Chapter 22: Mizuki’s Night ◆

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Anyway, I finished this chapter.  I felt like I was translating a rape scene, but neither of them were into it… If I had to say who wanted it to happen more, it would definitely be Mizuki.  All in all though, it’s some pretty steamy stuff…. sort of….. enjoy.

One more thing, some of the sentences might sound weird or redundant.  This is how the author wrote it, and I tried to keep it as close to the original sentence as possible while translating.

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To kill time until Mizuki’s little brothers fell asleep, Yusuke began rifling through the documents in the monitoring room; searching for something on how to operate the PC which controlled the air conditioner and lighting in the building.  Unable to find an official manual, he continues to look for any kind of information on how to use the computer.

(If this place also has a heater, then the nights will be more comfortable.)

Yusuke was thinking about using this as a temporary base for a while.  Until now, Mizuki and his relationship wasn’t that great, and so he kept her at a distance.  However, with the current state Mizuki is in, he felt he could sleep safely around her, though he would still exercise some caution.

(TL: “Not get killed in his sleep” was the literal xD)

There’s also the infrastructure.  He never thought about it that deeply, but were they in the middle of winter, or was it about to end?  Also, if they were ever in a pinch, they would have to have a plan to move to the outdoors center in the mountains.

However without the protection of the zombies, they would be defenseless against attacks from wild animals and humans.  Thinking this far, Yusuke decides it’s too soon to move now without properly preparing first.

So that Mizuki and her brothers will be able to help with gathering, agriculture, self-defense, and production through the winter; they will have to collect various survival goods and guide books for reference.  They would also need a generator as well as gasoline to fuel it.

(Even with a 3 person labor force, there is still a lot to be done to get an operation up and running.)

Fortunately there is a water tank on the roof of the supermarket.  If the infrastructure fails, they will still have running water due to the water pressure of the tank on the roof.  If they have a stove, then even if the electricity stopped working, they wouldn’t be troubled.

Thinking about various things while flipping through the pages, Yusuke hears a knock on the door.  Mizuki’s face appears from the crack.  Her hair is wet and hanging to one side.  With a somewhat anxious expression, she opens her mouth.

“Ano…. I’m going ahead.”  (TL: Ahead of him to the locker room.)

“Ou.  I’ll be there soon.”  (TL: “Ou” is equivalent to “alright”)

Mizuki’s figure soon vanished.   Once Yusuke finished flipping through the notes, he stands and leaves.

In the center of the locker room, Mizuki had taken off her shoes and was now sitting in seiza.  (TL: Sitting on your heels)

Blankets were spread beneath her.  Her moist black hair was held together behind her back, exposing the white skin on the nape of her neck.

With that appearance, Yusuke understood that Mizuki had stilled her heart, and was prepared for this.  It was a bit sudden to Yusuke, but if Mizuki wanted to open up her body to him, he saw no reason to refuse her advance.

There were lockers lined up on both sides of the room, and in the back were a mirror, some chairs, and a dresser.  It was a small room with no atmosphere.  With a nervous expression, Mizuki looked up at him.

“Ano….. the lights, could you turn them off?”

“…….no, this room would become pitch black you know?”

“B, because I have this..”

In Mizuki’s hand, she held a flashlight.  She flips the switch and points it toward the wall.  Once Yusuke turns off the lights, the room is lit by the soft glow of the light reflecting off the wall.

“…..well, it’s fine.”

Yusuke closes the door, locks it, and walks closer to her.  As he approaches, Mizuki’s body stiffens.

“Just one.”


“I have only one favor to ask….”

“What is it?”

“If you could…… if there was a baby, it would be troubling……”

“Ahh….. you’re right…..”

Becoming pregnant is definitely something one would be scared of in this kind of environment.  Being a guy, Yusuke could only imagine, but with Mizuki’s expression as if she were prepared for death, it appeared he no longer had to worry about the issue of extortion.

“I don’t have a condom….. I’ll release it outside, so bear with it for today.”

Mizuki silently nods.  With Yusuke not refusing her request, she was able to relax a little.

(Cumming inside her would be terrible to Tokiko-chan anyway)

He didn’t really have much desire to conquer her in the first place.  Her body was fit and suitable for enjoyment, that was all.  He sits down in front of her cross-legged.

“Do you have experience?  Like a boyfriend or something?”

Mizuki shakes her head.

Sitting in front of Yusuke, Mizuki’s rigid body couldn’t stay still.  With that kind of tension, it was obvious she was inexperienced.

(Having fun with her would be…. impossible huh….. Should I just do as I please?)

“Anyway, lie down.”

At those words, Mizuki timidly moves her hands, and changes her posture until she is lying on her back atop the blankets.  Her eyes are shut tight, and both of her hands are clasped over her stomach.  Straddling her hips, Yusuke places his hands beside her and assumes a posture as if covering her with his body.


(Somehow there’s no atmosphere….)

Placing his hand on her breasts, he is able to feel the softness just beneath her thin shirt.  The firmness of a bra was not present, and Yusuke’s fingers sink into the softness as he grabs her.  Mizuki’s body becomes stiff as a board.

As if she feels she needs an excuse, Mizuki opens her mouth,

“……I wash my clothes and underwear, but they still get dirty….”

(In other words, if she had to show me her dirty underwear, she would rather not wear them at all huh)

“Fuuun……”  (TL: sighing)

Even without a bra, Mizuki’s breasts were well shaped, and pressing up through the thin shirt.  While fondling those soft mounds through the shirt and hearing Mizuki’s quiet sighs, Yusuke became hard.

Like a spear, Yusuke’s hand shoots towards Mizuki’s jeans, unbuttons them, and pulls down the zipper.  As expected, she was not wearing anything underneath her jeans as well, and as the zipper descends, her bush peeks out.


Mizuki let’s out a small voice and stretches out her hands to cover herself.  Her eyes are shut tight and her face is dyed a deep red.

Yusuke wove his middle finger through hers, coming in contact with the flesh of her groin.  She was dry.  With nothing protruding, he only felt two clean and plump lips.  Gently rubbing that area, he watches Mizuki tremble slightly.


Yusuke raises his body,

“Take off your shirt”


Mizuki stays silent for a while, then slowly removes one of her hands.  Still keeping herself hidden with her other hand, she clumsily takes off her shirt while Yusuke patiently waits.

“I took it off….”

Below the white shirt was Mizuki’s naked body, though her hands were hiding an important part of it.  At that kind of vulgar appearance, Yusuke became excited.  He stripped himself, exposing the lower half of his body.  While turning her face away, Mizuki glanced at him from the side.

Again Yusuke covers Mizuki’s body with his own, pressing his hardness against her crotch.  Forcing her hands aside, Yusuke traces his length up and down Mizuki’s labia.  Slowly, the folds protecting Mizuki’s important place tense up.

Using both hands, Mizuki spreads open her entrance, and speaks in a trembling voice,

“Ano….. if possible, go slow…… I’m scared…..”

“It’s not like I would go in when your not wet….. It would hurt for me as well.”

(I should have brought some lotion…)

This was the first woman he had to force to get wet, it was quite troublesome.  It felt good to rub against it, but that place remained dry.  He parted the thin hair on the top of her mound with his finger, and felt around.  While feeling around with his fingertips, he rubs her hips and watches her expression for any kind of reaction.


Mizuki displayed a faint reaction.

Her stiffness weakened, and with a tickling motion, he traces around that area.  Under a thin layer of skin, he felt it swelling.  Mizkuki faintly lets out a breath.

“How do you usually do it when you are by yourself?  Do you like it when this is done?”

“…….I don’t-”

“Fuuun” (TL: once again, it’s a sigh)

(Maybe she never displayed any reaction to being touched, because she has never been touched directly?)

Yusuke continues to rub her swollen bead with his fingertip, while occasionally grazing the surroundings with the rest of his hand.


While watching Mizuki’s various reactions, Yusuke gradually becomes more focused.  She was reacting to it well, but she was still not wet.  It was her first time and she was being embraced by a guy she didn’t like.  This much was to be expected.

If he were to massage and caress her entire body, she might warm up a little to him but….

(Right…. with this, it’s like I’m entertaining her right?)

If he were to make a girl he liked feel good, it would excite him too, but he didn’t have that kind of relationship with Mizuki.  Yusuke became troubled, and stopped caressing her.

“You, get on top”


Using her elbows to prop herself up, Mizuki raises her upper body and looks up at Yusuke.

“I’ll lie beside you, and you get on top of me.”


“You don’t have to insert it, just mounting me is fine.”

Without saying anything further, Yusuke lies down at Mizuki’s side.  Using his hands as a pillow, he props his head up and urges her with his line of sight.

“……etto”  (TL: because “etto” is cute af, I left it Japanese.  It means “um”)

Timidly, Mizuki sits down on his thighs. She sits on him as if she were a girl riding on a bike.

(TL: legs off to the side.)

“No, not like that.  Straddle me as if you were riding a horse.”

At those words, Mizuki looks at him with a puzzled expression.  Slowly, her face a deep crimson, she opens her right leg, bringing it to the other side of his thighs.  Using both her hands, Mizuki hides her wide open groin.

“It, It’s embar….. rassing, doing….. this…….”

“And?  Come closer.”


With a face dyed in embarrassment, Mizuki uses both legs to slowly slide up Yusuke’s thighs until she reaches his hips.  Just under Mizuki’s floating hips was Yusuke’s half risen thing.

“Just like that, sit down and rub it with your hips.”

With a red face, Mizuki sent a look of protest toward him.

“It’s more scary if I move right?  Try making yourself feel good.  It’ll be painful if you don’t get wet after all…”

Mizuki hesitates for a while, but then begins to fearfully lower her hips.  Her soft butt distorts and squishes as it comes into contact with Yusuke’s thighs.  It was an amazing feeling of soft pressure.  Mizuki’s lower lips hit his thing.

Mizuki speaks in a tearful voice,

“…….It’s embarrassing……”

She leaks out a small voice.

With Yusuke’s silent gaze on her, Mizuki soon gets the message and begins moving.  With the sound of dry flesh rubbing against each other, Mizuki’s soft hips shake against him.

Rather than a rubbing/stroking motion, it was more up and down; her lips pressing against him repeatedly.  It felt like she was using the corner of a desk to get off.  Yusuke’s hardness, which was currently substituting the corner of a desk, is being compressed by her labia.  At this kind of loose movement, a pleasant feeling was slowly building in the hips.

Stretching out his hand, he unbuttons Mizuki’s shirt from the bottom up.  The bulges which spilled out settled in the palm of his hand.  Yusuke uses both of his hands to scoop and massage these beautiful breasts.

(TL: So I’m guessing she just pulled her shirt up around her neck when she said she stripped, and didn’t actually take it off.)

“It’s okay if you close your eyes.  Think about a guy you like.”


Mizuki bites her lip, and placing her hand on Yusuke’s stomach, she moves faster.  For a while there were no changes, but eventually, a moistness could be felt between their rubbing parts.  She begins to rub herself up and down the belly of his shaft.  A pleasant feeling began to crawl up her back.

Mizuki’s nipples, which he was rubbing with his fingertips, began to harden and stand up.


Mizuki lets out ragged breaths as she wiggles her hips against his.

With time, the movement became more complex, and Yusuke’s shaft became wet as well.  His veins bulged and throbbed each time Mizuki stroked him.

Before long, both of them were covered in Mizuki’s love juice.  Mizuki’s hands lose strength and she almost collapses on top of Yusuke.  Even in that state, she did not stop moving her hips, rubbing her clit into his girth, her small body trembling as she pleasures herself.  It was the act of a girl experienced with masturbation.

“…, have you masturbated before?”

“I….Ha, ven’t……”

Mizuki answers in a slender voice.  (TL: Idk wtf a slender voice sounds like)

Thinking that this was good enough, Yusuke sits up.


Mizuki, who let out her voice, was pushed down onto the blankets.  With her lying on her back in missionary position, Yusuke presses his hardness against her crotch.

“……! No–………”

“Relax yourself.”

Probing her entrance with his tip, he slowly forces his way inside.  Her wet and swollen lips are forced to part, allowing him to enter.


Mizuki furrows her brows in an attempt to withstand the pain.

Once the tip forced its way through, he couldn’t push any further.  Mizuki had her legs pressed against Yusuke’s hips stopping him from going any deeper.

“……….Spread your legs.”

“……It, it……. hurts…….. really ……..”

Mizuki was red all the way to her neck, and her forehead was sweating profusely.  Yusuke halted his movement, and moved his hands up her thighs.  They were stiff with tension and pain.

Mizuki spoke with an expression as if she were pleading with him,

“A, ano, next time, I’ll try harder, so, if we could…..”

“That’s no good.”

Yusuke lifts up both of Mizuki’s legs, and folds them over his upper body.

“You’re the one who suggested this.”


Resigned, Mizuki grabs her legs and spreads them apart, assuming a position ready to accept a man.

Fondling her breast with one hand, and placing the other on her hip, Yusuke proceeds to push himself into her.  Pushing through her tight virgin walls, he makes his way into her wet interior.

Mizuki tightens her grip on her thighs, enduring the pain of the intrusion.


Pushing himself all the way inside her, Yusuke lets out a breath.  Mizuki’s hot and narrow passage was wrapped around him to the root.  Their crotches were pressed up against each others, and his pubic hair was entangled in the thin grass atop her mound. (TL: not even kidding)

“Bear with it a little longer.”

Slowly he moves his hips back and forth.  As he pulled back, threads of mucus were strung from her lips as they began to loosen.  It was a torturously slow movement, but Mizuki’s face was still contorted in pain.

Yusuke focused on the nerves in his shaft.  Pushing into and tasting the depths of Mizuki’s virgin insides, Yusuke’s pleasure increases.  Forcing open the entrance of a high school girl stimulated his male part.

While thrusting in and out of her, Yusuke lays down on top of Mizuki, embracing her.  He rubs his chest against her breasts and pointed nipples.  The smell of the soap in her hair graced his nostrils.  With her eyes closed, Mizuki turns her head to the side and lies still.

The suction he felt every time he moved in and out permeated through his body.  Pulling out to the entrance and shallowly probing with his tip, the feeling of her softness pushed him to his limit.

A pleasant feeling shot from the back of his waist, up his shaft.  He jerked and pierced through all the way to the back of Mizuki’s entrance.


Mizuki contorted her body.  With her inner walls convulsing as if teasing his cock, Yusuke quickly pulls back.  Holding himself with one hand, he rubs his tip into her clit until the pleasure builds to the verge of bursting.

Mizuki’s body trembles in shock.  The pleasure finally escapes from his hips.  Squeezing his shaft with his hand, he lets out a cloudy liquid while rubbing himself against her entrance.  His white liquid stains the crack between her legs.

(TL: He knows that you can still get pregnant that way right?)

“……haa—, haaa……”

Having relieved himself, Yusuke takes a breath.  He can hear his heart beating violently.  He had gotten more excited than he thought.


After a few minutes of silence, Mizuki sits up and looks at him.  With her legs no longer supported, her thighs fall and overlap with Yusuke’s, transmitting a soft weight.

“It’s, over right…….?”


Yusuke answers in a voice without feeling.

“……..You said you would release it outside.”


Mizuki drops her gaze to see her groin covered in his cloudy fluid.  She stares at herself with a complicated expression.


After biting his tongue,

“Thank you, very much.”

“?  For what?”

“You came outside for me..”

“……Well I did promise.  But, this won’t substitute for contraception. You understand right?”

“That’s…. I do.  Next time, will you wear a condom?  If you would…..”

“Ah….. it’s fine.”

“……Thank goodness.”  (TL: Yokatta)

Mizuki shifts her hips, and bending her knees, she sits in front of Yusuke.  She takes a towel she had previously prepared from beside her and begins cleaning her groin.

“But, it was painful.”

“That wasn’t my fault you know.  I went as slowly as I could.”

“Well, that’s true but…. I didn’t think you would spread open my crotch.”


“It would’ve been better if I were more flexible huh…..”

Mizuki says this with a vague expression.

(Somehow the tension is weird, this person…..)

With Mizuki’s spaced out atmosphere, Yusuke was puzzled.  With the various emotions she had experienced from recent events overflowing, she is probably escaping reality.


Trying to stand up, Mizuki falls over.

“Watch out.”

Supported by Yusuke, Mizuki shakily stands to her feet.

“My crotch hurts……”

“Ah….. is that so….”

Feeling it would be weird to apologize, but still feeling troubled, Yusuke replied as such.


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