wireless interception too.

Yusuke was busy with his time, so he could use others to look after his equipment and devices.  For the cost of food, anything could be done. Until their given a job and could stay on track of doing work, he could have them pay with their bodies.

After his long thinking, Yusuke left and headed off for Mizuki’s.


Beyond this point is 18+ 

(Use Control + F : ‘End’ To skip this section)

You have been warned.


Although the second time was awkward, by the time it was the third time, Mizuki accepted the fact of what she was doing by hand.

In the same men’s room, Mizuki lowers her eyes as she lets her hand adjust to Yusuke’s penis. Viscous liquid leaks out, dirtying her white finger.

She teases him by tickling the tip while her palm is holding his erect hard rod. She stimulates him by wrapping her left hand around his pole, doing so allowed him to feel the muscles of her fingers.

Yusuke mutters in pleasure as he breathes out.

「 You’re very obedient…… 」

Mizuki moves her hand absent mindlessly but after acknowledging Yusuke’s words, she looks up.

「 ……Because I have a younger brother, I have to change his diapers. 」

Puzzled by what she said, Yusuke drifted into thought, suspicious of her words as Mizuki turned her glance back down.

「 If you think about that separately, I believe that would be some sort of nursing…… 」

If that was the case, you could say that it would be some sort of indirect assistance in the pleasure she’s bringing him.

“Is it really…… nursing?”

Because he’d already experienced replacing diapers filled with shit, he wanted to say that it wasn’t anything of the sort. However, putting himself into her shoes he thought that this was her only way of rebuilding her already distorted pride.

(What a high pride……)
(TL: Okay, I’m pretty sure that I’ve misinterpreted this whole paragraph. How the hell did we get from handjobs into nursing? ._____. halp)

Mizuki refocuses as she entwines her fingers around Yusukes stickily liquids.

「 …………Please cum soon 」

Yusuke silently embraced Mizuki. Suppressing her to a wall, her body stuck to it like glue. He slowly unbuttoned her jeans, bringing it down to her knees. Exposed, her white thighs and polka dot panties were seen.

Mizuki started trembling, but she didn’t run away. Yusuke grasps the front of her thighs with both of his hands, moving them to the back of her ass. He then presses his penis inside her panties.

「 ………… 」

Mizuki closed her eyes as she resumed stroking with her hands. She used her ten fingers to stimulate Yusuke to the point where it began to feel slimy at the root of the tip,  she wanted him to cum on her thighs.

He continued rubbing onto her thighs while embracing Mizuki. He was reaching his limit.

Pushing it to the most soft part of the thigh, his penis began to spit out a muddy liquid.

*Splurt Splurt*

Mizuki’s white skin was contaminated.

Finished, Yusuke slowly raised his body, pulling his erect penis that was slowly becoming restful.

「 ………… 」

Mizuki muttered something, but he couldn’t catch what she said. She used toilet paper and wiped the dirt on her thighs while not giving a single glance at Yusuke.


You have reached the ‘End’ of the ero ero scenes.


After he was done, he left Mizuki alone to get dressed. Then he lazily returned to a room where he nearly bumped into one of her brothers. There was small toy car with sweets lined against each other, it seemed like the little brother was playing with them.

When the boy saw Yusuke, he panicked and tried to put away the toy car.

「 It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s good to have fun. 」

Trying to walk over his play things, the sound of the little boys stomach grumbling could be heard.

Hearing this, Yusuke was puzzled.

「Could it be… That you’re Takashi?」

He gave a small nod.

「 I thought I brought in a lot of food? What happened to it? 」

Shaking his head in rejection, Takashi was trembling.

「 Since food is valuable, I tried to save it. 」

「 Huh……. Did your older sister tell you to do that? 」

Takashi nodded in agreement.

「 Well……Saving is a good thing. 」

To gather food, one must risk their life for it. So its reasonable that he would listen to his sisters words. Or probably he’s just considering trying to lower the amount that Yusuke charges them. Well if you think about it, that would be normal.

Yusuke sat on the sofa as he watched Takashi playing with his toy car.

While he was looking at the child who was playing with his toy alone with an empty stomach, Yusuke was struck with deja vu.

He was reminded of an image of a small child. The child was eagerly awaiting for his grandfather to return from the Silver Center as he played with his cheap toys amongst the sunset.

Yusuke indistinctly moved his eyes to the child in front of him.

Takashi, who has been playing with the toy car suddenly looked at him.

Mizuki entered the room, her eyes filled with strange emptiness.

After taking a glance at the sudden appearance, he quickly shifted his gaze back to Takashi.

「 Ma-kun? 」

「 Err… He’s over there. 」

He pointed towards the conference room.

「 Now then, shall we rest? 」

The two of them held their hands together peacefully as they both left the room.

Left behind, Yusuke laid the back of his head onto the sofa as he gave out a small sigh.

Without any reason to remain, Yusuke left the place immediately.

He withdrew to the first floor, on his way out of the entrance he stopped.

「 Ah I forgot my bag……. 」

He returned to the backyard, and went towards the elevator. Near the passageway, the scene took his eyes.

The elevator door was opening slowly.

「 …… Huh? 」

Instinctively, he stopped moving.

Inside of the elevator, Mizuki appeared. She held her own bag, and on her shoulder she was carrying Yusuke’s bag aswell.

Behind her, the two younger brothers were there too. Both of them had a rucksack on their backs. Neither of them had any sort of weapon on them, their appearance looked like they were heading off for a picnic.

「 Hey, What’re you doing? 」

Hearing the voice from Yusuke, Mizuki turned around.

Beginning to recognize the source of the voice, she hastily ran towards the opposite direction. Her brothers dumbfounded by the situation were dragged along by Mizuki.

「 Where are you going! It’s dangerous!」

In reply to what he said, with a harsh tone she replied;

「 I’m going back home! 」

— Chapter 17 End —

Chapter 16: “Obtaining a handgun”

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There were about 10 zombies crowding around the entrance to the third floor. All of them were covered in blood and lacerations. Among them, were those who had bullet holes. Some of them had their chins blown off, exposing only their upper jaw. The crowd mostly consisted citizens, but there was some police officers mixed in too. The zombies were crowding around the door which displayed “main conference room”. They were somehow attracted to that area. There was also a foul stench drifting around the air.

“I have a bad feeling that something is going to happen…”

The zombies were quiet. If there was a survivor inside, they might be the reason why they’re sticking to the door.
From the waist of one of the nearby zombie police officers, something was seen hanging. It was a pouch with a black wire connecting to a revolver. Shaking on the ground as the officer moved.Having trouble due to the moving zombie, I carefully removed the cord that was attached to the belt and tried to pick it up.
The revolver had a rotary, and was light like a toy gun. It was easy to hold the black grip, and maintaining it seemed to be easy. As for ammunition, inside of the cylinder contained two bullets remaining. The police officer seemed to be new from the Southern area, but Yusuke didn’t know whether the gun was too. For the time being, it was likely that this handgun was a restraint to the current officer, so for the meantime, I’ll look after it.
(TL: Original line said something else, but I expanded it and improvised it)
(ED: Once again the Machine goes from 3rd person to 1st person…)

I clutched the grip, not putting my finger onto the trigger, but having my index finger extended and ready to pull the trigger while approaching the room.
There was some uncertainties in front of me, and I wanted to crush what was in there.
I lean on the side of the wall, not standing in front of the door.
Yusuke made up his mind, and called out to ‘it’.

“Is someone there–?”

There was no response.


I didn’t hear any sounds at all.

The doorknob turned with no resistance. It probably wasn’t locked at all.
When I pushed it open, the door hit the table and the barricade, immediately falling over. With some force, I pushed the door even more, expanding the opening.

Barely opening the door, a strong putrid smell leaks out. I look inside, enduring the nausea that is slowly building up inside me.
A pool of blood was seen on the floor within the room, with a policeman lying down as if he shot himself to the head. His pupils, white, staring in the air.
In addition, his body was loosely extended. There seems to be no one alive in the room.


His feelings were mixed, half of which was feeling relieved, and the other was feeling depressed. When he was about to close the door, the surrounding zombies used this chance to rush themselves into the room. In panic, Yusuke runs away from the door.
Zombies were throwing themselves onto the door, pushing and expanding the opening to the room. The humid smell seems to attract the zombies like a trap.
The weight of the zombies finally succeeded, and the sounds of the barricade collapsing could be heard.
The smell became unbearable, and at the same time, Yusuke left the scene. It was regrettable the he couldn’t retrieve the officers handcuffs and clubs, but he couldn’t stand the smell and it wasn’t his hobby to watch zombies eating their meal.

“If I were to shut myself in… food will gradually disappear; eventually I’ll rot and smell like that. ”
(TL: This was a little weird for us.. we kind of.. improvised it.)

In the town, the man was besieged in that room. He slowly ran out of food, and had no way to access any, leading to his death.
Yusuke with mixed feelings, started to search around the third floor.

After awhile, his goals were set.
There was an open door with an electronic lock. Peering inside, it had a stopper, and what looked like to be a storage. Lockers were lined up, side by side, on both sides, and in the middle there was a shelf. Some lockers were opened, and others looked like they were damaged.

“Was the person in a hurry while taking stuff out?”

After a thorough inspection, there was a bunch of clothing, and handcuffs that were inside of a case.

“Oh, how lucky-”

Inside of the package, there were keys too. Because there were just six of them, I put them in my bag. In addition, a helmet, spare uniform, bullet proof vest, holster, a whistle, and various items were taken too. Anything useful was added into my bag. I put the holster on my belt, and put the handgun which I was holding, inside of it. It gave off a pleasant feeling.

“Well then……. Huh, I look kind of cool. Sort of like a military soldier.”

Because there were unused combat shoes, I took a pair that fit my size. Afterwards I continued on scavenging. I found a small locker in the division 2, detective and security room, but it was locked. Walking along, there was a locker that kept confiscated goods and had a electronic lock that required a code. I look at my gun with an idea, but realized it might be impossible to use it that way. Besides, there was only two bullets.

“It is a handgun after all…. Wait, the storage for weapons and ammunition should be somewhere around here.”

I re-examine the floor, and do a quick search around the second floor, but it doesn’t seem like there is such a place. Returning onto the first floor, Yusuke sees the map sign, but stands in folded arms. Only half of the building was drawn onto the sign. If there was a storage room, it would be hidden. My expectations were right, as there were stairs to the basement in the police section. Advancing underground, there was the gun rental receptionist at front, and the storage at the back. The iron door blocking the guns was opened and several firearms inside were taken.

“Huh….. Oh, is that so….”
(TL: This line really confused me..)

While feeling disappointed, I check the shelf with the licensed firearms, fortunately it wasn’t empty. There was two revolvers, similar to the type that I had, but were different in shape and grip. Also there was the automatic pistol that was seen in t.v shows, and several other pistols were there. Adding them to my belt, in total there was 5.

“There’s a little too much here.”

I already felt safe with just a handgun and an automatic weapon, but I took spares just in case the firearms were to break down, I had no idea on how to repair them anyways. I found bullets too, every box I saw was added into my bag. It became heavy after adding everything necessary into the bag and because I took out the bullets in the spare guns that I have added in the bag, I don’t have to worry about a accidental discharge.

“Alright! I think I’m done.”

I return back to the first floor, catching my breath at the waiting seats.

Yusuke takes out a gun out of the holster,the barrel was short and it looked suitable, but he couldn’t really say if it was. However, it looked good when he would cover it, the size wasn’t that big as it could almost fit inside of his pocket.

“There is a manual for using the weapons…..  But I’d rather learn from the police academy.”

I return it into the holster.
Taking out a revolver with no bullets from the bag, I play a round with it. As expected, I don’t have the courage to mess around with it, if it were to have any bullets inside. The safety cap was removed, and remembering a movie I saw, I imitate the gun movements.

“Does the cylinder come off if I were to push over here?”

I push the cylinder off to the left, and saw the barrel. I  took out any left out bullets from the barrel and push it back in. When it returned, it made a sschick sound, like it was locked.

“Do I need to push the cocking device up?”

When I began to pull the trigger down slowly, the cocking device raised up and the barrel begins to turn. Pulling the trigger downwards, the cocking device fell with a click sounding like it was ready to fire. The magazine turned as I pulled the trigger, preparing the bullet to fire out. As I pull the trigger lightly, the cocking device falls down and the gun was fired immediately. When I want to shoot the gun instantly, the gun will be ready, as there did not seem to be the safety attached.
(TL: I’m not very good at explaining guns, sorry if it sounded weird.)


It was a simple gun, and there seems to be no problems when I shot it. Yusuke wanted to test his aim. I take the gun, already loaded out of the holster. I looked for something that looked reasonably good to shoot from my distance. My target is the police woman who I saw before. The distance was around 10 meters. I didn’t recognized her at first, but using this chance, I line my sight.


The tip is aimed precisely, and the gun was ready to fire. I take a stance with my right hand supporting my left hand which was holding the trigger and grip. The target was perfectly a lined with the top part of the gun. The police woman wore a absent minded face.
I aim at my target while gathering my last breath.

For a few seconds his sight was following his target, eventually he exhaled his breath as the pressure was building in his lungs.


I adjust my aim, targeting in the middle of her forehead. Then at once, the trigger is pulled.
An explosive sound could be heard echoing the room.
His hand moved back reacting to the recoil, and the tip was moved upwards.
The smell of smoke drifted through the air.

“This could be difficult…..”

He mutters while staring at the handgun.
There wasn’t that much recoil, but the muzzle moves upwards when firing. Additional practice was needed to suppress and control the gun.

I quickly realized that there was an object of destruction against the palms of my hands.

–Chapter 16 End–

Zonbi no afureta sekai de ore dake ga osowarenai: Volume 2

Volume 1

Chapter 9「S.O.S」

Chapter 10「Survivor」

Chapter 11「Fujino Mizuki」

Chapter 12「Cleaning」

Chapter 13「Request」

Chapter 14「Give and take

Chapter 15「Police station」

Chapter 16「Obtaining a handgun」

Chapter 17「Mizuki’s Madness

Chapter 18「Day Zero」

Chapter 19「Confined Group」

Chapter 20「Wishful thinking」

Chapter 21「The Dim Cityscape」

Chapter 22:「Mizuki’s Night

Chapter 23「Opening of the second floor」

Chapter 24「A cold」

Chapter 25「Dream」

Chapter 26「Mating

Chapter 27「Blackout ◆」

Chapter 28「Skull man」

Chapter 29「An Oversight」

Chapter 30「Assassin」

Chapter 31「Retaliate and Purify」

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Mitsuki Fujino

Chapter 15: “Police station”


~ann@chan + rainchan


By the time Yuusuke reached the apartment, dusk had already fallen.
I carried the bag of alcohol and snacks that I picked up at a shop on the way. Taking the elevator, I made my way over to Kurose’s room.

“I’m back.”

I was stricken by light as I entered. As I took off my shoes, I looked up, linking gazes with Kurose.


My eyes were directly fixed onto her, stiffening up.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… after several long seconds, our eyes broke contact. I glanced over at the table, not moving an inch. There she sat obediently, both hands bound to the chair.

Yuusuke swiftly moved to the kitchen before letting out the breath he had been holding. His muscles relaxed.

“I’m freaked out…”

This was the first time Kurose had looked at him. At a close range, it was as if her eyes chased his. Other zombies hadn’t’ even looked at him directly. She clearly recognized him.

“…What the… If I call out to her, maybe I’d be able to bring her out of her vegetative state… Tokiko-chan… Tokiko-chan… Kurose-san…”

Kurose doesn’t react, piercing her gaze onto the table.

“…Ridiculous. Tokiko-chan, take the chair.”

Of course, there was no answer. I dragged a chair over to the porch and sat the bag of alcohol and snacks there. I took out a can of beer and pulled the tab, leaning against the handrail.

It was chilly outside, but it would only more and more colder from here on.

The darkness seemed to have covered any traces of the mayhem. It didn’t look much different from before the previous life. The streetlights softly lit the dark streets. No zombies could be seen.

Needless to say, it was still definitely different.

Only about 20% of houses provided light. The rest of the city was buried in darkness.

Said houses that gave off illumination could merely just be houses with their light switches left on. It’s difficult tell whether or not there would actually be survivors there. Although if I didn’t find any, then what? Do I once again become the food supplier? Nope. Not having it.

Just as he takes a sip from his beer, screeches of a car tires broke the night silence.

A car sped through the main street right before crashing into another. The collision and glass shattering could be clearly heard.

Zombies began to gather around the accident, springing out of the darkness. Despite the family’s effort to struggle out of their seat belts, they had already been completely surrounded. A man and a woman, who I assume are the parents, were dragged out from the door. The daughter, who looked to be the same age as Mizuki, had her arm bitten off as she was thrown and dragged on the ground. More zombies crowded the area.

I heard distant screams before it was back to silence.


Yuusuke silently felt for the bag. He pulled out some jerky and took a bite.

The next morning, I prepared some equipment like usual before heading to a police station that I found on a map. I needed some handcuffs for Kurose, as well as some weapons. It was nearby Nanba Elementary school, which I had visited earlier on.

The police station was a plain grey building, standing at 3 stories high. Several police cars were parked in the lot. The entrance had a barricade, but it was half broken.

There might be the person who escaped from the school here. Although, judging by the entrance, who knows if he’s still here.

“The police station should be a pretty common place…”

The place was quite similar to a city hall. There were signs for a local section and the police affairs section. In addition, there were also counters and a lobby for waiting with chairs formed in a straight line. No zombies were in sight as well.

I had a more exaggerated image of the police station, so I was kind of let down.

The citizens correspondence was on the first floor. I tried to look for a back office, but I couldn’t find one. Upon giving up, I made my way to the second floor.

On the second floor, the first thing I’m met with is a detective section. There was a cell in a secluded area. The annex was a room for interviews.

“Man, I imagined the cell to be in the basement.”

The door wasn’t locked. Out of curiosity, I peeked inside. There were 4 tatami mats formed in a line on one side of the room. Folded bedding was placed in the corner. Although most of the room was unoccupied, there was one person.


There was a corpse of a man with a pierced head lying again 3 iron-bars that had fall down. Splattered blood and fluid from his brain stained one of the tatami mats. It had already dried and turned black.

It’s… not a man… Did you become a zombie on the inside?

There were 2 of 3 people who had taken a bite from the arm and foot. One person probably developed the symptoms and the others got infected.

Idiot should have had a weapon…

Even if a police officer shot it to death, there’s no being sure that it would actually be dead.

But I can’t have these zombies dead. Zombies were my human detector and a tool of defense. Although zombies wont harm be, there’s still a possibility of a human being attacking me.
I was ready to negotiate with food if I ever saw a person. If they were a pervert, then I would do it more leisurely.

Is there someone else…?

After hearing a noise from the stairway, I hesitated. I hid myself behind a door and observed.

From the top of the stairs, someone could be heard. The footsteps were irregular. A policewoman appeared with a uniform drenched in blood, swinging side to side.

“Is that a zombie…?”

Yuusuke sighed in relief. From a far distance, it was tough distinguishing a someone as human or zombie.

Yuusuke cautiously headed to the third floor.

–Chapter 15 End–

Chapter 14: “Give and Take” ◆

Probably the longest chapter currently, sorry for the long wait. There is probably a lot of mistakes, I apologize for that, we’ll do a proper proof read when we get the time to. This chapter was a little bit rushed due to some schedule conflicts.



“Umm… I’ll think about it.”

Yuusuke turned around.

Originally, there was no reason to help these people. At first, it was for information. But after I regularly gave them supplies, they started to talk about different topics.
Because I brought food to them once, I can’t break the promise that I’ve made. It was becoming troublesome for Yuusuke.
Yuusuke didn’t benefit from helping them. He didn’t want to do it.

“Um, …hey!”

Mizuki ran after Yuusuke and the atmosphere changed.

“I’m sorry, excuse me, I’m sorry that you’ve helped me so much.”

“It’s okay. . you are probably hungry.”

Contrary to his words, Yuusuke backed away from her.

“There’s a blanket here. You can use it because it will be cold soon. It should help when winter comes.”

I arrived in front of the elevator and a hand yanked my shirt from behind.
I turned around, and Mizuki was clinging on me.

“Please help Mr. Takemura! Please…”

Her face is so beautiful. So fragile. It aroused Yuusuke. She makes you want to wear the best clothing when you are around her.
No man could refuse a face like that. Yuusuke wanted to help her, even though he didn’t.

“Have you seen anyone that has been attacked by a zombie?”


Mizuki lightly nodded.

“I risk my life to get food. Do you know that?”


The fact that he had come into a girl with such fragile emotions, he couldn’t help but think of tormenting the beautiful girl feelings.

“What good is it to share food between you? What do I gain? The amount of food I give you each week is enough to feed me for a month, I was doing better off before.  You’ll need to give me something in return now,  the next food run may only be my share. Do you not understand?”

Mizuki bows down and stares at the floor. With the present situation, it was understandable that food was awfully expensive. With no comeback, Mizuki was lost. Yuusuke dropped his voice and stopped.

“Well, I can do it because I have to. On the other hand, you have to do something too. In this situation, it doesn’t matter if it’s a child or an adult. It’s give and take.

“Mizuki raised her head slowly.

Her expression was stuck,


“I want you to arouse ‘it’.”
(TL: By that he means his penis.)


Mizuki stepped back while holding her chest.
Her eyes changed into a contempt look.

“Men are always so.. Do you always think of us like that?”

“What can you do? Trying to persuade me”

“But I can’t allow this!”

Yuusuke stared at the enraged Mizuki and watched as she cooled down.

(Oh dear, it might not be possible for her to do it.)

Until now, Mizuki had been demanding to go with me. I know her values well. Pride doesn’t take no as an answer. It’s life or death. But to see Mizuki still standing there, Yuusuke,

“…Please hold on.”

As I was about to turn around,

“Wait…. I can do something else”

“Say so, so I can hear it.”

“I can provide Mr. Takemura with a safe place here. I will watch it when you are absent.”

“I don’t need it. Where do you think I sleep? I could kick you out and take over it.”

“Then, then what do you need? Should we not help each other in a time like this!? There’s even a child here too!?”

“I don’t know. I usually don’t help anyone. Do you see my selfishness coming out? Do I finish with a thank you?  Because you are a woman, and you have a minority with you, do you think that I have to help you?”

“Such a thing..”

“In this matter, try to reconsider the word ‘help’. I am no rescue team or volunteer. I have to go through zombies in order to get food.”


Mizuki bit her lips and looked down.

Mizuki didn’t know that Yuusuke wasn’t targeted by zombies. In other words, it made sense that he gets food for them. Yuusuke was annoyed that Mizuki needed food and what he got in return was a simple thanks.

Mizuki said without power in her voice,

“Money… if I can go home, all my savings…”

“Don’t talk”

Mizuki remained silent after the conclusion.

“Is it really useless.. can you really not help me?”

“It is useless. When you have to survive, you must sacrifice something”


Mizuki muttered in a small voice.

“…With my hand…”


“I’ll do it by hand… I can do it”

I moved to a stall in the men’s room and closed the door.
It’s a shoulder’s length away when two people enter it.

Yuusuke sat down on the toilet seat and looked at Mizuki while she stood. Mizuki’s voice was quiet.

“Umm.. how…”
“… you kneel and I pull it out”
This part will begin to have some sexual content.

Mizuki kneels down onto the tiles, putting her hand between Yuusuke legs and onto his groin. Her hands were trembling, trying to remove his belt. She was unsuccessful even after several attempts.
Finally the button was removed, all that was left was the zipper. Mizuki was reluctant; looking up, she showed him her facial expression, but Yuusuke answered her silently.
Mizuki giving up her last bits of pride, gave up. She proceeded by unzipping his zipper, revealing his undergarments. A tear could be seen dropping down from her pupils. I wiped it away with my sleeve, but she didn’t stop crying.
For food, forcing prostitution on the outskirts of town was considered humiliating; however, Yuusuke didn’t say anything.
Mizuki kept turning away as she slowly removed his underwear.


“You hold it and stroke it up and down.”

She fearfully picked it up by her fingertip. Able to hold a grip, she lightly stroked his penis.

“Like this”

Yuusuke then forcibly grabbed Mizuki’s hand, making her grip his hard penis. Thin white fingers were entangling his dick. Then he moved her hand, roughly stroking his dick. Mizuki at mercy, stiffened her body.

“Do you understand?”


Mizuki nodded as she moved her hand slowly. His dick was being rubbed by Mizuki. Being stroked by her, Yuusuke was being stimulated by the pleasure. Still, his penis grew bigger while she was holding onto it. His penis was tightening as it grew, it was hard for Mizuki to continue stroking his penis, as it was not smooth and needed lubricant.

“Put some saliva on it.”


“Spit on it.”

Mizuki’s face blued, as she understood what I have just said.

“It’s impossible..”

“…… Maybe put it in your mouth?”

Mizuki shakes her head to the words.

When she turned to look at Yuusuke, he was seen staring silently. As if given a command, she took her left hand and brought it to her lips. After opening her mouth, saliva was dropped. Dropping onto his penis, she continued to stroke it.

“….. Is this good?”

“Stroke it with both hands, I’m almost done”


Mizuki was unfamiliar that Yuusuke was a sensitive man. She moved her hand timidly as I told her. Creating a circle with both hands, she continued to stroke him. Her thumb was rubbing onto his penis, and her palms were felt coated with saliva, giving a pleasant feeling.
However good it felt, it was still unskilled.

“…… Do you feel good?”

“Eh…… It’s not bad, give me a minute”

Yuusuke thinks a little,

“Please wait a moment, continue moving your hand”

(TL: Imagine her expression like ._.)

Mizuki was kneeling in front of him. Long black hair was flowing onto his eyes. I extended my hand, brushing her hair aside to cope a feel from her breasts.


I don’t pay attention to her reaction, as I unbuttoned her shirt.

“……..What, what”

“It’s because you’re giving me poor service, that I am doing this.”


“Don’t separate your hands from me”

When I finished unbuttoning her, I remove her shirt, and her chest was seen bare. Her bra with a black dot handle was covering her breasts. Against her will, I slide my hands underneath her bra, where I touched her breasts, their size was like a C-cup. Groping them, I rubbed her pink nipples.


“If you want this to end quickly, do your best and endure it for now.”

Hearing his words, Mizuki resumes stroking with her hand. Her tainted hand increases it’s movement, where her soft palm, wet with saliva surrounds the stem of his penis, and her fingers entangle themselves around his tip where pre cum was spewing out.
The appearance of Mizuki got Yuusuke excited, she was wearing a cardigan with a white shirt underneath and black jeans. Underneath her white shirt was the soft breasts that he was coping a feel from. Mizuki then tastes the service that shes giving me, while I continue to knead her breasts.


Fiddling with her nipples, Mizuki leaks out a small voice. Still, he didn’t stop, Yuusuke felt muddy things gathering in the depths of his waists. His breath became rough, as he wanted to move his waist. Yuusuke endured it as Mizuki continue to provide him with service that dragged a pleasant feeling to him.
Being teased by Mizuki, the tip of his penis begins to build up with pressure. His fingertips that were fiddling with her soft nipple became hard the more he played with her. When I rubbed her hard nipples, her hands surrounding my penis squeezed me. At the moment, the sperm building in the depths of his waists couldn’t endure for any longer, as it exploded and landed onto the hands of Mizuki.


The sperm was shot with such force that it struck Mizuki’s mouth and belly.
It was never ending, the sperm continued gushing out of the tip. Meanwhile, Mizuki was left startled at the sudden suprise, that her body stiffened.


Yuusuke breathes heavily,
Mizuki then removes her hands from his penis, and stared at the sperm with utter amazement.

After, they wiped their body from the mess that has been created and left the private room.
Yuusuke who was about to leave, glanced back into the room where Mizuki was in. She was seen looking down in dishonor, washing thoroughly.

–Chapter 14 End–

Chapter 13: “Request”

I had no association to this chapter whatsoever, but while I’m here, hi there! Reankun didn’t seem to appreciate my first “introduction” so here I am. I’m RaïnnChan and I have and will continue to be assisting Reankun & ann@chan with translating. Yeah, I don’t exactly have anything to say right now other than to enjoy chapter 13!


Chapter 13 “Request”

The next day, Yuusuke runs around town cleaning three supermarkets and a small shop.
The minivan didn’t have enough room, so I transferred to a medium-sized dump truck I found at the small factory. It was a white Isuzu.

“Uwaa… So many switches that I’ve never seen before. I don’t know if this is safe…”

Then I messed around with the air conditioner, confirming that it works. It hit the end, but it didn’t get stuck. Phew.
I had a few problems with the vehicle; I wasn’t used to the cars clutch. I read the manual, but eventually I managed to start up the truck. The drivers seat was pretty impressive, as you are seated higher than normal cars. There were curtains in the car along with accessories like a sleeping bag.
When I got used to the feel, I turned off the engine. Exiting out of the truck, I begin loading garbage bags into the truck.
Today I feel like a Janitor.
(TL: Originally it said cleaning merchant… but Janitor sounds more… better :P)
When I finished loading the bags, I make my way to the mountain.
Because there were many obstacles blocking paths on the road, I had to go through detours to avoid them. Occasionally there would be zombies that would  block my path and I would just run them over.

“Is it this way?”

I turn right to the entrance of the mountain, using a navigational device to help me.
Over the guardrail of the mountain, I was able to view the whole town. Because there would be no active cars on the road, my only problem would be the idle cars on the road. On low speed, I would turn to view the town.

“Huh? Who is that..”

On the other side of the town, a black figure was spotted moving.
Looking closely, it was a helicopter flying. I immediately lost sight of it after it hid itself in the clouds.


Because it was far and moving so quickly, I couldn’t quite tell what their goals were.
Yuusuke looked back onto the road, thinking about what had just happened.
On the way up, I unexpectedly found something.
It was an outdoor activity center. Looking at the sign, it was surprisingly wide. It was was a log cabin on camp grounds with a dining room and a bathroom next to the gym.

“Was there such a place…”

Though it was in the city, I didn’t know such a place existed. Because I had no reason to go to the mountain, it was expected.
If the gas runs out, then I can bring some charcoal near the brook. There’s a generator in the mountain hut too. It would be best if there were solar powered generators to power up the city. I hope that there’s a water filter that still works, but that might be asking for too much. I passed through the center and go deeper into the mountain. There was a cliff, so I decided to throw the garbage off the cliff side. I pulled the lever and the garbage bags start to fall out.

“This is quite interesting…”

After emptying the contents in the truck, Yuusuke made a U-turn.

“That sure was tiring… community service work seems to be quite fun.”

In the town, Yuusuke is able to do anything he wants. He is able to drive any cars without the need of a license, and there are no problems if he were to break them.
“This is a real SimCity. Maybe I could find a tow truck and clean the roads too, but the question is.. can I drive them?”

For the time being, the problem with the rotting in the supermarket is solved, food shouldn’t be a problem. It’s possible to supply my resources whenever I want. Before it gets late, I can try to smoke some meat too.

“Time to move more food. I have to make more room for the food…oh.”

I then realized that I have forgotten Mizuki.
It’s been 5 days since we last encountered each other.
As expected, their food supply would’ve already been out.
Yuusuke then drove back to town in a hurry.

The truck was parked near the apartment, as I switch into a motorcycle.
Then I grabbed items in the supermarket; food from the first floor and a blanket from the second. I brought a blanket with me because I remembered the thin blanket they were using. It was also nearing winter, and the nights will be cold.
I go into the elevator, moving towards the third floor. When the door opens, I see three people, huddling in front of the barricade, sitting.


Mizuki staggers her way upward, using the wall as guidance.

“I’m sorry I came at a late time.”
(TL:Original line said something else… but I think this sounds better.)

I move to the meeting room, displaying canned food and ready to eat meals from my bag. Because they had a microwave, they were able to warm the food. Improvising, I put curry and rice in a tupper ware. Mizuki and the others were sitting down, watching me.
When I handed them the food, the boys happily ate. In addition, I warmed up some rice and opened some more canned food. I prepared it in advance in case they were hungry for more. They continued to eat, satisfied with their meal.

“Thank you for the meal.”

Mizuki and the other two, joined their hands together.

“Thank you very much… the curry was delicious.”

One of the smaller boys muttered the same.
I forgot which boy was who and it didn’t help that it was the first time I had heard his voice.
Mizuki then lowers her head.

“Thank you, the meal was delicious.”

Contrary to her words, it looked like she wanted to say something.
Going through his bag, Yuusuke takes out a cake and a toy.

“For you, these are souvenirs.”

Their eyes brightened the moment I showed them their gifts. Mizuki motions me to go outside of the room.

I moved to the corner of the room and Mizuki was quiet for a while. She then began speaking timidly.

“Um… We want to express your gratitude… but there is something more…”

In her tone of voice, Yuusuke somehow understood what she said.

“I can endure this, but my younger brothers…”

Mizuki told Yuusuke to bring more food frequently. That reminds me, Mizuki hasn’t really touched her meal. For the time when Yuusuke was away, the food was reserved. Yuusuke thought. Even if the bag was fully packed with food, it wouldn’t last a week with three people. I have no choice but to bring a large quantity of food here once every week.


This was going to be a problem.

–Chapter 13 End–

Chapter 12: “Cleaning” ◆

There wasn’t that much of the… ‘◆’, but there is some… I’ll warn you for when it does happen, and when it stops. But as always… Enjoy Takemura Yuusuke and his adventures of being a janitor.

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This part will begin to have some sexual content.

“Mizuki was pretty, and her chest wasn’t that bad too.”

Yuusuke remembered as he continued to pound Kurose from the back. She was a beautiful girl who gave off a good impression.
Kurose was moved to the kitchen table as he pushed her down. Her chest was against the table, flattened, as he removed her jeans. Her hands were tied behind her back, securing her movements as she stared at the side walls.
It was a good thing that her face wasn’t seen, as his thoughts were driven crazy, making his movements faster. Thinking about Mizuki, he pounded her from behind. Growing tired each time he pushed his dick inside of her, with each thrust he would slam his thighs against her white buttocks. Her insides were hot and slimy, driving Yuusuke to pleasure. He closed his eyes, ready to ejaculate.


He moved his waist back, not separating the tip of his penis from her vagina. Hitting his limit, he ejaculated his sperm inside of her. His sperm was released so that it wouldn’t reach the depths of her vagina, but near the entrance.


Yuusuke released his final bits of sperm as he pulled his penis out of her, separating himself from Kurose. Wiping his mess with a towel, he slid his pants back on. After clearing the mess from the outside, he opened the front of her vagina, confirming the sperm that was left in the inside.
Washing his hands, he went to the fridge and grabbed a energy drink and drank it.
Because I was often at Kurose’s place, I stuffed her fridge with various foods.
The sexual content ends here.

“It’s easy to be with a zombie.”

Any zombie that had a pretty face can be brought inside this room and be played with like a doll.
However, if it’s a human, it may not be that easy. It’s also hard to navigate them through the supermarket into here. He’ll have to hide from zombies, going through a lot of obstacles with little to no reward, and if the zombies manage to figure it out, they’ll gather. Not only will it affect them, but Yuusuke as well. And with the little brothers around, it makes the problem greater.
And even if I were to infect Mizuki with the virus, she might be fully eaten away. I thought about only getting her finger tip bit, but the thought of it became ridiculous. It’s too much trouble for just one girl, and it isn’t humane.

“But I do like the elder sister… For her age, she does have a good face, but her body is alright…”

While talking to himself, Yuusuke was preparing to go outside.
It was dim outside, but the voices of crows could still be heard.
I woke up next day and took a shower.
Last night I was planning on heading outside, but it was already dark so I cancelled plans.
Usually in the morning I would do my morning routine with Kurose, but today I have plans.
(TL: If you don’t know.. don’t ask what he means by that… I don’t think that you wanna know. :P)
My destination today was the supermarket, the distance wasn’t that far from my apartment, so I walked there because I wanted to also save gas.
On the way there, the air was polluted with the smell of rotting. I grabbed a large garbage bag, and laid it on top a cart near the supermarket.
I picked up the meat and fish that were rotting away and placed it inside of the bag. It was a painful process as the smell was horrifying and the meats were losing their color. The leaf plants seem to be withered, but the root vegetables were still okay.
I leave cleaning in the bread aisle for later, as I check the refrigerators. Removing the rotting dairy products, I cleaned the inside to make it moderately clean.

“Should I just stay inside and work, or should I explore around the store? Oh… wait is that a freezer?”

When I opened the door, I was blasted with cold air. The interior had pork hanging on the ceiling. I was shaking because it was quite cold inside.

“Has the freezer been on for awhile? Because if it hasn’t, the precious frozen meats inside would’ve already spoiled.”

Almost finished with cleaning, I finished filling up my fifth bag.


With all of the stack garbage bags laying on top of each other, I was worried. These bags were useless to me.

“It’s a shame.. I would’ve eaten all this spoiled food..”

There should be a lot of corpses laying around in the streets, but I am thankful for the zombies. I wonder, do they become zombies when bitten? Or do they just fully get devoured before they turn…
Then an idea hit me.

“Well if I were to throw these around in a place with humans… The food is about to rot, but at least they can eat something.. This can be a pleasing solution..”

I say as I flex up.
I could treat humans like trash, like they are garbage processing machines.
What I just said wasn’t humane at all.

“No… no, its no good… it is not.. I need to think.. I’ll throw it away on a mountain.”

An animal would come for fish if I left it at a mountain. Maggots were doing the role of the animal in my case.
If there was a dump site downtown, it would probably go unnoticed, but it would stink. It didn’t need to be in town though.
On the outer east side of the town, there’s a small mountain range, so I can throw it there.

“Is there a pickup truck?”

When I searched the outsides of the supermarket, there was a strange sight.
There was a crowd on a train station platform.
They were swinging around like a zombie, but they were staying there with a reason.
When I looked at my watch, it was 8AM. This time was the rush hour.

“Are they possibly waiting for a train?”

Most of them seems to just give up and walk away. Their behavior might be the similar to their old life, but that’s quite vague.

“But there’s so few of them.”

It’s not an emergency, but it would be a good idea to check the behavior pattern of a zombie soon. I’ll do it soon after I fix the environment.
I cleaned the supermarket and piled up the garbage. I didn’t find a pickup truck, so I used a white van with the key already in it.
The sun had already set. Because the zombies were in the way, the driving took a while. I threw the garbage on the mountain and went back to my apartment.
I took off the rope that bounded Kurose on the table and went to the bathroom together.

“A restraining device… but not something in the downtown area.”

I suddenly then thought of something.
This part will begin to have some sexual content.

“Handcuffs could work. A toy store… No, is there a police station near here? If I caught a person, then it would be useful. I don’t know if it’s still in fashion though.”

I striped Kurose’s clothes and tied her hands behind her. I took off my clothes and entered the bathroom with her.
I let Kurose sit on the floor while keeping an eye on the bath and spread her legs. Kurose remained obediently.
I put my finger into her crotch and pushed it inside where it was wet, and pulled it back out. I stared at my finger.

“It’s all absorbed?”

I looked inside. Those I did not let it out outside, the sperm inside was all gone.
I thought that it was bad when I ejaculated inside her because I would have to wash it out. Generally it seemed like it was absorbed in half a day.
It was like the incident at the train station. There are still many things that I don’t know about zombies.

“…Is that good?”

It seemed convenient.
I let Kurose sit in the bathtub and filled it with hot water and sat in the tub with her. Because both of her hands were tied, her chest is emphasized and reflects the bathroom light. My thing was hard down there and it slipped inside. Kurose bends her head back and stares at the ceiling light. I move my waist in the hot water and bit down on her neck. I hit a pleasant feeling that accumulated in Kurose and she didn’t resist. I was warmed by the hot water and embraced her.


Yuusuke let out a sigh of relief as he hugged Kurose. Yuusuke didn’t notice Kurose’s thigh relax as he embraced her.

–Chapter 12 End–