Chapter 11: “Fujino Mizuki”

Well I think this is the part everyone was looking for… What a douchebag.
BUUUT anyways enjoy. 😛

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Other than the sound of water, there didn’t seem to be any other noise for a while.
Food was taken out of the bag. There were three teenagers who had their eyes glued to the food. Including a boy who stood up to get it.

At first, I handed out an energy bar, and the three of them shared it. Then I took out some canned food and a plastic bottle.
I took out a bottle of tea and opened the canned mackerel simmered in miso, teriyaki chicken, and canned tuna.

The three of them started to stare at the canned food intensely while biting on their bar. The three of them finished it as I broke my chopsticks and wolfed down the food.
Yuusuke looked at his food with the feeling of a starving stray cat asking for food. After he finished the first can of food, the girl from the group of three hesitated to eat from the second can of food. The other two were already almost finished eating the second can of food with no sense of guilt. The girl finally began to eat in peace after I took out a heap of canned food from the bag.

The girl picked up a piece of food that one of the boys dropped. Although they were hungry, I ate while watching the girl take care of the boys.
When we finished our meal, we all sighed in relief.
While Yuusuke beated the bag lightly, he says,

“Was that enough? How was it?”
“Yes, it was good. Thank you for the meal!”

The girl sat straight and lowered her head. I was tempted to do the same when the boys beside me also lowered their heads. They seemed to be well-disciplined.

“Is there any chance that the S.O.S. outside was yours’?”

“Oh.. no. But it seemed like it was right?”

I was about to answer when suddenly they started to tell their stories..

Their group of people were attacked by a group of zombies on their way to the refuge and escaped into this supermarket. At that time, they were separated from their parents.

At the beginning, they were holding out in the supermarket, but as the food supply decreased, people went out to look for food. Nobody ever came back. Since the girl had two younger brothers, she was not able to go anywhere.
Yuusuke continued to listen silently as she explained her story.
Her statements were very logical. She was also a pretty girl. She seemed like the class representative of an honor class. She was an impressive girl.

When she finished talking,

“I see.. it must have been very hard.”
Yuusuke said with a serious tone.

“Umm…. Yeah..”

I remembered that I didn’t tell the girl my name.

“I forgot to mention, I am Yuusuke Takemura, and you are?”

“Oh.. thank you. My name is Mitsuki Fujino. This is the second eldest out of the family, my brother Takashi.

“Thank you. My best regards to you.”

It seemed like a very well disciplined family to exchange names with. When Yuusuke bowed, the two brothers did the same. Mizuki let out a smile. When the introductions were over, Mizuki was a feeling a little shy.

“Is Mr. Takemura here to help..?”

They asked Yuusuke who seemed like an ordinary person to make sure, but he shook his head,

“I’m just passing by.”

“…Is that right..? Is the outside safe now? We haven’t seen the outside for a while.”

“Well.. not really.”

Yuusuke didn’t know what to say. I did not intend to tell them that the zombies did not attack me.

“You might be able to go outside, but it’s still dangerous, as they’re still wandering around down there.”

“..Really? Can you take us along?”

“That’s impossible, having more people makes it more dangerous.”

It was something I said on the spot from my bad habits. Nobody understood the behavior patterns of a zombie. Mizuki stood still and spoke,

“The only place safe for my brothers are..”

“Impossible. There is no such place. There is no safe place and even the refuge was full of zombies.”

Even if I let them live in the apartment next to mine and bring food to them regularly, it would be too much work. If only it was just the pretty girl. It was different with some elementary students though. It required a lot of effort to keep them all safe. They had some essential information, but it was not enough to hold up a fort.

“I only took food and escaped because I was trying to avoid these things. I can’t afford to stay with you.”


Mizuki’s face darkened.

The younger brothers overheard and became silent. My expression is nearly the same as before.

They were being too disciplined. When I held out against them, it was different than how they did it. They were afraid.

Even Mizuki was afraid. Food was becoming more rare in the supermarket. They would start having thoughts of escaping reality.

Although the girl looked smart, the situation was still driving her into a corner.

“Oh, I’ll get more food. I’m going to be gone for a while. If I find a human that can help, then I’ll tell them to come here. Is that okay with you??”

Mizuki blinked and stared at Yuusuke’s face.

She lowered her head deeply and said,

“….Thank you very much. I am very sorry for being so selfish.”

“It’s okay. Help will come soon. Keep holding out.”

Yuusuke stared at Mizuki as she lifted her head up…

While he thought of never coming back.


–Chapter 11 End–


20 thoughts on “Chapter 11: “Fujino Mizuki”

  1. That asshole MC… It’s overkill, overkill I tell you!

    I know he’s no philanthropist… but he shouldn’t give baseless hope if he’s not gonna return to them… that’s much worst than the despaired mood earlier…

    Welp, Let’s find out next chapter what he’s gonna do afterwards

    Liked by 2 people

    • well he dont have choice when he look their expression…

      its just make his heart to not having burden…

      remember when he rescue 2 female[mother and child], they want to go to reffuge but what happened??
      they die… this novel wasn’t like novel “zombie master”, so this novel MC just normal human that has something strange that make zombie ignoring him or seeing him as zombie kin[maybe] but he dont have ability to order around zombie like “zombie master” MC… so just bear with it!!

      Liked by 2 people

    • First of all people aren’t here for a good story but for something erotic. This isnt a novel to read because of the “story” if you dont like it dont read it lol

      Liked by 1 person

    • No this MC is just retarded. He already knows the zombies won’t attack him. He could’ve cleared out all the zombies in the supermarket building to at least increase the survival chance for them. But nope, he’s just thinking of abandoning them completely.


    • What the fuck is wrong with you? Why the fuck would you want to help some fucking bratty kids? THE ONLY THING WORSE than kids is the elderly. As the MC said if it was only the girl I would have protected her and fucked her too but just like in real life if a woman has kids that aren’t yours you shouldn’t bother, she’s got too much extra bagage to be worth it.


  2. Who knows~ he did give them some foods without asking for anything back (yet).

    And while he raise some false hopes, it’s likely will change. He might change his mind later. Example, he might not find any live humans in a large area and keeping them safe is the only way to have human contacts. Less likely considering his shut-in status, but not zero.

    There’s really no need to crush hopes from them, really~


  3. Jesus Christ this guy is an asshole. I mean you don’t have to fucking come back, it’s not your obligation, but don’t say one thing then do another.. If you have this power, why are you not using it? People will eventually die out, as well as the food, and he doesn’t seem interested in keeping his food supply up nor if his food supply will die out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Why the fuck would you want to help some bratty kids? There ain’t no cops or SJW police still alive to force you to be a good guy when it doesn’t bring anything to you. The MC himself remarked that if it was only the girl, he would have stuck with her because she’s pretty damn hot and he could fuck her

      BUT he’s not a psycho so he won’t separate her from the kids, simply put just like in real life when a woman already has kids you don’t go for her, after all the fact that she has kids but the husband isn’t around simply means that she was too toxic.

      Then again you have a furry avatar you probably know a thing or two about being toxic.


  4. Seriously…? Well, it could have been worse.. i mean judging by her attitude it is certain that she placed great concern for her brothers… He could have demand youknowwhat and replay the mother and daughter scenario again..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Give him a break he could have done much worse in this situation i kinda feel disappointed that i expected more. By the way all of you people who are raging you must not understand the real world is not peaches and cream let alone a zombie apocalypse. To be quite frankly you guys are the type of people to get your whole group killed because your being self-righteous grow up a little

    Liked by 2 people

    • I totally agree with you. Under certain circumstances and situations, you will get to see a persons true colors. And this guy, a man who was and is(mentally) a shut-in, couldnt possibly get any from this situation. He would propably get worse.

      This guy doesnt need some1 to keep himself “sane”. As long as he got some “dolls” to fuck, everything is cool.

      Me, personally, thinks that he is a human trash. Tho the rules and such doesnt apply, that guy is still trash.


    • why the fuck would you not abandon them? THIS IS A WORLD WHERE YOU DON’T HAVE TO FORCE YOURSELF TO BE A GOOD GUY. THE POLICE OR THE SJW SQUAD are all dead. If you like kids you’ve got some issues. Kids are annoying, whine all the time, are naive as fuck and just won’t shut up. Fuck kids, kids and the elderly.


    • Glad you quit you fucking pussy, you would probably be the first guy to get killed anyways. Naive fuck like you would get betrayed 10 minutes in meeting a new group, they would know you are a goody two shoes pussy and not a threat. They would murder the fuck out of you. This isn’t a fucking game, this is REALITY. People are wolves and they are all after everyone else. This is reality.


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