Chapter 7: “Tokiko Kurose”

I’m just warning you all that there will be some mild sexual parts in this chapter. I will make it obvious when it starts though, just in case you don’t want to read it. I’m just not sure if it’s going to make the story have a few plot holes.
Anyways, we are glad that you all seem to enjoy our chapters! We will keep going at it to keep you all happy! Thanks for all the support! 🙂

Thanks to another one of our editor for proof-reading!

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Chapter 07, “Tokiko Kurose”

When I arrived in Kurose room, I went to check in the bathroom. There she was, unmoved and waiting in idle.
(TL: I think I did a translation error in chapter 3… silly me.)
Even if I were to examine her closely, she would give no response. I carefully looked at her from bottom to top, but she would just still be staring at the ground.
This part will begin to have some mild sexual content.

As a zombie, Kurose was still beautiful. She was wearing a black knit sweater, you could see her breasts pushing out.
Yuusuke gulped as he slowly extended his left hand towards her chest.
Gently I touched her chest. The feeling of her hard bra could be felt. Even when I massaged her breasts, Kurose was still looking at the ground giving no reaction at all.


I locked the door to the front, so I don’t have to worry about being interrupted.
Pulling Kurose’s arm, she gave little resistance, but I eventually lead her to the bedroom.
When I was ready, I pushed her onto the bed.
I bind her hands together with a towel before tying it on the bed, restraining her hand movements.
I pulled her belt out of her waist as I opened her mouth and tie it around her mouth, to the point where she was biting the belt. Kurose was giving no reaction to any of this, giving me nothing to worry about as I continued.
After restraining her upper body, I stood up and looked at my finished work.

“This is like a porn video…”

Kurose looks up at me with a blank expression. Occasionally she would try to move up; however, she was unsuccessful because I have binded most of her body by now.
Then I unbuttoned her jeans, bringing it down to her knees.
Underneath her sweater was her underwear that was embroidered with lace, topped off with a ribbon. Her white thighs peered out from below.
I became aroused at the scene. I stroked her inner thigh and gave a light squeeze. Her skin was really smooth. In excitement, I jumped onto the bed.
I laid on top of Kurose, her chest against mine’s. I snaked my arms around her back, hugging her affectionately.

“Haaa~ I need to calm down…”

It didn’t feel like hugging a corpse or doll. She was more like a life-sized pillow that occasionally stirred. But it was still Kurose, and she continued to stare at the ceiling, giving no response to the actions of Yuusuke.
I put my hand in her sweater and grasped her bra as I looked at her face. I began to unhook her bra. It was similar to her panties. After taking them off, I tossed them on the bed, as it was not my main interest.
I kneaded her raw breasts from underneath her sweater. It was an erotic sight. I raised her sweater, enough to expose only one of her breasts.

“Ah… Pink…”

I lifted her nipple with the tip of my finger. The texture was soft, but it didn’t stiffen while being stimulated. It was understandable because she was already dead.
Her breasts kept their shape even after death. They held their beautiful shape, not collapsing. Her breasts were beautiful, it looked like a D cup.
The mild sexual content ends here.

Yuusuke then stood up, separating himself from Kurose.

“I regret going out of control…”

I was trying to restrain myself at first; however, I wasn’t able to stand against her erotic appearance.

“At first it was just a house search.”

Yuusuke started to go through Kurose’s baggage. I intended to know what kind of a person Kurose was.

“Why wasn’t she able to escape…?”

I pulled out a small document on her shelf and took a look at the contents inside.
Tokiko Kurose, 23 years old, she was working for the Matsuda factory during the springtime.
She was a new employee, who’s role was to moderate the company’s business.

“She had such a high role, it must’ve been hard for her…”

She had such a fierce job, but she looked so gentle. Her occupation was a hard one, even I wouldn’t be suitable to do her job.

“Did she live alone? It seemed like her family lived in Hiroshima. She had a younger sister… I wonder if her sister looked beautiful too?”

I looked at the bed. The sight of Kurose naked with only panties on can be seen staring at the ceiling.

She didn’t show any eye contact or make a fuss about it.

I returned the documents to its original spot and booted up the laptop.

After the Windows start up screen, the desktop showed a picture of a kitten playing around.
I started the web browser and checked the browser history.  The most recent site was quite some time ago.
A bookmark caught my eye. It was about a sexual harassment consultation office.

“What is this? Blackmail, legal affairs… was she sexually harassed? That’s outrageous!”

I searched for the most recent file that was used. It was a word document named “Record”.
It was a record about harassment and it said something about Kurose dating a Mr. Yamamoto.
It was written by Kurose. The contents said that her thigh was touched in a taxi, her waist was pushed when she was using a photocopy/fax machine, and she was extorted by a client.
The record went on for a while until recently. I skimmed through it and closed the file when I was finished looking through it.

“Was Mr. Yamamoto her senior in the company?”

Somehow, I pictured a middle-aged man with a good figure and a ruddy face.

“But to have this happen nowadays… I would beat him up at once if it were me. How was Tokiko-chan was able to keep quiet about this?”

There were traces of consultation with the boss too, but there wasn’t much of a change as I read through the document.

“Sexual harassment really damaged her reputation… it’s good that you don’t have to go back to that company anymore. Sleep well, Tokiko.”

I called out to Kurose when she was still on the bed, but there was still no reaction.

“She doesn’t seem to have a private diary.”

There wasn’t a bookmark for one either. I loaded the email software, but there were no traces of it being used.
There was only a notebook in her bag. It had a date, a person’s name, and a phone number written in it. There wasn’t any personal information of any sort. I found a plain pink cell phone and turned it on. Then I checked her email. There was an email from ten days ago that was sent from her younger sister. Was it an email to confirm their safety? The last email was on the 5th. There was also no signal for the phone because it was ‘out of range’. Was it different for a smartphone? Yuusuke wasn’t an expert on phones. There was a second phone that seemed to be for her job. Most of the emails were related to work and not anything of interest.

“Only family members? Not even a friend?”

Yuusuke didn’t have a person to talk to either. It was always quiet when he was in his room. His parents didn’t live with him, and his grandfather died in a traffic accident two years ago. I collected the information that I had gathered and returned the room back to it’s normal state. Kurose seemed to have no problems living by herself for long periods of time. She probably had a few family problems. I’ve never seen any acquaintance of Kurose visit her home either.

“I guess a zombie visited and bit her.”

The zombies who attacked the mother and the child were reasonably quick. It’s not slower than a human. It was a bit unbalanced, but they rushed towards them like an animal.
It doesn’t stop moving if there are injuries anywhere other than the head.
It would be considerably hard to have one as a partner since it wanders around everywhere.

At least I can enjoy myself for a while because they won’t interrupt me.


–Chapter 7 End–


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  1. @laclongquan well… he is coming for a zombie with dirty mind after what happened earlier so i can’t say its normal. well it can be either that kurose is incredibly hot or he just plain virgin loser or may have been both.


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