Character Page:

Before you read this, know that it contains the names, age, sex, and a brief description of characters that have not been introduced.

Also, I went with previous translations and called Mitsuki Mizuki, but this page confirms that it is actually Mitsuki.  I will keep it Mizuki though so there is no confusion.

Also I found that Yuu is actually read as Masaru.  Lol.

That is all.






This page contains spoilers, use it only to confirm the names of characters.

Takemura Yusuke

Main Character.

Male.  25.



Fujino Mizuki


Female.  17.



Fujino Yuu   Fujino Takashi

Mizuki’s brothers.

5.  6.



Takasaki Atsushi

Mizuki’s childhood friend.

Male.  17.



Makiura Sayaka

Obstetrician  (TL: like a physician, looks like they find a doctor.)

Female.  27.



The builder chief.

Male.  46.




Chief’s subordinate.  Blonde ponytail.

Male.  25.




Timid college student.

Male.  21.




Chief’s subordinate.  Original SDF.

Male.  32.



Little girl at the garrison





(TL: *sniff* looks like our favorite zombie girl is gone forever.)

Picture of Tokiko as tribute:



17 thoughts on “Character Page:

  1. They will join the government? NOOOO!!! They should go to the mountains and copulate like rabbits… You know what happens in a typical doomsday story when two groups join? Yeah… A lot of bullshit they call “overused plot”.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The authors way of getting rid of the “baggage” in the way. (Her brothers)

    Be nice if at least the girl survives somehow but i’m seriously doubting that will happen. Definitely not in the long run…


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