Chapter 15: “Police station”


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By the time Yuusuke reached the apartment, dusk had already fallen.
I carried the bag of alcohol and snacks that I picked up at a shop on the way. Taking the elevator, I made my way over to Kurose’s room.

“I’m back.”

I was stricken by light as I entered. As I took off my shoes, I looked up, linking gazes with Kurose.


My eyes were directly fixed onto her, stiffening up.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… after several long seconds, our eyes broke contact. I glanced over at the table, not moving an inch. There she sat obediently, both hands bound to the chair.

Yuusuke swiftly moved to the kitchen before letting out the breath he had been holding. His muscles relaxed.

“I’m freaked out…”

This was the first time Kurose had looked at him. At a close range, it was as if her eyes chased his. Other zombies hadn’t’ even looked at him directly. She clearly recognized him.

“…What the… If I call out to her, maybe I’d be able to bring her out of her vegetative state… Tokiko-chan… Tokiko-chan… Kurose-san…”

Kurose doesn’t react, piercing her gaze onto the table.

“…Ridiculous. Tokiko-chan, take the chair.”

Of course, there was no answer. I dragged a chair over to the porch and sat the bag of alcohol and snacks there. I took out a can of beer and pulled the tab, leaning against the handrail.

It was chilly outside, but it would only more and more colder from here on.

The darkness seemed to have covered any traces of the mayhem. It didn’t look much different from before the previous life. The streetlights softly lit the dark streets. No zombies could be seen.

Needless to say, it was still definitely different.

Only about 20% of houses provided light. The rest of the city was buried in darkness.

Said houses that gave off illumination could merely just be houses with their light switches left on. It’s difficult tell whether or not there would actually be survivors there. Although if I didn’t find any, then what? Do I once again become the food supplier? Nope. Not having it.

Just as he takes a sip from his beer, screeches of a car tires broke the night silence.

A car sped through the main street right before crashing into another. The collision and glass shattering could be clearly heard.

Zombies began to gather around the accident, springing out of the darkness. Despite the family’s effort to struggle out of their seat belts, they had already been completely surrounded. A man and a woman, who I assume are the parents, were dragged out from the door. The daughter, who looked to be the same age as Mizuki, had her arm bitten off as she was thrown and dragged on the ground. More zombies crowded the area.

I heard distant screams before it was back to silence.


Yuusuke silently felt for the bag. He pulled out some jerky and took a bite.

The next morning, I prepared some equipment like usual before heading to a police station that I found on a map. I needed some handcuffs for Kurose, as well as some weapons. It was nearby Nanba Elementary school, which I had visited earlier on.

The police station was a plain grey building, standing at 3 stories high. Several police cars were parked in the lot. The entrance had a barricade, but it was half broken.

There might be the person who escaped from the school here. Although, judging by the entrance, who knows if he’s still here.

“The police station should be a pretty common place…”

The place was quite similar to a city hall. There were signs for a local section and the police affairs section. In addition, there were also counters and a lobby for waiting with chairs formed in a straight line. No zombies were in sight as well.

I had a more exaggerated image of the police station, so I was kind of let down.

The citizens correspondence was on the first floor. I tried to look for a back office, but I couldn’t find one. Upon giving up, I made my way to the second floor.

On the second floor, the first thing I’m met with is a detective section. There was a cell in a secluded area. The annex was a room for interviews.

“Man, I imagined the cell to be in the basement.”

The door wasn’t locked. Out of curiosity, I peeked inside. There were 4 tatami mats formed in a line on one side of the room. Folded bedding was placed in the corner. Although most of the room was unoccupied, there was one person.


There was a corpse of a man with a pierced head lying again 3 iron-bars that had fall down. Splattered blood and fluid from his brain stained one of the tatami mats. It had already dried and turned black.

It’s… not a man… Did you become a zombie on the inside?

There were 2 of 3 people who had taken a bite from the arm and foot. One person probably developed the symptoms and the others got infected.

Idiot should have had a weapon…

Even if a police officer shot it to death, there’s no being sure that it would actually be dead.

But I can’t have these zombies dead. Zombies were my human detector and a tool of defense. Although zombies wont harm be, there’s still a possibility of a human being attacking me.
I was ready to negotiate with food if I ever saw a person. If they were a pervert, then I would do it more leisurely.

Is there someone else…?

After hearing a noise from the stairway, I hesitated. I hid myself behind a door and observed.

From the top of the stairs, someone could be heard. The footsteps were irregular. A policewoman appeared with a uniform drenched in blood, swinging side to side.

“Is that a zombie…?”

Yuusuke sighed in relief. From a far distance, it was tough distinguishing a someone as human or zombie.

Yuusuke cautiously headed to the third floor.

–Chapter 15 End–


Chapter 14: “Give and Take” ◆

Probably the longest chapter currently, sorry for the long wait. There is probably a lot of mistakes, I apologize for that, we’ll do a proper proof read when we get the time to. This chapter was a little bit rushed due to some schedule conflicts.



“Umm… I’ll think about it.”

Yuusuke turned around.

Originally, there was no reason to help these people. At first, it was for information. But after I regularly gave them supplies, they started to talk about different topics.
Because I brought food to them once, I can’t break the promise that I’ve made. It was becoming troublesome for Yuusuke.
Yuusuke didn’t benefit from helping them. He didn’t want to do it.

“Um, …hey!”

Mizuki ran after Yuusuke and the atmosphere changed.

“I’m sorry, excuse me, I’m sorry that you’ve helped me so much.”

“It’s okay. . you are probably hungry.”

Contrary to his words, Yuusuke backed away from her.

“There’s a blanket here. You can use it because it will be cold soon. It should help when winter comes.”

I arrived in front of the elevator and a hand yanked my shirt from behind.
I turned around, and Mizuki was clinging on me.

“Please help Mr. Takemura! Please…”

Her face is so beautiful. So fragile. It aroused Yuusuke. She makes you want to wear the best clothing when you are around her.
No man could refuse a face like that. Yuusuke wanted to help her, even though he didn’t.

“Have you seen anyone that has been attacked by a zombie?”


Mizuki lightly nodded.

“I risk my life to get food. Do you know that?”


The fact that he had come into a girl with such fragile emotions, he couldn’t help but think of tormenting the beautiful girl feelings.

“What good is it to share food between you? What do I gain? The amount of food I give you each week is enough to feed me for a month, I was doing better off before.  You’ll need to give me something in return now,  the next food run may only be my share. Do you not understand?”

Mizuki bows down and stares at the floor. With the present situation, it was understandable that food was awfully expensive. With no comeback, Mizuki was lost. Yuusuke dropped his voice and stopped.

“Well, I can do it because I have to. On the other hand, you have to do something too. In this situation, it doesn’t matter if it’s a child or an adult. It’s give and take.

“Mizuki raised her head slowly.

Her expression was stuck,


“I want you to arouse ‘it’.”
(TL: By that he means his penis.)


Mizuki stepped back while holding her chest.
Her eyes changed into a contempt look.

“Men are always so.. Do you always think of us like that?”

“What can you do? Trying to persuade me”

“But I can’t allow this!”

Yuusuke stared at the enraged Mizuki and watched as she cooled down.

(Oh dear, it might not be possible for her to do it.)

Until now, Mizuki had been demanding to go with me. I know her values well. Pride doesn’t take no as an answer. It’s life or death. But to see Mizuki still standing there, Yuusuke,

“…Please hold on.”

As I was about to turn around,

“Wait…. I can do something else”

“Say so, so I can hear it.”

“I can provide Mr. Takemura with a safe place here. I will watch it when you are absent.”

“I don’t need it. Where do you think I sleep? I could kick you out and take over it.”

“Then, then what do you need? Should we not help each other in a time like this!? There’s even a child here too!?”

“I don’t know. I usually don’t help anyone. Do you see my selfishness coming out? Do I finish with a thank you?  Because you are a woman, and you have a minority with you, do you think that I have to help you?”

“Such a thing..”

“In this matter, try to reconsider the word ‘help’. I am no rescue team or volunteer. I have to go through zombies in order to get food.”


Mizuki bit her lips and looked down.

Mizuki didn’t know that Yuusuke wasn’t targeted by zombies. In other words, it made sense that he gets food for them. Yuusuke was annoyed that Mizuki needed food and what he got in return was a simple thanks.

Mizuki said without power in her voice,

“Money… if I can go home, all my savings…”

“Don’t talk”

Mizuki remained silent after the conclusion.

“Is it really useless.. can you really not help me?”

“It is useless. When you have to survive, you must sacrifice something”


Mizuki muttered in a small voice.

“…With my hand…”


“I’ll do it by hand… I can do it”

I moved to a stall in the men’s room and closed the door.
It’s a shoulder’s length away when two people enter it.

Yuusuke sat down on the toilet seat and looked at Mizuki while she stood. Mizuki’s voice was quiet.

“Umm.. how…”
“… you kneel and I pull it out”
This part will begin to have some sexual content.

Mizuki kneels down onto the tiles, putting her hand between Yuusuke legs and onto his groin. Her hands were trembling, trying to remove his belt. She was unsuccessful even after several attempts.
Finally the button was removed, all that was left was the zipper. Mizuki was reluctant; looking up, she showed him her facial expression, but Yuusuke answered her silently.
Mizuki giving up her last bits of pride, gave up. She proceeded by unzipping his zipper, revealing his undergarments. A tear could be seen dropping down from her pupils. I wiped it away with my sleeve, but she didn’t stop crying.
For food, forcing prostitution on the outskirts of town was considered humiliating; however, Yuusuke didn’t say anything.
Mizuki kept turning away as she slowly removed his underwear.


“You hold it and stroke it up and down.”

She fearfully picked it up by her fingertip. Able to hold a grip, she lightly stroked his penis.

“Like this”

Yuusuke then forcibly grabbed Mizuki’s hand, making her grip his hard penis. Thin white fingers were entangling his dick. Then he moved her hand, roughly stroking his dick. Mizuki at mercy, stiffened her body.

“Do you understand?”


Mizuki nodded as she moved her hand slowly. His dick was being rubbed by Mizuki. Being stroked by her, Yuusuke was being stimulated by the pleasure. Still, his penis grew bigger while she was holding onto it. His penis was tightening as it grew, it was hard for Mizuki to continue stroking his penis, as it was not smooth and needed lubricant.

“Put some saliva on it.”


“Spit on it.”

Mizuki’s face blued, as she understood what I have just said.

“It’s impossible..”

“…… Maybe put it in your mouth?”

Mizuki shakes her head to the words.

When she turned to look at Yuusuke, he was seen staring silently. As if given a command, she took her left hand and brought it to her lips. After opening her mouth, saliva was dropped. Dropping onto his penis, she continued to stroke it.

“….. Is this good?”

“Stroke it with both hands, I’m almost done”


Mizuki was unfamiliar that Yuusuke was a sensitive man. She moved her hand timidly as I told her. Creating a circle with both hands, she continued to stroke him. Her thumb was rubbing onto his penis, and her palms were felt coated with saliva, giving a pleasant feeling.
However good it felt, it was still unskilled.

“…… Do you feel good?”

“Eh…… It’s not bad, give me a minute”

Yuusuke thinks a little,

“Please wait a moment, continue moving your hand”

(TL: Imagine her expression like ._.)

Mizuki was kneeling in front of him. Long black hair was flowing onto his eyes. I extended my hand, brushing her hair aside to cope a feel from her breasts.


I don’t pay attention to her reaction, as I unbuttoned her shirt.

“……..What, what”

“It’s because you’re giving me poor service, that I am doing this.”


“Don’t separate your hands from me”

When I finished unbuttoning her, I remove her shirt, and her chest was seen bare. Her bra with a black dot handle was covering her breasts. Against her will, I slide my hands underneath her bra, where I touched her breasts, their size was like a C-cup. Groping them, I rubbed her pink nipples.


“If you want this to end quickly, do your best and endure it for now.”

Hearing his words, Mizuki resumes stroking with her hand. Her tainted hand increases it’s movement, where her soft palm, wet with saliva surrounds the stem of his penis, and her fingers entangle themselves around his tip where pre cum was spewing out.
The appearance of Mizuki got Yuusuke excited, she was wearing a cardigan with a white shirt underneath and black jeans. Underneath her white shirt was the soft breasts that he was coping a feel from. Mizuki then tastes the service that shes giving me, while I continue to knead her breasts.


Fiddling with her nipples, Mizuki leaks out a small voice. Still, he didn’t stop, Yuusuke felt muddy things gathering in the depths of his waists. His breath became rough, as he wanted to move his waist. Yuusuke endured it as Mizuki continue to provide him with service that dragged a pleasant feeling to him.
Being teased by Mizuki, the tip of his penis begins to build up with pressure. His fingertips that were fiddling with her soft nipple became hard the more he played with her. When I rubbed her hard nipples, her hands surrounding my penis squeezed me. At the moment, the sperm building in the depths of his waists couldn’t endure for any longer, as it exploded and landed onto the hands of Mizuki.


The sperm was shot with such force that it struck Mizuki’s mouth and belly.
It was never ending, the sperm continued gushing out of the tip. Meanwhile, Mizuki was left startled at the sudden suprise, that her body stiffened.


Yuusuke breathes heavily,
Mizuki then removes her hands from his penis, and stared at the sperm with utter amazement.

After, they wiped their body from the mess that has been created and left the private room.
Yuusuke who was about to leave, glanced back into the room where Mizuki was in. She was seen looking down in dishonor, washing thoroughly.

–Chapter 14 End–

Chapter 13: “Request”

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Chapter 13 “Request”

The next day, Yuusuke runs around town cleaning three supermarkets and a small shop.
The minivan didn’t have enough room, so I transferred to a medium-sized dump truck I found at the small factory. It was a white Isuzu.

“Uwaa… So many switches that I’ve never seen before. I don’t know if this is safe…”

Then I messed around with the air conditioner, confirming that it works. It hit the end, but it didn’t get stuck. Phew.
I had a few problems with the vehicle; I wasn’t used to the cars clutch. I read the manual, but eventually I managed to start up the truck. The drivers seat was pretty impressive, as you are seated higher than normal cars. There were curtains in the car along with accessories like a sleeping bag.
When I got used to the feel, I turned off the engine. Exiting out of the truck, I begin loading garbage bags into the truck.
Today I feel like a Janitor.
(TL: Originally it said cleaning merchant… but Janitor sounds more… better :P)
When I finished loading the bags, I make my way to the mountain.
Because there were many obstacles blocking paths on the road, I had to go through detours to avoid them. Occasionally there would be zombies that would  block my path and I would just run them over.

“Is it this way?”

I turn right to the entrance of the mountain, using a navigational device to help me.
Over the guardrail of the mountain, I was able to view the whole town. Because there would be no active cars on the road, my only problem would be the idle cars on the road. On low speed, I would turn to view the town.

“Huh? Who is that..”

On the other side of the town, a black figure was spotted moving.
Looking closely, it was a helicopter flying. I immediately lost sight of it after it hid itself in the clouds.


Because it was far and moving so quickly, I couldn’t quite tell what their goals were.
Yuusuke looked back onto the road, thinking about what had just happened.
On the way up, I unexpectedly found something.
It was an outdoor activity center. Looking at the sign, it was surprisingly wide. It was was a log cabin on camp grounds with a dining room and a bathroom next to the gym.

“Was there such a place…”

Though it was in the city, I didn’t know such a place existed. Because I had no reason to go to the mountain, it was expected.
If the gas runs out, then I can bring some charcoal near the brook. There’s a generator in the mountain hut too. It would be best if there were solar powered generators to power up the city. I hope that there’s a water filter that still works, but that might be asking for too much. I passed through the center and go deeper into the mountain. There was a cliff, so I decided to throw the garbage off the cliff side. I pulled the lever and the garbage bags start to fall out.

“This is quite interesting…”

After emptying the contents in the truck, Yuusuke made a U-turn.

“That sure was tiring… community service work seems to be quite fun.”

In the town, Yuusuke is able to do anything he wants. He is able to drive any cars without the need of a license, and there are no problems if he were to break them.
“This is a real SimCity. Maybe I could find a tow truck and clean the roads too, but the question is.. can I drive them?”

For the time being, the problem with the rotting in the supermarket is solved, food shouldn’t be a problem. It’s possible to supply my resources whenever I want. Before it gets late, I can try to smoke some meat too.

“Time to move more food. I have to make more room for the food…oh.”

I then realized that I have forgotten Mizuki.
It’s been 5 days since we last encountered each other.
As expected, their food supply would’ve already been out.
Yuusuke then drove back to town in a hurry.

The truck was parked near the apartment, as I switch into a motorcycle.
Then I grabbed items in the supermarket; food from the first floor and a blanket from the second. I brought a blanket with me because I remembered the thin blanket they were using. It was also nearing winter, and the nights will be cold.
I go into the elevator, moving towards the third floor. When the door opens, I see three people, huddling in front of the barricade, sitting.


Mizuki staggers her way upward, using the wall as guidance.

“I’m sorry I came at a late time.”
(TL:Original line said something else… but I think this sounds better.)

I move to the meeting room, displaying canned food and ready to eat meals from my bag. Because they had a microwave, they were able to warm the food. Improvising, I put curry and rice in a tupper ware. Mizuki and the others were sitting down, watching me.
When I handed them the food, the boys happily ate. In addition, I warmed up some rice and opened some more canned food. I prepared it in advance in case they were hungry for more. They continued to eat, satisfied with their meal.

“Thank you for the meal.”

Mizuki and the other two, joined their hands together.

“Thank you very much… the curry was delicious.”

One of the smaller boys muttered the same.
I forgot which boy was who and it didn’t help that it was the first time I had heard his voice.
Mizuki then lowers her head.

“Thank you, the meal was delicious.”

Contrary to her words, it looked like she wanted to say something.
Going through his bag, Yuusuke takes out a cake and a toy.

“For you, these are souvenirs.”

Their eyes brightened the moment I showed them their gifts. Mizuki motions me to go outside of the room.

I moved to the corner of the room and Mizuki was quiet for a while. She then began speaking timidly.

“Um… We want to express your gratitude… but there is something more…”

In her tone of voice, Yuusuke somehow understood what she said.

“I can endure this, but my younger brothers…”

Mizuki told Yuusuke to bring more food frequently. That reminds me, Mizuki hasn’t really touched her meal. For the time when Yuusuke was away, the food was reserved. Yuusuke thought. Even if the bag was fully packed with food, it wouldn’t last a week with three people. I have no choice but to bring a large quantity of food here once every week.


This was going to be a problem.

–Chapter 13 End–

Chapter 12: “Cleaning” ◆

There wasn’t that much of the… ‘◆’, but there is some… I’ll warn you for when it does happen, and when it stops. But as always… Enjoy Takemura Yuusuke and his adventures of being a janitor.

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This part will begin to have some sexual content.

“Mizuki was pretty, and her chest wasn’t that bad too.”

Yuusuke remembered as he continued to pound Kurose from the back. She was a beautiful girl who gave off a good impression.
Kurose was moved to the kitchen table as he pushed her down. Her chest was against the table, flattened, as he removed her jeans. Her hands were tied behind her back, securing her movements as she stared at the side walls.
It was a good thing that her face wasn’t seen, as his thoughts were driven crazy, making his movements faster. Thinking about Mizuki, he pounded her from behind. Growing tired each time he pushed his dick inside of her, with each thrust he would slam his thighs against her white buttocks. Her insides were hot and slimy, driving Yuusuke to pleasure. He closed his eyes, ready to ejaculate.


He moved his waist back, not separating the tip of his penis from her vagina. Hitting his limit, he ejaculated his sperm inside of her. His sperm was released so that it wouldn’t reach the depths of her vagina, but near the entrance.


Yuusuke released his final bits of sperm as he pulled his penis out of her, separating himself from Kurose. Wiping his mess with a towel, he slid his pants back on. After clearing the mess from the outside, he opened the front of her vagina, confirming the sperm that was left in the inside.
Washing his hands, he went to the fridge and grabbed a energy drink and drank it.
Because I was often at Kurose’s place, I stuffed her fridge with various foods.
The sexual content ends here.

“It’s easy to be with a zombie.”

Any zombie that had a pretty face can be brought inside this room and be played with like a doll.
However, if it’s a human, it may not be that easy. It’s also hard to navigate them through the supermarket into here. He’ll have to hide from zombies, going through a lot of obstacles with little to no reward, and if the zombies manage to figure it out, they’ll gather. Not only will it affect them, but Yuusuke as well. And with the little brothers around, it makes the problem greater.
And even if I were to infect Mizuki with the virus, she might be fully eaten away. I thought about only getting her finger tip bit, but the thought of it became ridiculous. It’s too much trouble for just one girl, and it isn’t humane.

“But I do like the elder sister… For her age, she does have a good face, but her body is alright…”

While talking to himself, Yuusuke was preparing to go outside.
It was dim outside, but the voices of crows could still be heard.
I woke up next day and took a shower.
Last night I was planning on heading outside, but it was already dark so I cancelled plans.
Usually in the morning I would do my morning routine with Kurose, but today I have plans.
(TL: If you don’t know.. don’t ask what he means by that… I don’t think that you wanna know. :P)
My destination today was the supermarket, the distance wasn’t that far from my apartment, so I walked there because I wanted to also save gas.
On the way there, the air was polluted with the smell of rotting. I grabbed a large garbage bag, and laid it on top a cart near the supermarket.
I picked up the meat and fish that were rotting away and placed it inside of the bag. It was a painful process as the smell was horrifying and the meats were losing their color. The leaf plants seem to be withered, but the root vegetables were still okay.
I leave cleaning in the bread aisle for later, as I check the refrigerators. Removing the rotting dairy products, I cleaned the inside to make it moderately clean.

“Should I just stay inside and work, or should I explore around the store? Oh… wait is that a freezer?”

When I opened the door, I was blasted with cold air. The interior had pork hanging on the ceiling. I was shaking because it was quite cold inside.

“Has the freezer been on for awhile? Because if it hasn’t, the precious frozen meats inside would’ve already spoiled.”

Almost finished with cleaning, I finished filling up my fifth bag.


With all of the stack garbage bags laying on top of each other, I was worried. These bags were useless to me.

“It’s a shame.. I would’ve eaten all this spoiled food..”

There should be a lot of corpses laying around in the streets, but I am thankful for the zombies. I wonder, do they become zombies when bitten? Or do they just fully get devoured before they turn…
Then an idea hit me.

“Well if I were to throw these around in a place with humans… The food is about to rot, but at least they can eat something.. This can be a pleasing solution..”

I say as I flex up.
I could treat humans like trash, like they are garbage processing machines.
What I just said wasn’t humane at all.

“No… no, its no good… it is not.. I need to think.. I’ll throw it away on a mountain.”

An animal would come for fish if I left it at a mountain. Maggots were doing the role of the animal in my case.
If there was a dump site downtown, it would probably go unnoticed, but it would stink. It didn’t need to be in town though.
On the outer east side of the town, there’s a small mountain range, so I can throw it there.

“Is there a pickup truck?”

When I searched the outsides of the supermarket, there was a strange sight.
There was a crowd on a train station platform.
They were swinging around like a zombie, but they were staying there with a reason.
When I looked at my watch, it was 8AM. This time was the rush hour.

“Are they possibly waiting for a train?”

Most of them seems to just give up and walk away. Their behavior might be the similar to their old life, but that’s quite vague.

“But there’s so few of them.”

It’s not an emergency, but it would be a good idea to check the behavior pattern of a zombie soon. I’ll do it soon after I fix the environment.
I cleaned the supermarket and piled up the garbage. I didn’t find a pickup truck, so I used a white van with the key already in it.
The sun had already set. Because the zombies were in the way, the driving took a while. I threw the garbage on the mountain and went back to my apartment.
I took off the rope that bounded Kurose on the table and went to the bathroom together.

“A restraining device… but not something in the downtown area.”

I suddenly then thought of something.
This part will begin to have some sexual content.

“Handcuffs could work. A toy store… No, is there a police station near here? If I caught a person, then it would be useful. I don’t know if it’s still in fashion though.”

I striped Kurose’s clothes and tied her hands behind her. I took off my clothes and entered the bathroom with her.
I let Kurose sit on the floor while keeping an eye on the bath and spread her legs. Kurose remained obediently.
I put my finger into her crotch and pushed it inside where it was wet, and pulled it back out. I stared at my finger.

“It’s all absorbed?”

I looked inside. Those I did not let it out outside, the sperm inside was all gone.
I thought that it was bad when I ejaculated inside her because I would have to wash it out. Generally it seemed like it was absorbed in half a day.
It was like the incident at the train station. There are still many things that I don’t know about zombies.

“…Is that good?”

It seemed convenient.
I let Kurose sit in the bathtub and filled it with hot water and sat in the tub with her. Because both of her hands were tied, her chest is emphasized and reflects the bathroom light. My thing was hard down there and it slipped inside. Kurose bends her head back and stares at the ceiling light. I move my waist in the hot water and bit down on her neck. I hit a pleasant feeling that accumulated in Kurose and she didn’t resist. I was warmed by the hot water and embraced her.


Yuusuke let out a sigh of relief as he hugged Kurose. Yuusuke didn’t notice Kurose’s thigh relax as he embraced her.

–Chapter 12 End–

Chapter 11: “Fujino Mizuki”

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Other than the sound of water, there didn’t seem to be any other noise for a while.
Food was taken out of the bag. There were three teenagers who had their eyes glued to the food. Including a boy who stood up to get it.

At first, I handed out an energy bar, and the three of them shared it. Then I took out some canned food and a plastic bottle.
I took out a bottle of tea and opened the canned mackerel simmered in miso, teriyaki chicken, and canned tuna.

The three of them started to stare at the canned food intensely while biting on their bar. The three of them finished it as I broke my chopsticks and wolfed down the food.
Yuusuke looked at his food with the feeling of a starving stray cat asking for food. After he finished the first can of food, the girl from the group of three hesitated to eat from the second can of food. The other two were already almost finished eating the second can of food with no sense of guilt. The girl finally began to eat in peace after I took out a heap of canned food from the bag.

The girl picked up a piece of food that one of the boys dropped. Although they were hungry, I ate while watching the girl take care of the boys.
When we finished our meal, we all sighed in relief.
While Yuusuke beated the bag lightly, he says,

“Was that enough? How was it?”
“Yes, it was good. Thank you for the meal!”

The girl sat straight and lowered her head. I was tempted to do the same when the boys beside me also lowered their heads. They seemed to be well-disciplined.

“Is there any chance that the S.O.S. outside was yours’?”

“Oh.. no. But it seemed like it was right?”

I was about to answer when suddenly they started to tell their stories..

Their group of people were attacked by a group of zombies on their way to the refuge and escaped into this supermarket. At that time, they were separated from their parents.

At the beginning, they were holding out in the supermarket, but as the food supply decreased, people went out to look for food. Nobody ever came back. Since the girl had two younger brothers, she was not able to go anywhere.
Yuusuke continued to listen silently as she explained her story.
Her statements were very logical. She was also a pretty girl. She seemed like the class representative of an honor class. She was an impressive girl.

When she finished talking,

“I see.. it must have been very hard.”
Yuusuke said with a serious tone.

“Umm…. Yeah..”

I remembered that I didn’t tell the girl my name.

“I forgot to mention, I am Yuusuke Takemura, and you are?”

“Oh.. thank you. My name is Mitsuki Fujino. This is the second eldest out of the family, my brother Takashi.

“Thank you. My best regards to you.”

It seemed like a very well disciplined family to exchange names with. When Yuusuke bowed, the two brothers did the same. Mizuki let out a smile. When the introductions were over, Mizuki was a feeling a little shy.

“Is Mr. Takemura here to help..?”

They asked Yuusuke who seemed like an ordinary person to make sure, but he shook his head,

“I’m just passing by.”

“…Is that right..? Is the outside safe now? We haven’t seen the outside for a while.”

“Well.. not really.”

Yuusuke didn’t know what to say. I did not intend to tell them that the zombies did not attack me.

“You might be able to go outside, but it’s still dangerous, as they’re still wandering around down there.”

“..Really? Can you take us along?”

“That’s impossible, having more people makes it more dangerous.”

It was something I said on the spot from my bad habits. Nobody understood the behavior patterns of a zombie. Mizuki stood still and spoke,

“The only place safe for my brothers are..”

“Impossible. There is no such place. There is no safe place and even the refuge was full of zombies.”

Even if I let them live in the apartment next to mine and bring food to them regularly, it would be too much work. If only it was just the pretty girl. It was different with some elementary students though. It required a lot of effort to keep them all safe. They had some essential information, but it was not enough to hold up a fort.

“I only took food and escaped because I was trying to avoid these things. I can’t afford to stay with you.”


Mizuki’s face darkened.

The younger brothers overheard and became silent. My expression is nearly the same as before.

They were being too disciplined. When I held out against them, it was different than how they did it. They were afraid.

Even Mizuki was afraid. Food was becoming more rare in the supermarket. They would start having thoughts of escaping reality.

Although the girl looked smart, the situation was still driving her into a corner.

“Oh, I’ll get more food. I’m going to be gone for a while. If I find a human that can help, then I’ll tell them to come here. Is that okay with you??”

Mizuki blinked and stared at Yuusuke’s face.

She lowered her head deeply and said,

“….Thank you very much. I am very sorry for being so selfish.”

“It’s okay. Help will come soon. Keep holding out.”

Yuusuke stared at Mizuki as she lifted her head up…

While he thought of never coming back.


–Chapter 11 End–

Chapter 10: “Survivor”



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Chapter 10 “Survivor”

The daily necessities section on the second floor seemed to be untouched. There was only a zombie wandering about.

The problem must be on the third floor.

I saw something fall down the staircase of the emergency exit.

I pressed my ear against the door and listened, but all that was heard was silence.

I stepped back.

“Hey! Is somebody there?” I exclaimed.


I waited several minutes for an answer, but to no avail.

I called out some more while knocking on the door, but there appeared to be no sign of anyone there.

The emergency exit door was locked.

“Did the people inside starve to death?”

I didn’t want to waste my time searching for a key, so I decided to take the elevator I found a while ago. The door opened immediately; I guess the power supply is still on.

Getting on the elevator to go up to the third floor, I notice that the “3F” button was closed off with a seal. I tried to push it, but nothing happened.

“So, that’s why…”

The third floor didn’t sell anything, which is why it was restricted from customers.

At the other end of the second floor was a door that led to a back room.

The placed looked to be an entirely different department that I had no interest in whatsoever. It was just furniture.

As I went deeper down the aisle, I found two other elevators. Entering, I noticed this one had a B1F button. This time when I pressed the 3F, the elevator rose.

The door opens as I reach the third floor. In front of the doorway was a barricade of steel desks and chairs.

It wasn’t anything that I couldn’t climb over. Piece of cake, you know?

After I got through, I surveyed the area. This place couldn’t be any more than three meters wide as well as no signs of life.

On the wall was an A4 sized piece of paper held up by tape. It seemed to be a floor plan made by one of the employees. It may be an office, locker room, or warehouse.

I scanned through the plan and I could confirm it’s the last floor. It was locked, so there’s probably no one in it.

I continued roaming around and found a monitor room. One of the cameras was focused on some part of the store, with nothing but a zombie prowling around.

“Does the basement have a delivery room? I mean there is a machinery room for the trucks here..”

There seemed to be a freezer and a warehouse from the monitor, and I confirmed it with a map nearby.
There was an underground parking area that was shown in a monitor and a truck was seen near a delivery entrance. There were no zombies to be seen and looking carefully at the monitor, there was no signs of people in here. I continued on with the next room.

There was an office next door that had desks lined up like a normal office. Some computers were on and were displaying the weather forecast for the week. There was a meeting room inside that had frosted glass, but nobody was there.
However, the problem is… There were signs that someone lived here.

The inside had a semi-transparent garbage bag which had multiple teacups, a kettle and instant noodle containers.

There was a room in the depths of the office that looked like the boss office. A carpet could be seen inside of the room from the opened doorway which had a one way screen blocking the view of the room.
Suddenly, Yuusuke stopped his movements.

My eyes met with a boy who looked to be in elementary school.



I stared at him silently

He was dirty and roughed up, but looked docile. His hair was raven black.

The boy left me in silence, running to the back.

“Ah… Hey!”

I called out before chasing after him. He ran over to a couch with someone who slept upon it, waking them up, panicked.

It was girl who was probably in high school, being shaken awake. She stirred. She wore a beige cardigan with a white shirt underneath, legs hugged by black jeans. She could have been an honor student. Her long hair matched the younger boy’s, frayed and loss of luster.

Next to her lay a small boy of the same age as the other, sleeping peacefully and covered with a thin sheet, barely enough to be called a blanket.

The girl’s eyes fluttered open, looking at the latter. She slowly turned towards me before widening her eyes.


The room was suddenly filled with screams and I raised my arms. I tried to speak as friendly as possible, not to show hostility.

“H-hi! Sorry for intruding. I swear, I’m not dangerous!”


She looked at me, bewildered.

I dropped my bag on the floor.

“Did you eat yet?”



— Chapter 10 End —

VOLUME 2: Chapter 9: “S.O.S.”

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VOLUME 2: Chapter 9: “S.O.S.”

As he arrived at the gate of Nanba Elementary School; the one that he had found on the map. Yuusuke got off his motorcycle.

I looked up at the school building and sighed.

“There’s no use…”

Zombies were already roaming along the school grounds.

I searched inside the building, but there seemed to be no traces of any survivors.

The desks and chairs were pushed to one side of the classroom with cardboard and paper scattered across the floor. Bags were everywhere.

There were signs that many people were here, but most of them have probably turned by now. Boys and girls of all ages, some may have just been refugees.

The classroom was stained dark red from here and there, but the condition of the shattered windows caused some confusion.

“If only there was a beautiful girl around here…”

In the hallway, half of the zombies that passed were either injured or missing a limb. Then again, other than patient zero who spread this mysterious disease, any other zombie should have some sort of injury or wound to contract the infection.

Upon turning into a zombie, most would try to resist, so I imagine there aren’t many able-bodied zombies.
(TL: By that he means zombies who haven’t lost a limb.
Zombie with 2 arms > zombie with 1 arm)

While sauntering around by myself, I became accustomed to the grotesque figures of the undead. The ones here don’t seem to be that dangerous, in this way I was comfortable.

I found a girl who appeared to be a university student, walking with a swaying broken neck. I slipped my hands into her shirt and rubbed her chest.

Her hair was cut in a bob and dyed. Her breasts were nice, but the face was alright. She wasn’t as beautiful as Kurose. Although, I just might have taken her home if she was.

I examined the girl closely and noticed a thin film on the section that was gnawed off her right hand.
They act like an animal despite being dead, so, there may be some sort of imitative life activity. Yuusuke thought, continuing to rub her breasts.

He resumed looking for more survivors. When he confirmed there to be none, Yuusuke returned to the third floor.

He searched for any baggage left from refugees in each classroom.

“A bank book and a stamp… I get why you would have this, but this is just useless to me…”

I threw items that were useless into pile. There weren’t a lot of food or tools. Thankfully I found a battery and a pen. There was also a portable radio, however it couldn’t connect anywhere.

I could get plenty of tools at a nearby home improvement store. It could be a long walk from here, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

As I straightened myself out and stretched, something strange near the window caught my eye.

On the wall of a distant building was a white cloth, softly fluttering.

“What is that?”

I leaned out the window and focused my vision.

Although it was blurred, you could make out “SOS”.


I arrived at building, which was a 3-story supermarket with a large parking lot. From the rooftop, there hangs the SOS cloth requesting rescue.


Yuusuke stayed seated on his motorcycle on the parking lot, hesitatant.

The reason why I went to the Nanba elementary school refuge was for information. Although you’re free to eat whatever you like, how can you get information on what’s going around in the neighborhood when you’re staying indoors?

It would be useful if a large group of people contacted the other smaller groups.
When there are a small group of people, they might have been attacked. A pandemic happened within a period of two weeks, and the food was becoming scarce.
Because I was slowly approaching them with my motorcycle, I don’t think they have noticed me yet.

“Wait and see first.  Zombies are currently my only allies.”

If all goes wrong, then I’ll run into a crowd of zombies.
Yuusuke got off his motorcycle. I put the helmet on my motorcycle and took the bag from the back of my vehicle and went to the entrance of the supermarket.
On the first floor, there was food. On the second floor, a sign said there were daily necessities.
I passed through zombies walking unsteadily between the aisles and looked at the situation.
At the corner of the fresh food, there was a bit of a stench. The vegetables were withered and discolored. Maggots would begin to eat the meat and fish if it were left alone.

“Hope nobody touches the food while I go explore the other shops nearby.”

Ready to eat foods and canned foods of this small supermarket would be able to provide enough for Yuusuke for a year. If I walked a bit further in, then I’m almost sure that there would be infinite amounts of food. Because I have been taking good care of myself, I want to avoid causing a disruption to the environment.

“Have the meat and fish been out for a while? The vegetables may be nourishing, but they don’t provide enough nutrients.”

Some groups may have established a safe shelter. Would they be practicing agriculture and hunting? If they do, then I may be able to negotiate with them using the supplies that I take with me.
Yuusuke was left with infinite supplies from the collapsed human society.

“Wandering merchant, Yuusuke Takemura”

I had a very happy look on my face.

“Or, can you recover from your situation? ….Human race.”

It may be sometime before they can find a way to deal with the virus, and to exterminate all of the zombies. In five years or ten years, it might not even go back to it’s normal civilization level as it was before.
Yuusuke’s dream was to have the zombies take over the entire world and wipe out the entire human race because he was unaffected by the virus.
Originally, Yuusuke hated his lifestyle. He didn’t want to return to how it was before.

“Tokiko-chan too.”

The zombies did not seem to decay or anything and could last for a long time if I didn’t act rashly.

“A fishing rod would be good for later. Fish is good.”

I went up the second floor while humming.
When he reached the second floor, he met eyes with a middle-aged female zombie sitting on a sofa.


–Chapter 9 End–