Chapter 27: Blackout ◆

Well, I don’t really have anything to say for myself.  I’m pretty late with this one.

To be honest, I was losing interest in the story.  But with this chapter, the plot looks like it is starting to develop again, so the speed of the translations should increase.

I don’t know anything about radios, and as such, translating the part about the radio was very difficult.  (That was actually a big reason for the delay.)  If something doesn’t make sense about that part, I’m sorry.

Nothing in particular had happened during the rest of December, and then, a certain day came.

Yusuke was below ground, unloading cardboard boxes at the loading area.  The boxes contained the smoked meat Mizuki and her brothers had processed.  The meat was packed in sealed bags using the vacuum packer they he had found on the first floor.  The plastic bags containing the meat were separated by newspaper they used as buffering.

The meet consisted of the pork and beef they had kept in the freezer, but they had kept raw meat in the fridge to cook on the stove on the 3rd floor.  Because they had a working stove to cook meat with, they had been eating it a lot recently.

Mizuki had been trying a bunch of dishes from the cook book Yusuke had brought her, and as such, there was always a wide variety of food on the table.

“She’s pretty useful huh?”

Yusuke mutters.

“Her body is also lewd.  I wonder if she is getting used to it?”

Since that time, they had been going at it countless times, and not once had she acted like she didn’t want it.  She still blushed from time to time, but when he starts thrusting hard, she protests, and instead pushes harder into him.  Yusuke was satisfied with the now obedient Mizuki.

Yusuke raises the loading platform and secures the luggage with a rope.  The gas, tools, and equipment they had prepared, he had already taken to the mountain.  All that was left to take was the food and water.

The loading platform begins slowly raising with Yusuke standing on top of it.  The road curves and continues underground, but because he had to keep the shutters closed, it was dimly lit.  On the ceiling were exposed ducts and wiring, as well as small florescent lights, which barely lit the surroundings.

Near the loading zone was the elevator for transporting goods directly to the 1st and 2nd floors.  Because he could also go directly to the 3rd floor, he never really entered the machine room or the electric room, only giving them a quick look-over.  (TL: I’m not really sure what he is trying to say with this last sentence)

Walking by, he hears footsteps coming from inside and stops.

Mizuki was on the 3rd floor, so there shouldn’t be anyone in there.

Withdrawing his handgun from the holster on his waist, he approaches the door without a sound.

Turning his head, he presses his ear against the door.

He hears dull footsteps backing away from the door.

Flinging the door open, he sees the back of the middle aged women.

The one with the injured right arm.

A zombie.

(TL: He has each of these sentences as separate paragraphs.)

“So that’s what it was…..”  (TL: “ndayo.”  Short for “Nandayo.”)

Holstering his weapon, he walks inside.

Nearby was a staircase leading to the 1st floor.  It appeared that she climbed down from there.

As the zombie walked towards the back of the room, Yusuke drags and guides it up the stairs.  Arriving at the top of the stairs, he forces her out the fire door, closing it behind her so that no other zombies could get in.

Zombies don’t actively move to destroy things, but there was always the possibility one could inadvertently break something.  He didn’t want one hanging around the equipment.

Suddenly, a horrible smell entered his nose.

“……it stinks…”

There may be a corpse lying in the back.  It must have been attracted here by the smell.

Just then, a voice was heard from the transceiver on his waist.

“Takemura-san, Takemura-san, can you hear me?  This is the 3rd floor.”

Yusuke takes the transceiver from his waist,

“I can hear you.  The repeater seems to be smooth.  Did something happen?”  (TL: I think he means the connection is good.)

“Ano, could you come here?  A girls voice came in over the radio asking for help but….. is it okay to answer them?”

“I’m on my way.  Wait a bit.”

It’s been a while since there was contact with a survivor.

Yusuke hurried to the 3rd floor.

“Help…… help me….. anybody…..”

Yusuke heard the same thing repeated over and over through the headphones attached to the radio.  The voice also flowed through the external speakers.  Mizuki looks at Yusuke with a worried expression, as if asking him something.  (TL: Has a rival appeared?!)

The radio on the desk was about the size of a confection box.  It was connected to the antenna on the roof through a coax cable and so the range was quite large.

They had heard things come through the radio before, but it was encrypted noises and signals.  This was the first time a survivor had come through.

The girl’s tearful voice had been coming through for a few minutes, then cut off.

She had most likely been speaking for a few minutes, then changing the frequency before speaking again.  With a quick scan, they were able to hear her again.

While listening to her, Yusuke speaks to Mizuki.

“Try answering her.”

“M, me?”

“She will be more at ease hearing a girls response right?  Don’t tell her about this place.  Ask her about her whereabouts.  Can you do it?”

“Y, yes.”

Mizuki takes the mic in her hand, and presses the transmission button.

After hesitating a bit, she opens her mouth.

“Ano….. hello.”

As soon as she lets go of the button, the girls voice comes through.

“Help me!  Where are you?!”

Mizuki was about to respond, but the reception light was still on.  The other side was still sending the transmission.

When the light finally went out, Mizuki spoke.

“Calm down!  Please remain calm.  We can not speak at the same time over the radio.  Once you are finished speaking, please release the transmission button.  Where are you?”

After a short pause, the girl’s voice once again comes through.

“I don’t know!  Help me!  Where should I go?  Nee!”

The sound of a switch.

“…..Ano, calm down, please listen.  Where are you holed-up at?  Is anyone with you?”

A small interval.

“…….Why are you asking me that?!  Are you not going to help?!  No, noo, no more….. tell me where you are….”


“I want to come over…. so please tell me…. nee…..”

Yusuke extends his arm and cuts off the radio, interrupting the girl’s voice.

Mizuki looks at him with a puzzled expression, but he waves his hand,

“That’s enough.”

“B, but.”

Yusuke speaks while removing the headphones,

“I heard the footsteps of someone else behind her.  The pauses in her speech were also strange.  Someone else was working on the radio.  The girl was a decoy.”


“What she was saying was inconstant, and she was trying to find our whereabouts right?  Everyone is thinking the same thing.”

“……but……that person, if she was acting……”

“It is possible she was being threatened into it.  But, it’s just as likely she wasn’t.  There is no merit to putting ourselves in danger to try to save her.”


Mizuki was downcast.

Looking at her, Yusuke scratches his face,

“If you tell them about this place, I’m not responsible for what comes.  Right now, the herd of zombies outside has thinned.  Don’t get any weird ideas.”


Mizuki lifts her head and lets out a lonely laugh.

“I won’t.  Everything Takemura-san has said has turned out to be correct.  I will follow what Takemura-san says.  Please do not worry.”

“Well that’s fine, but….”

“……….etto, I’ll go get the laundry.”

Mizuki stands from the desk and walks into the hallway.

At that small back, Yusuke lets out a sigh.

(What a troublesome person…..)

Yusuke faces the desk again and flips the switch on the radio.  Holding the manual in one hand, he awkwardly fiddles with the spectrum scope with his other hand, ascertaining that there are no other signals.

(There are too many buttons…. this thing.)

He could figure out how to operate the recorder and timer, but as far as decryption, he couldn’t figure it out.

Returning to the configuration of the radio, he takes a breather.

The calendar on the tabletop next to him enters his view.

In the box for today’s date, there was an event written at the bottom.

“Th…. no, that’s today huh…… It came quickly.”

Yusuke threw the manual on the desk.

Taking his jacket off the coat rack at the entrance of the room, he heads towards the back entrance where he parked his bike.

That night.

After dinner in the conference room.


When movie ended with a scene of the heroine being embraced by the main character, Mizuki took a short breath.

The ending credits had begun flowing down the large monitor in the conference room.

Cracking his neck, Yusuke frankly gives his impressions of the movie.

“Was alright.”

“It was huh….”  (TL: “Soudesune.”)

A retired information analysis officer was fighting a terrorist, it was a movie with a lot of action.

It wasn’t like nothing interesting happened, but there was nothing amazing, or anything that stood out.

“It got pretty good reviews, so I was expecting a bit but…”


Once the end credits had finished, a preview came on for another movie.  As the promotional videos played one by one, the pictures were flowing and changing.

“Ah, this!  We should watch this one next.  I haven’t seen it yet, but it looks interesting.”

“Heee…… it’s about animals?”

A federal investigator who could speak to animals used his power to catch criminals.  It was a comedy.  It was quite popular and had three movies in the series.

“Well, it’ll at least be better than the one we just watched…..”

They had put a portable player and a sofa in the conference room, turning it into a home theater.  Around the edges of the table, various pastries, snacks, and PET bottles were stacked.  The lights were turned off in the conference room, and the monitor faintly lit the surroundings.

The clock showed that it was 1:00 in the morning.

It was Christmas.

Stockpiling food and collecting hand tools had been proceeding smoothly, and so today they would relax.  The first movie they watched was a Disney movie about Charles Dickens.  He had read the story a long time ago.  He had thought that the kids would like it and picked it out.

After the kids had gone to bed, Mizuki and Yusuke continued watching movies together.  As a gag, he had put in a zombie movie, but as expected, it wasn’t received well.

In the relaxed atmosphere, Yusuke grabs his coffee off of the side table and brings it to his mouth.  It had become cold, and when he contorts his face,

“Ah, I’ll fill it up again.”

While taking the cup, Mizuki heads towards the hot water supply room.

While watching her back,

(……….Lately she’s been quite honest huh)  (TL: He says “sunao”.  It means true to your feelings, transparent, etc.)

Yusuke thinks such while spacing out.

It’s like her attitude at first was a lie.

Mizuki returns shortly with a cup on a tray.

Setting down the trey, she holds the hem of her skirt while sitting next to Yusuke.  She sat close to him, and he felt the sofa sinking beneath them.

“Here you go.  Though it’s instant…”

“Ou.”  (TL: “yeah”)

While sipping his coffee, he stares at Mizuki.  While holding it with both hands, she is warily drinking her coffee.  (TL: Being careful of the heat.)

On a whim, he begun rubbing her waist with his hand.  The moment his hand touched her, she looked at him, but it wasn’t a look of rejection.

The look she gave him wasn’t unlike the look of a lover, but Yusuke knew that wasn’t the case.  If you think about it, that behavior was natural, as she was trying to sell herself to him.

(…..Well, that’s fine.)

He stopped his train of thought, and slips his hand under her skirt.


Mizuki cut off her words, and the strength left her body.  With trembling hands, she places her cup on the table and holds onto her skirt, gripping it with what little strength was left.

Having slipped his hand half way up her thigh, the feeling of cloth ended and he could feel Mizuki’s soft skin.  Folding up her checkered skirt, her white panties were exposed.  Today she was wearing knee socks instead of tights.  It would require little effort to strip her.

“So you had prepared for this~”

“It….. it wasn’t like that……”

Mizuki says this with bated breaths.

Yusuke slowly presses his finger between her thighs.  He knew she liked to be teased through her panties.  He draws circles around her clit with his index finger while tracing behind with his middle finger.


Mizuki’s breathing becomes ragged.  As he continues, he feels the area around her entrance become wet through her panties.


Feeling something, he lowers his gaze to find Mizuki rubbing his bulge.  Gently wrapping her hand around it, she massages it.  With that itchy feeling, he becomes harder in her hand.


Miyuki’s voice becomes louder and she stops moving her hand.  Gripping his zipper with her hand, she slowly begins to pull it down.  She slips her slender fingers through the crack.

She begins stroking him through his thin underwear with her fingertips.  She traces his shaft from the root to the tip with her index finger.

It was a slightly ticklish feeling.  At that feeling he was unaccustomed to, blood began to gather.


Without saying anything, Mizuki drops her line of sight.  Yusuke slightly slips his now wet finger inside of her panties.   Parting her wet pubic hair, he draws closer and closer to her entrance.

At that teasing movement, Mizuki’s breathing became even rougher.  Her body became stiff as she waited for the pleasure that was to come.

As Yusuke’s finger wiggled further down, it brushed past her sensitive bulge.


Mizuki arches her body, writhing while embracing Yusuke’s arm.  Gently rubbing that part, covered in her thick love juice,

“Ah……nnnn…..!  Ya…….da………”  (TL: “Yada” short for “iyada” as in “no don’t”)

As if escaping from the pleasure, she clings tightly to him.

After teasing that spot until his hand became soaked, Yusuke spoke.

“Get on top.”


With a dazed expression, Mizuki nods her head and raises her wobbling body.  She straddles him and begins removing his belt.

After taking out his stiff thing, she removes a condom from the pocket of her skirt and covers him.

Yusuke slides down the backrest, pressing his hips forward and making it easier to penetrate her.  It was a posture where he was looking up at Mizuki.

Mizuki spoke in a voice as if she were in heat,

“I’m putting….. it in, ne…….”

Holding his member with her left hand, she presses it against her wet mound and slowly lowers her hips.


With his shaft disappearing under her skirt, he felt himself wrapped up in a soft, wet warmness.  The contracting walls were tightening around him, stimulating his hardness.

Mizuki pressed the bulges in her white blouse against his face.  While hugging his head with both arms, she moves her waist.

“……Ah!  ……..Nnn!”

As she moves up and down on top of him, she lets out her voice.

He grabs her waist with both hands, and thrusts, matching her rhythm.

Occasionally as her waist bounces up and down, Mizuki lets out a loud voice.  With a slapping sound, her soft ass hits against his waist.  A pressure begins to build and accumulate at the tip of his shaft.

While watching Mizuki’s lewd movements,

“Looks like you’ve become perverted as well…”

“Who’s, fault….., do you, think it is…….”

Slightly raising her body, Mizuki glares at him.

Looking at her face, Yusuke moves his hips forward and back.

While her insides are gouged and stimulated,


Mizuki squats down further while clinging to him.  Feeling her hot breath against his neck, he moves to further gouge the walls of her pussy.

“How’s this?”

“……I don’t….. know…….”

Her voice is interrupted by the sighs she lets out from the pleasure.

Mizuki’s breasts are swaying under her blouse right in front of his eyes.  Placing his hand on a button on her blouse, Mizuki looks at him with wet eyes.

One by one, he undoes three buttons on her blouse from the top down.  Her thin white bra was so moist with sweat, that her bare breasts beneath were exposed.

Lifting his hands, he plays with her soft breasts.  The light pink buds had already become hard and were poking out.

While scooping the soft flesh in his hands,

“It’s lewder while you are wearing something after all.”

“Is…. that so…..?”

With her cheeks dying red from having her breasts rubbed, Mizuki speaks.

“It’s romantic, romantic.”  (TL: “Romandayo, roman”)

“Now that you mention it…… you are harder when I wear clothes resembling a school uniform…..”

“………I’m not really a lolicon.”

“……no, though that’s okay…..”

Mizuki giggles.

Stay silent, Yusuke covers the pink tip of her breast with his mouth.  Sucking it into his mouth, he flicks it with the tip of his tongue while pinching it with his lips.

“!!  Uaahh!  That…..!”

Curling her body, she embraces his head.

Moving his hips, he presses all the way to the back of her, raising her up.  While having her breast sucked, Mizuki moves her hips against him, rubbing her clit against his waist.

At Mizuki’s movement, Yusuke parts his lips,

“You seem to be having fun huh.  You haven’t forgotten your position have you?”

“But that’s……!  Lately…… you’ve been treating me gently….. that’s why……”

Mizuki tightened her embrace of him.


As if overcome with emotion, Mizuki’s body trembles.  As her soft breasts and ass shack, she presses into Yusuke.  Being embraced wholeheartedly by a girl, and surrounded by her wetness, Yusuke feels a pleasant feeling grow.

Pressing against her womb, Yusuke approaches his limit.  Sucking and licking her breasts, he can no longer hold on.


Pressing against the back of her insides, Yusuke blows his load while wrapped in Mizuki’s warmness.

At that rhythm,


While embracing him, Mizuki lets out a satisfied sigh.

At his ejaculation, they both simultaneously relax their bodies.

Feeling the soft weight of the relaxed Mizuki, Yusuke lets out a breath.

Late at night, a chill in the air woke him up.

It was plenty warm under the blankets with Mizuki, but a bit of cold air had entered from a gap in the covers.

The heater had stopped.

Realizing this, he pulled the covers off of himself and began quickly dressing himself with the scattered clothes on the floor.


Also waking up, Mizuki sits up with a dazed expression as the covers slide off her naked body.

“The heater stopped.  I’m going to check it out.”

At those words, Mizuki opens her eyes wide.

The long anticipated thing had finally come.  (TL: running out of power.)

From the rooftop, the city was shrouded in darkness as far as the eye could see.

While holding the fence in the strong wind, the two watched the city.

It was a large scale power outage.

The supermarket’s emergency power had come on and emergency equipment as well as the elevator was still operational, but it wouldn’t be for long.

With fuel, they could prolong the time the emergency power would stay on, but it would be the wrong choice long term.  With their ability, they couldn’t provided electricity through any other means.

As to not get stuck in the elevator, it would have to be for emergency use only.

The pump on the water tank located on the rooftop had also stopped working, so they would no longer have running water.

However, their eyes were glued to one particular corner of the town.

A few kilometers away, a part of the city was still lit up.  If you looked closely, you could see smoke rising from the light.

They couldn’t see the origin because of the buildings, but it had to be a fire.  It was in the middle of the route to the mountains.

While looking at that scene, Yusuke speaks.

“You guys, be prepared to leave at any time.”

At those words, Mizuki looked up at him.

“What about Takemura-san…..?”

“I’ll go check it out….. if it is dangerous, we will escape quickly.  Wake up your brothers.”

Lately the zombies had been quiet, as if the entire city was dead, but now they were on the move.  It was the foreshadowing of a fight.


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  1. It depends on the kind of radio but there are some one way radio’s that can only receive or transmit sound but there is also ones that can do both but work like a walky talky and of course there is the normal kind we are mostly used to with being able to talk and listen at the same time…


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