Current status for our projects:

Zonbi no afureta sekai de oredake ga osoware nai

Chapter 34:

Translation: 25%
Editing: -100.0%
Proof reading: 5%

  • This is literally the most difficult chapter I’ve yet to stumble upon. And trust me, I’ve personally translated a few private web novels that I’ve found interesting for my own entertainment. As each line gets translated, I’m losing more confidence in my abilities of deciphering my Machine translator.
  • This chapter is a really rough one, there will be a lot of unaccurate lines and perhaps broken sentences, however, I will most likely recheck and repost a higher quality of this chapter in the future.

Chapter 2 V2

Pretty much done. Hah I finished this before I finished chapter 34. >.>

  • As stated before, I’m revisting past posts and from scratch, re-translating,re-editing, and re-uploading chapters. There were a lot of mistakes from when we first started, and I would like to fix them. Whenever I feel like I’m not getting anywhere in translation, I’ll resort to fixing chapters as at least I’m putting some work into the site.


Chapter 3 V2

Translation: 0%
Editing: -100.0%
Proof reading: 0%

  • No comment.


Special project/Teaser?

Project in the works, you won’t be expecting any news from this in awhile. I’ve found a small crew to work on this on. It’s a original story created from us.


  • What else to say? It’s a special project being worked on by me and a small separate crew.


RE:ZERO WEBNOVEL. (It shouldn’t be a surprise anymore since literally the menu bar links to it on MAL.)


Translation: 18%
Editing: -100%
Proof reading: 0%

  • Small focuses on this project, but deciding to take mini swings at it because of personal interests. Project likely to drop depending on status and or higher quality translators picking up the web novel. If not then I’ll release MTL chapters.


Editing of all pages/posts

Completion: 14%

  • So far I’ve completed the etc pages (About us, Status, Volumes, Menus, etc). Currently have goals to recheck all previous post and revise them. Mainly editing grammatical mistakes, minor/major changes to appearance of pages, basically cleaning site. Long term goal as just remodeling the volume/menu page structure took an hour and a half.


The site is undergoing some polishing, if you see some changes don’t be alarmed.

Expect changes.

Look for them too. 🙂



All updates are posted whenever I run out of fuel on working on the projects.

Page updated by – Rean

P.S: I am always alive, I just don’t consistently change things.

July 18-19/2016


41 thoughts on “Status

  1. Day: Lost track
    Status: Unknown
    Hope: Died
    Expectations: Killed
    Curiosity: Unsatisfied
    ———————————————————-IN OTHER WORDS————————————————————

    Where did you guys go? Did you drop the project? Did something happen? What happens next in the story? I want to know~~
    Are you guys okay? Please be okay……
    I know I sound like a terrible human being, but I had to post this since my patience broke under the strain.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Days of inactivity: Around 2 months.
      Motivation: High
      Dedication: High
      ——————————————– My answer —————————————————-
      I’ve contacted our editor, and he gave me the thumbs up to continue without him. I know it sounded weird on how we practically abandoned this project for the sake of one man, but it was our way of showing our respect to him. I’m sorry that we were gone for a LONG time, and I know we lost many loyal readers, but I think it’s time for me to step up as a project head, and finish something that I’ve started. It took awhile to convince @nna, but she too gave me the thumbs up, and with all the gears set, it’s time to get this Machine started.

      In conclusion, I Reankun, will continue this project by myself. I’ll pick off where it ended and release chapters at my own pace. Hopefully the other members will tag along with me, but looking at how it is in our group, it looks like it’ll take awhile until they’re ready to continue.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. just wondering, is it safe to assume that the project is dead? if not then would there be another chapter in at least lets say a year? just seeing if i should still be following or not?


  3. just wondering if a bad accident happened…not trying to rush ya anything, but if you would be as kind as to at least give some confirmation that you guys are alive….i would be satisfied with just that….cuz it means there is still hope…


  4. oh okay, sorry and thanks for the reply, glad to know that the project isn’t abandoned at least. Hope your schedule frees up sometime and you someday find the motivation to continue. As long as the project is not dead yet, i’ll always be waiting, no matter how long. As long as the project isn’t dead, then that means there will be more chapters someday hopefully. Oh and take care of your health first and foremost!!(°^°)//

    Liked by 1 person

    • As much as I’d like to MTL. I can’t as I don’t have the same MTL programs I used to. However, I’m currently trying to recover such files off of my old backup laptop. If it goes correctly, then I’ll try my best to translate.


  5. Understood~ if by any chance you are looking for a proof reader, then I’d be glad to volunteer 🙂 I’m pretty confident in my ability to spot mistakes lol

    By the way, what program do you use to MTL?


    • For how we MTL, I’d suggest checking our about us page, but to simply answer we mainly use Translation Aggregator, and several online sources.

      Thank you for offer, if I’m ever looking for helping hands, I know where to result to. But as for now, I don’t think that I have any plans on recruiting new crew members. If I decide to in the future though, I’ll probably make a post about recruitment, so I guess prepare for that?


  6. Any way I can help you? This series + the protagonist is quite interesting. If there’s anything I can do to support you, just tell me. (Well not everything…)


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