Chapter 13: “Request”

I had no association to this chapter whatsoever, but while I’m here, hi there! Reankun didn’t seem to appreciate my first “introduction” so here I am. I’m RaïnnChan and I have and will continue to be assisting Reankun & ann@chan with translating. Yeah, I don’t exactly have anything to say right now other than to enjoy chapter 13!


Chapter 13 “Request”

The next day, Yuusuke runs around town cleaning three supermarkets and a small shop.
The minivan didn’t have enough room, so I transferred to a medium-sized dump truck I found at the small factory. It was a white Isuzu.

“Uwaa… So many switches that I’ve never seen before. I don’t know if this is safe…”

Then I messed around with the air conditioner, confirming that it works. It hit the end, but it didn’t get stuck. Phew.
I had a few problems with the vehicle; I wasn’t used to the cars clutch. I read the manual, but eventually I managed to start up the truck. The drivers seat was pretty impressive, as you are seated higher than normal cars. There were curtains in the car along with accessories like a sleeping bag.
When I got used to the feel, I turned off the engine. Exiting out of the truck, I begin loading garbage bags into the truck.
Today I feel like a Janitor.
(TL: Originally it said cleaning merchant… but Janitor sounds more… better :P)
When I finished loading the bags, I make my way to the mountain.
Because there were many obstacles blocking paths on the road, I had to go through detours to avoid them. Occasionally there would be zombies that would  block my path and I would just run them over.

“Is it this way?”

I turn right to the entrance of the mountain, using a navigational device to help me.
Over the guardrail of the mountain, I was able to view the whole town. Because there would be no active cars on the road, my only problem would be the idle cars on the road. On low speed, I would turn to view the town.

“Huh? Who is that..”

On the other side of the town, a black figure was spotted moving.
Looking closely, it was a helicopter flying. I immediately lost sight of it after it hid itself in the clouds.


Because it was far and moving so quickly, I couldn’t quite tell what their goals were.
Yuusuke looked back onto the road, thinking about what had just happened.
On the way up, I unexpectedly found something.
It was an outdoor activity center. Looking at the sign, it was surprisingly wide. It was was a log cabin on camp grounds with a dining room and a bathroom next to the gym.

“Was there such a place…”

Though it was in the city, I didn’t know such a place existed. Because I had no reason to go to the mountain, it was expected.
If the gas runs out, then I can bring some charcoal near the brook. There’s a generator in the mountain hut too. It would be best if there were solar powered generators to power up the city. I hope that there’s a water filter that still works, but that might be asking for too much. I passed through the center and go deeper into the mountain. There was a cliff, so I decided to throw the garbage off the cliff side. I pulled the lever and the garbage bags start to fall out.

“This is quite interesting…”

After emptying the contents in the truck, Yuusuke made a U-turn.

“That sure was tiring… community service work seems to be quite fun.”

In the town, Yuusuke is able to do anything he wants. He is able to drive any cars without the need of a license, and there are no problems if he were to break them.
“This is a real SimCity. Maybe I could find a tow truck and clean the roads too, but the question is.. can I drive them?”

For the time being, the problem with the rotting in the supermarket is solved, food shouldn’t be a problem. It’s possible to supply my resources whenever I want. Before it gets late, I can try to smoke some meat too.

“Time to move more food. I have to make more room for the food…oh.”

I then realized that I have forgotten Mizuki.
It’s been 5 days since we last encountered each other.
As expected, their food supply would’ve already been out.
Yuusuke then drove back to town in a hurry.

The truck was parked near the apartment, as I switch into a motorcycle.
Then I grabbed items in the supermarket; food from the first floor and a blanket from the second. I brought a blanket with me because I remembered the thin blanket they were using. It was also nearing winter, and the nights will be cold.
I go into the elevator, moving towards the third floor. When the door opens, I see three people, huddling in front of the barricade, sitting.


Mizuki staggers her way upward, using the wall as guidance.

“I’m sorry I came at a late time.”
(TL:Original line said something else… but I think this sounds better.)

I move to the meeting room, displaying canned food and ready to eat meals from my bag. Because they had a microwave, they were able to warm the food. Improvising, I put curry and rice in a tupper ware. Mizuki and the others were sitting down, watching me.
When I handed them the food, the boys happily ate. In addition, I warmed up some rice and opened some more canned food. I prepared it in advance in case they were hungry for more. They continued to eat, satisfied with their meal.

“Thank you for the meal.”

Mizuki and the other two, joined their hands together.

“Thank you very much… the curry was delicious.”

One of the smaller boys muttered the same.
I forgot which boy was who and it didn’t help that it was the first time I had heard his voice.
Mizuki then lowers her head.

“Thank you, the meal was delicious.”

Contrary to her words, it looked like she wanted to say something.
Going through his bag, Yuusuke takes out a cake and a toy.

“For you, these are souvenirs.”

Their eyes brightened the moment I showed them their gifts. Mizuki motions me to go outside of the room.

I moved to the corner of the room and Mizuki was quiet for a while. She then began speaking timidly.

“Um… We want to express your gratitude… but there is something more…”

In her tone of voice, Yuusuke somehow understood what she said.

“I can endure this, but my younger brothers…”

Mizuki told Yuusuke to bring more food frequently. That reminds me, Mizuki hasn’t really touched her meal. For the time when Yuusuke was away, the food was reserved. Yuusuke thought. Even if the bag was fully packed with food, it wouldn’t last a week with three people. I have no choice but to bring a large quantity of food here once every week.


This was going to be a problem.

–Chapter 13 End–


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    • Nonono, you forget he wants to bang the older sister so he’s keeping her alive for now to figure out how. xD Busy with community service so he hasn’t got around to it ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

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    • You shouldn’t trust our MC too much… the chapter afterwards, MC will go on full douchebag mode… planning to kill her two brothers? and keep her for himself?… really the MC here is full ass douchebag… don’t hope for him too much…


      • What the fuck is wrong with you? Wanting to bang the older sister is perfectly normal, she’s smoking.

        Unless you are a pedophile I can’t think of anything useful the two little shit would be. Maybe bait or decoy? But seriously they are a problem, he can’t bang the girl in front of her brothers, something like that would be rape. They need to die so her only last emotional support would be the MC then he will be able to get inside her.


    • Exactly. The police and the SJW brigade aren’T exactly there to make their law and piss everyone off. Now it’s the law of the strongest, like nature intended it. And the strongest is the MC. If he want some pussy, he’s gonna get some.

      But he’s a nice guy so he doesn’t just rape her and instead bring her food ( altough it’s her two dead weight useless brothers who eats it, tsss fucking kids, the only good one was Yuuto in sousei no onmyojui)


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