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There seems to be a little problem with our posts.. The posts apparently don’t seem to go in order of most recent. So a way that you all can access those chapters are by the menu on the top! Sorry about the inconvenience, but we don’t know why this happens.
If you don’t know how to use our menu, just hover your mouse over:
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*** UPDATE****

Click on the volume page, once you click there you will be directed to a page with all chapters and titles for that volume. If you don’t like to click volumes, you can just hover over the volume menu and move your mouse over to the chapter you want.

Or if you don’t like that method, you can just type in our search box whatever chapter that you would like to read.



13 thoughts on “Finding chapters

  1. I am very grateful for you translating this. I am very curious, would you be willing to disclose how you machine translate?

    You see I have a novel, I want to get translated. However, I have come to the realization that no one else might be willing to translate it. Why? Because It’s a very trashy romance novel series, so raunchy that its make Sengakou Rance seem family friendly education.

    I am mostly interested in if you use OCR or have any tips with OCR projects, manga programs that scanlators use.

    Do you use OCR or any tips with OCR programs? Do you know the types of OCR text select or text replacement programs that scanlators use? Or do you use the raws from :3

    Are you willing to disclose what kind of machine translator you use or the process?

    P.S. Also realize that you novel is one of the few 18+ novels being translated. I am glad you guys took the courage to translate this. If anyone gives you beef about how you translate, let me or other fans know and well… have a “nice” talk out back…



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    • We really have no reason why we shouldn’t explain to you on how we translate. It’s quite confusing at first, but when you get the hang of it, you’ll drift through chapters in no time. We were planning on scanning and translating a few novels that I bought from Japan, but we never got the time to do that. So as of now, we just use for raw chapters.

      We use a lot of different kinds of machine translators, but the one we mainly use is Translation Aggregator. It’s a pretty simple program that requires you to just copy and paste the text of which you want the machine to translate. The only problem is deciphering the random words that come out. If you want a step by step guide on how to use this machine translator, I would suggest google searching it, or if you want, you could email us and we’ll send you a step by step guide with pictures. (Who wouldn’t want pictures? :P)

      Also, if you want, feel free to email us a request of a series, but also provide us a site that has the raws. We’d be happy to translate any series that people would read.

      ….Anndd, thanks for the feedback, honestly we really appreciate all of the comments that everyone is leaving us. Negative, positive, hell even if you just comment something random, we will always read it.

      – ReanKun


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